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Partnership Priorities and Strategic Assessments.

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1 Partnership Priorities and Strategic Assessments

2 SINGLE OUTCOME AGREEMENT – Community Planning Partnerships contribution to achievement of Scottish Government’s overarching purpose – Outcomes-based approach – Requires Prioritisation PURPOSE PURPOSE TARGETS STRATEGIC PRIORITIES NATIONAL OUTCOMES NATIONAL INDICATORS & TARGETS SINGLE OUTCOME AGREEMENT (Local Outcomes, Indicators & Targets)


4 STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT – PROCESS STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT 4 months PESTELO analysis Demographic & Social Trend analysis Statistical analysis Risk analysis

5 IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGIC ASSESSMENTS Utilises Community evidence Encourages Partnership working Comprehensive Evidence Base Informed Priority setting – Current issues – Potential future issues Promotes efficiencies – Spend on Current issues – Preventative Spend Christie Commission reform requirement for public services

6 ROLE OF STRATEGIC THEME GROUPS Identifying focus and priorities of group Outlining Local Delivery Action Plans Committing required resources Evaluation of performance Accountability

7 NEXT STEPS Presentation to each theme group through this cycle – Determination of Key Priorities for Single Outcome Agreement from those identified and covered in Risk Analysis Compilation: 5 strategic assessments 1 combined document – To be submitted to Community Planning Board on 10 th November Draft Single Outcome Agreement 2012 – 2015 in November, based on combined document Submission of Single Outcome Agreement 2012 – 2015 to Scottish Government by 31 st March 2012

8 HEALTHIER 4 th to be reviewed Primary Consultees: Jane Mackie Sandra Gracie Tracey Gervaise Peter MacLean Process

9 HEALTHIER SAFER & STRONGER SMARTERWEALTHIER & FAIRERGREENER IMMUNISATIONPublic ProtectionTeenage Pregnancies Relatively low proportion of graduates in Moray workplace Natural Environment HEALTHY WEIGHTViolencePre-term births High level of out-migration of young people Public Opinion re: Environment ORAL HEALTHRoad SafetyPre-school Occupancy Lack of skills and flexibility in labour market Ecotourism SEXUAL HEALTHFire Safety Primary School Occupancy Concentration on Food & Drink sectors – low average wage level Sustainable Transport SMOKINGHome Safety Additional Support Needs High concentration of employment in public sector (including defence) Active Travel ALCOHOL Antisocial Behaviour Attainment at S5 & S6 Need for diversification into higher value economic sectors Waste DRUGSHousingOral HealthUnderperformance in Tourism sector Carbon Management & Energy Efficiency MENTAL HEALTHHomelessness High out-migration of young people Limited employment land availability constraining business expansion and attracting of inward investment Renewable Energy UNSCHEDULED CARE Fuel PovertyLow participation in FE Investment in retail, leisure and civic infrastructure lags behind neighbouring areas, particularly Inverness & Aberdeen Flood Alleviation LONG-TERM CONDITIONS Social Inclusion Looked After Children Attainment Perceived remoteness relative to strategic road and rail network and key markets CARE FOR THE ELDERLY Community Engagement Child Protection Concerns over capacity of broadband infrastructure

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