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Tackling Deprivation Together A Plan for Rochdale Borough’s LPSB.

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1 Tackling Deprivation Together A Plan for Rochdale Borough’s LPSB

2 Deprivation in the Borough One of Most deprived in the country Ranked 10 th to 44 th on different indices Increasing relative deprivation Improving circumstances in some areas Gaps widening Recession and re-structuring

3 Our Approach - WHAT IMPROVE OUTCOMES in Skills Work Incomes Health S W Is H

4 Our Approach - HOW Person centred Area based Access to Services Community Development Support and Leadership



7 Skills Improving slowly but still low Improvements in Schools Adult Skills must improve Job opportunities in Borough and City Region Priority for City Region Recession is an opportunity

8 Skills: Recommendations Skills Pledge Advancement Network Locally Based esp. in Deprived areas Partnership Approach Promotion and Events Deliver our Action Plan

9 Work Double impact of declining manufacturing base and recession Increasing redundancy and low job creation Numbers dip through till 2015 Particular area focus needed Schemes that Work MAA and Welfare Reform

10 Work: Recommendations Target OUR jobs on local people Multi-Agency Approach and Collaboration Local Employment Partnership Volunteering and Mentoring Travel to Work Area Economic Impact Assessment

11 Incomes 7,500 + on JSA Low Wages - £70 pw below GM Avge Concentrations of High Risk Groups Range of Local Initiatives Lack of Local Focus ‘Poor’ Borough image Reinforced cycle of deprivation

12 Incomes: Recommendations Strategic Co-ordination Financial Inclusion Strategy Major Priority for LPSB Credit and debt Initiatives Improve ‘Financial Literacy’ Regional Linkages

13 Health Major Health Inequalities Life Expectancy Gap: 2.4 yrs vs. Nat Avge Poor Outcomes Poor Access to Services Wide Range of Initiatives Re-configurations of Hospitals, Surgeries, LIFT schemes etc.

14 Health: Recommendations All Agencies to carry out Health Impact Assessments Duty to Signpost to Health Services Health Impact of ABG TDT Group to adopt JSNA 3% recommendations when signed off by JSNA board

15 Focus On People – Children Child Poverty risk factors include SWIsH Duty on Local Authorities Coming Much CP in Working Households Public and Private Sector to promote activities to reduce child poverty Poverty Impact Assessment Monitor Progress

16 Focus on People - Adults Dependent on Services At risk of harm Marginalised or discriminated against Vulnerable Groups of People Produce Vulnerable Adults Plan Reconfigure Services Identify and remove barriers, fill Gaps Reduce incoming vulnerability

17 Area Focus Areas with high numbers of deprived people Area based regeneration schemes showing some improvement Sustainable Communities Teams New CLG Typology T, E, G, and I. Priorities for Investment and improvement in services

18 Area Focus 2 Partnership support for Priority Areas Future of Deprived areas outside the Priorities? (R 7.2 is key question) Align Plans to these areas where appropriate Outreach and alignment of services LAA targets dis-aggregated to these areas.

19 Third Sector and Empowerment Latent community capacity and abilities Potential for service change and delivery Strategic influence and guidance Volunteering and mentoring Review of Community empowerment activity Infrastructure commission and intelligent commissioning Cross-sector partnership working training

20 Policy Research and Best Practice JSNA Evaluation and Monitoring Development of Data Population Change Create Policy Lead Further research

21 Leadership and resources Leadership (LPSB Champion) Performance Management Resources Culture Change Return to LPSB in March 2010 Retain TDT Study group Roll out in Organisations

22 TDT Key Issues 1. Culture change: How do we make sure that the TDT approach is understood, embedded and acted upon right across our organisations? 2.Community Empowerment and Engagement: What does it mean and how do we ensure it is useful and effective? 3.Achieving Real Outcomes: How will we know we are achieving our objectives? 4.Universal Focus and Area Focus: How will we ensure that our universal and area focuses are really working? 5.TDT in a time of Efficiencies: How do we Tackle Deprivation Together in a time of financial constraint?

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