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London Luton Airport Limited working in partnership with Luton Borough Council and the VCS for community benefit.

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1 London Luton Airport Limited working in partnership with Luton Borough Council and the VCS for community benefit

2 Agenda The Strategic Context Themes and Theme Leads Priority Outcomes Process and Timetable LLAL’s Business Development Over to you…………

3 On the Panel Fiona Sheil, NCVO – Chair Robin Porter, Chief Operations Officer, LLAL Mark Turner, Chief Finance Officer, LLAL

4 Key Headlines 5 th Largest Airport in the UK 70 destinations 10m passengers per year Of which 89% are international Growth of 54% in last 10 years Running at close to capacity One terminal; one runway 40 mins to from gate to Central London

5 Overview- Ownership London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL) owns the freehold to the airport Luton Borough Council is the majority shareholder of LLAL and appoints the Board of Directors (all Councillors) Operated through a 30 year concession agreement by London Luton Airport Operations Limited signed in 1998 LLAL receives a per passenger fee LLAL received in 2011 £26.7m Around £14m of which invested in local communities through supporting charitable organisations

6 The Drivers: the Council’s drive to ensure that all public money and LLAL Dividend is utilised in the most impactful way the recommendations of the 2011 Commission on Council and Voluntary and Community Sector Relations LLAL’s Community Funding Policy Voluntary Sector Funding Review

7 Community Funding Policy Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy Keen to share the economic benefits of the Airport Successful, vibrant, economically active catchment area supports our commercial interests Keen to develop transparency and clarity on what we will and will not fund Partnering; Sustainability; and Supporting Objectives 4 separate funds

8 Community Funding Policy- Fund 1 Partnership Fund Informed by Recommendations of the Shareholder Priority Outcome Partners Partnerships formed around specific shareholder polices - e.g. Health and Wellbeing Monitoring of outcomes

9 Themes and Theme Leads Health and Wellbeing, consisting of two sub-themes: a) Health Inequalities - Glynis Allen b) More Independent Living - Simon Pattison Children and Families – David Bruce Community Safety – Nikki Middleton Youth – Jo Fisher Community – Sandra Hayes Environment and Economy – Laura Church Information, Advice and Guidance – Sue Nelson Leisure and Culture – Michelle Griffin

10 Priority Outcomes Stronger and safer communities strengthening communities; building capabilities and resources of community, voluntary and social enterprise groups together to work out shared solutions increasing the number of active citizens; people with motivation, skill and confidence to speak up for their communities and say what improvements are needed reducing anti social behaviour and fear of crime, ensuring all people feel safe tackling alcohol and drug abuse more well-designed, safer and accessible open spaces

11 Priority Outcomes Environment and economic development protecting & enhancing the natural and built environment including rivers and natural habitats within Luton’s green spaces enhancing skills for employability and entrepreneurship and reducing differences in achievement levels between communitie

12 Priority Outcomes Health and wellbeing supporting people to live independently improving mental health services improving services for carers improving leisure and cultural opportunities for all and better access

13 Priority Outcomes Children & young people improving the health of children and young people ensuring children and young people in Luton are safe and well cared for supporting our children and young people to achieve skills and experience to enhance their prospects for the future reducing the differences in educational achievements between ethnic groups

14 Timetable July 2013 – development of Theme outcome specifications September 2013 – mid-year review and evaluation of progress towards outcomes, and assessment of future needs October 2013 – development of Theme funding proposals November 2013 – review of proposals by shareholder December 2013 – approval of donations by LLAL

15 Growth Plans Growth plan to expand from 10mppa to 18mppa Agreement signed between LLAL and LLAOL to invest £105m in the asset Good level of response on pre planning consultation – Around 1,300 on line or physical responses; around 65% positive Objections focus on noise and roads LLAOL submitted planning application for development Potentially 9,500 additional jobs in the region LLAL revenue potentially up to £48m by 2020 GVA - £580m

16 Some Key Questions What format will the review and evaluation process take? Why is LBC involved in the process? Can I ask for more money? Who do I ask for more money? How long will the Relationship Management Agreement last? What risk is there to airport passenger numbers? My organisation is not included in the Partnership Fund – why?

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