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Promoting COST Conservation Principles w/ Products The Intelligent Use of Water™ Framework Current Water Issues Issues Contributing to Poor System Performance.

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1 Promoting COST Conservation Principles w/ Products The Intelligent Use of Water™ Framework Current Water Issues Issues Contributing to Poor System Performance Water Conservation through efficient Products Nathan Arendt – Great Lakes DM

2 The Intelligent Use of Water ™

3 Today’s Rain Bird Solutions Non-potable-water-ready: –Valves –Rotors –Sprays –Drip Products Pumps: –Integrated Plug-N-Pump –Custom-engineered Aerators Tap into underutilized supplies such as underground well water, gray water, black water, condensate and rainwater.

4 The Intelligent Use of Water ™ Today’s Rain Bird Solutions Design support and resources, including a referral network of top irrigation consultants and landscape architects in your area Comprehensive training LEED ® point-earning products CAD drawings Create landscapes as sustainable as they are beautiful.

5 The Intelligent Use of Water ™ Today’s Rain Bird Solutions Controller, central control and sensor-based solutions to maximize water application efficiency ET (Evapotranspiration) Management Rain Sensor-based Management Seasonal adjust/water budgeting Cycle+Soak ™ Flow monitoring, leak detection & response Rainfall monitoring & response Optimize the timing, quantity and frequency of water applied to the landscape with leading edge water management controls.

6 The Intelligent Use of Water ™ Today’s Rain Bird Solutions Water-smart rotor and spray features: –Pressure Regulating Stem (PRS) technology –Seal-A-Matic ™ (SAM) check valves Landscape Drip: Direct-to-plant-root watering devices Root Watering Series High-efficiency nozzles: –Rain Curtain ™ Nozzles –U-Series Nozzles –Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) Nozzles –SQ Square Pattern Nozzle (formerly XPCN) Distribute water to the landscape as efficiently as possible.

7 The Intelligent Use of Water ™ Today’s Rain Bird Solutions Durable products with worry-free warranties and built-in expandability Phone support and on-site service through certified service providers The Global Service Plan (GSP) for central control systems Comprehensive training Use water efficiently and affordably for the long haul

8 The Intelligent Use of Water ™ and You Reflects an environmental consciousness approach to promoting Irrigation… Can save Contractors and End-users money related to initial installation, replacement equipment and Water volume / use. Promote healthier landscapes Carrying / promoting this message will keep your customers coming back to John Deere…

9 The World’s Water Crisis There is no new water.

10 Current Water Issues The cost of water & power is rising annually As the population grows, limited water sources strain to keep up with demand = DROUGHT Metropolitan water delivery systems are aged & designed to service a much smaller number of people than is required today = INFRASTRUCTURE IS STRAINED (Need to apply quickly and efficiently) Irrigation is one the most visible forms of water use and is usually the first to be regulated in a drought or water shortage condition. i.e… Indianapolis ‘12


12 Part 2 Issues Contributing to Poor System Expenses

13 Irrigation Overspray Runoff, Over-Scheduling Applying the water to saturation point

14 High Pressure Waste and poor coverage due to drift & evaporation

15 Wind Intrusion Bad Installation High trajectory — water drift and poor DU

16 Low Head Drainage Water waste, potential liability

17 Poor Central Control System Maintenance and Operation

18 The Cost of Wasted Water Over watering the landscape creates additional problems beyond the cost of the wasted water: –Leaches nutrients from the root zone requiring the application of additional fertilizer –Causes fungus and attracts pests –Major cause of plant death –Adds additional time and labor to maintain site –Water runoff can damage hardscapes and be an expensive liability –Poor public relations = not doing your part to contribute to this conservation effort and world-wide supply issue.

19 Part 3 Answer… Water Conserving products that save you money!

20 Product Terminology Precipitation Rate (PR) The PR is the average rate in inches per hour at which water is being applied to the area covered by a specific sprinkler layout. Distribution Uniformity (DU) The DU is a measurement of uniformity, expressed as a percentage, comparing the driest area to the average wet area. The more evenly water is applied = higher number; 100% is the best but does not exist! Scheduling Coefficient (SC) Scheduling coefficient is also a measurement of uniformity comparing the driest to the most wet areas but measured in terms of run time.

21 Xerigation ™ aka Drip Irrigation

22 Water plants at the root, (no water loss by over-spray & evaporation) Irrigate the plant roots and not the ground between Low flow products = slower application & more infiltration Device flow rates are measured in GPH vs. GPM –Low flow rate equates to reduced erosion & runoff –Low flow rate means more emission devices per valve Operating pressure window is typically 15-50 PSI Water is typically filtered to 120-200 mesh


24 Spray Bodies (1800 & RD1800) and Nozzles

25 14 feet Low head without SAM wastes water. Spray Body-1800 SAM Series Built-in SAM check valve saves water and prevents erosion from low-head drainage.

26 Spray Body 1800/1800RD PRS Series PRS ensures optimal nozzle performance at 30 PSI in high pressure system Eliminates fogging & misting Reduces costly accidents and property damage Restricts water loss by 70% if the nozzle is damaged or removed Documented water savings of up to 50% –Reduces water usage by 6-8% every 5 psi reduction.

27 MPRVANU-Series Fixed Arcs Quality & Selection Adjustable Arc Versatile & Convenient U = Under Cut Dual Orifice Design High Uniformity 5', 8', 10', 12', 15' & Specialty Series 4', 6', 8', 10', 12', 15' & 18' Series 8', 10', 12' & 15' Series Spray Nozzles

28 Root Watering Series (RWS) Draws roots deeper –Promotes tree survivability –Right sized for trees and shrubs Minimizes water required for growth –Helps properties comply with restricted watering Point source irrigation via drip and/or turf watering devices Preserves hardscapes –Aesthetically pleasing –Helps minimize personal injury –Minimizes run-off for the entire zone Pre-assembled for quick installation and efficient operation

29 35005000550565047005/8005 Radius 15' – 35'23' – 50'17' – 55'39' – 65'39' – 81' GPM 0.54 – 4.601.12 – 9.631.40 – 15.502.90 – 21.703.80 – 36.30 PSI 25 – 5525 – 6530 – 90 50 – 100 Size 4" Pop-Up & Shrub 4", 6", 12" Pop-Up & Shrub 5" Pop-Up4" Pop-Up5" Pop-Up Rain Bird Top Adjust Rotors

30 Large Water Droplets –Larger water droplets are more wind resistant. –Assures that the water is delivered to the desire location. –A better design for “real world” conditions. 7005/8005 Series Brand H I40 Rain Curtain ™ Technology

31 5000 Series Hunter PGP Rain Curtain ™ Technology Even Distribution / Close in Water –Avoids over-watering due to poor nozzle performance. –Eliminates the need to use the “break-up” screw to create good coverage. – A better design for “real world” conditions.

32 5000/5000 Plus PRS Series What is it? –PRS – Pressure Regulating Stem similar to the 1800 (PRS). –ONLY ROTOR TO HAVE THIS –Rotor throwing 25' to 50' What does it do? –“Plus” = rotor manual shut-off tab to shut off head even when valve is operating –In-stem pressure regulation reduces inlet pressure to 45psi for optimal nozzle performance. Save Water with PRS and Plus

33 5000 MPR Nozzle Sets MPR Rain Curtain nozzles for 5000 & 5000PLUS rotors 25', 30' & 35' radius trees Combine Q, T, H & F nozzle arc patterns on one valve True matched precipitation rates between arc patterns & nozzles trees radii

34 Branch H @ 75psi 5000 Plus PRS @ 75psi Side by Side Comparison

35 ESP-RZX HOA retro-fit product ESP-LXM Controller with ET Cartridge Commercial grade, modular, ET controller ESP-Me Residential or Light Commercial Smart 22 – Station Controller Scheduling w/ Controllers 20% to 50+% Water Savings IQ2/Site Control Residential or Light Commercial Smart Controller NEW

36 ET Factors: Solar radiation Relative humidity Wind run Temperature Rain On-site ET Factors: Plant type Slope Sun/shade Sprinkler type Plant density ET is basically water drawn from the soil “the reservoir” Evapotranspiration (ET) Soil Reservoir Evapotranspiration: Total inches of water that are EVAPORATED and TRASPIRATED by plants

37 Days ET Typical Irrigation System Adjustment Frequencies

38 ESP-Me and ESP-LXME Modular Controllers Water Management Features Similar Operating Language –4 independent programs, ABC stack, D can overlap for drip or non-irrigation applications –Custom, Odd, Even, Cyclical program day cycles with Custom day off –8 start-times per program –Cycle+Soak™ by station –Programmable Calendar Day Off and Rain Delay –1 to 22 stations (or) 1 to 48 Stations –Flow Monitoring (LXME and LXD models)

39 ESP Modular Controllers “Water Conservative Features” Programmable delay between stations by program Sensor input, programmable by station, with status LED and active/bypass switch Seasonal Adjust % by program Global Monthly Seasonal Adjust

40 WR2 Available as: –Rain Sensor –Rain Freeze Sensor Benefits of the WR2: –Installs Faster –Easier to Use –Superior Reliability

41 Advantages of Central Control PC Control/Scheduling –Control multiple remote site irrigation systems from a single PC –Make changes to irrigation programs to schedule around site events Labor Savings –Eliminate travel to sites to make program changes –Efficient watering maintains proper plant growth reducing pruning etc. Water Savings –Utilize ET (Evapotranspiration) data or weather sensors to automate irrigation water application Power Savings/Load Balancing –Coordinate irrigation demand so pumps operate at peak efficiency –Coordinate activity between controllers on a site Reporting –Monitor irrigation system water usage, sprinkler run times, etc.

42 Anatomy of a Central Control System

43 NEW Products in 2014 RD1800 Spray Body HE-VAN and R-VAN nozzles ESP-Me Controller (22 Stations) ESP-RZX Controller (HOA in 4-6-8 Stations) Pump Start Relays (3 versions) LC-Pumps (Light Commercial Pumps) HV Valve (4-bolt) XF-Check (Check-Valve DRIP)

44 Thanks, any Questions

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