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Automated Irrigation Systems: Benefits and Maintenance Issues Dick Villamil, Ph.D. CEO, Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers.

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1 Automated Irrigation Systems: Benefits and Maintenance Issues Dick Villamil, Ph.D. CEO, Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers

2 Do your fields ever look like this?

3 Do you re-seed the same areas every #^%&#%@ year?

4 Find yourself replanting expensive shrubs & gardens?

5 Sick of lugging hoses everywhere?

6 Maybe it’s time to install… (or optimize your use of) Automatic landscape sprinklers!

7 Key aims for grounds managers Make the president’s house look good Eye appeal for visitors, students, administration Keep high-traffic areas from turning into mud Minimize loss of landscape plantings Keep repetitive labor to a minimum Eliminate your reliance on Mother Nature Reduce annual need for re-seeding

8 Why automatic sprinklers can help Consistent source of water Protect grounds investment Less labor by grounds staff Protects plants from effects of variable weather Customizable to your plant and turf needs Increases effectiveness of fertilizer One word: AUTOMATIC

9 Even if you have an automatic system already… Are you covering all your areas? Are you optimizing timing and delivery? Do you have consistent equipment? Have you had a check-up recently? Are you still having problem wet or dry areas? Have you ever actually watched it working?

10 What your fields could look like!

11 What your grounds could look like!

12 Key Irrigation Concepts: Plant materials – sod, seed, trees or perennials Soil Type – sand, clay Drainage Electrical needs and issues Water supply – pressure vs. flow in gpm Water quality – lake, pond, well or municipal “Hardscape” issues Sustainable maintenance

13 Tools of the Trade Controllers – are loaded with features Lightning and surge protection Multiple independent programs Multiple start times Ease of use

14 Tools of the Trade Valves offer many features at a low price Pressure reducing Flow control Manual activation Low amperage Durable plastic body Internal bleed Dirty water compatible

15 Tools of the Trade Rotors have many interchangeable nozzles One sprinkler for either full or part circle Integrated check valve Ease of service High pop-up height – 5” Long warranty

16 Installation Strategies Vibratory plow can install 2” pipe with no trench! Flexible continuous poly pipe resists heaving Install multi strand wire with pipe Use non-corrosive clamps PVC reduces restriction to flow

17 Installation strategies Install sleeving before pavement Locate wire and pipe splices – use a digital camera Install sprinklers and valves AFTER landscaping and BEFORE lawn planting

18 As-Built Drawings – an important tool of the trade!

19 Maintenance Issues Refer to As-Built drawings BEFORE Excavating Planting trees Aerating lawns Installing tent stakes Staking roads for snow plowing

20 Maintenance issues Operate and test frequently Exercise valve diaphragms Check for broken sprinklers Check wiring integrity Change program to suit the weather Avoid the “Set it and Forget It” mentality

21 Maintenance issues Wires should be labeled Install spare wires – just in case! Install grounding rods to avoid electrical problems Choose the proper wire gauge for length of run

22 Maintenance issues Clean around valve boxes before they are “lost” Main line shutoff valves and wire splice boxes need to be located Trim grass on a monthly schedule

23 Maintenance issues Plan your water shutoff valves for convenient access Winterization ports should be easily accessible Emergency access may be important!

24 Design for Efficiency Hydrozone strategy – Gardens vs. Lawn – Sunny vs. Shady areas – Rotors vs. Mist Spray – Slopes vs. level lawn – Drip for shrubs and perennials – Drip for disease susceptible perennials Water conservation and Liability Issues - Avoid spraying across public walks - Use check valves to avoid low head drainage - Adjust controller for seasonal changes

25 Hydrozones – Drip for gardens, Rotors for lawns

26 Hydrozones – Spray for gardens, rotors for lawns.

27 Water Conservation – avoid watering walks and Liability Issues and roads

28 Hydrozone – Drip for Gardens Drip irrigation puts water at the roots where it is needed Drip avoids wetting foliage inducing mildew Drip conserves water Drip prevents wetting fences and buildings

29 Specific Maintenance Issues Stuck valves – dirty water Broken sprinkler riser Rotors that don’t rotate Wires cut by....... Properly winterized Don’t just add sprinklers add a new zone Prune shrubs to avoid blocking sprinklers Raise sprinklers as turf thickens Monitor water quality

30 Maintenance - Winterization Winterize by using compressed air Choose the proper compressor CFM vs. pressure Install drains in low points

31 Irrigation Motto #1 Set it and Forget it. You’ll never discover the problem until there IS one!.

32 Irrigation Motto #2 The best fertilizer is the footstep of the farmer. Run a test cycle often to check your irrigation system’s performance.

33 Irrigation systems Properly designed Carefully installed Regularly maintained Selectively upgraded will result in the following...........

34 Golf Greens will be healthy

35 Landscapes will prosper

36 Athletic Fields will be the BEST that they can be!

37 Your Lawn will be Happy!

38 The End – thank you. Any questions?

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