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United Nations & eTourism Development

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1 United Nations & eTourism Development
2nd Arab International E-Tourism & E-Marketing conference United Nations & eTourism Development Alexander Rayner eTourism Advisor United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

2 International Arrivals 1990-2008

3 UNWTO VISION 2020 922 m (2008) - 1.6 b (2020) Middle East 55 million
Market share 6% Growth 18%

4 Tourism Enriches Jobs Infrastructure Trade Development
PaxIS Forum 2009


6 Tourism Policy and Issues Responsible & Sustainable Tourism
The UN Tourism Agency Tourism Policy and Issues Responsible & Sustainable Tourism Public & Private Sector Committed to Tourism, Travel and the Millennium Development Goals eTourism Trends



9 ICAO Civil Aviation Travel Documents MRTD ePassport eVisa

10 E-Visa Internet Government Systems eTourism Trends

11 Arrival Passenger Data
Monitoring Card Arrival Immigration Card Hotel Registration Card Follow up Card DO IT ONCE - USE MANY TIMES!

12 UNESCO UNESCO Heritage sites Official Intangible Heritage sites
protection of impressive ancient buildings, landscapes, living cultural heritage Official Intangible Heritage sites official recognition of languages,stories, music, dance, theater, rituals, crafts that have given people a sense of identity and continuity over generations

13 CLIMATE CHANGE Green Section Monitor Contribution Davos Declaration

14 ICT4D “High speed internet is key to job creation and lasting growth in developing countries”

15 ITU

16 Millennium Development Goals
Develop a global partnership for development Target In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications eTourism Trends

17 Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Commitment to the Millennium Development Goals MDG Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development Target 18: In cooperation with the private sector make available the benefits of new technologies, specifically information and communications

18 Access to 1.4 Billion Internet Users
Source: ITU

19 Digital Divide eTourism Trends

20 Digital Experience Gap
In 2006 Forrester identified: When products are purchased Don't necessarily buy the content and services to accompany them Creating vast digital experience gaps $3.8 billion in revenue on the table for CE companies.

21 Create enabling environment
Access to ICT Infrastructure & Education & Training Social Media Mobile - 4 billion subscribers Languages - IDNs

22 Increasing Access eTourism Trends Availability
ICT Infrastructure Training & Education Affordability Standards Reduce costs eTourism Trends

23 A DIFFERENT WEB Source: Cymfony “it’s no longer about web sites – even cool web sites – but about the creation , aggregation and distribution of digital content in a way that supports consumers in achieving their objectives.”

24 Mobile Telephone Subscribers
eTourism Trends

25 Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project
Mobile Devices The mobile device will be the primary connection tool to the internet for most people in the world in 2020 Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project eTourism Trends

26 Arabic : Official Language in 24 Countries
eTourism Trends

27 Arabic 50 million Arabic speaking people using the Internet,
2.9 % of all the Internet users in the world. 291 million world population speaks Arabic 17.2 % use the Internet. Arabic Speaking Internet Users has grown 1,907.9 % in the last eight years ( ).

28 International Domain Names (IDNs)

29 Yahoo! enters Arab Market Arab world’s largest online community aquired by Yahoo! Yahoo! to offer Arabic-language content for the first time Arabic versions of its products and services, such as instant messaging and

30 email Tsunami Tidal wave of digital messages
247 billion messages on average every day Average computer user receives 167 messages/day To increase to 219/day in 2013 40% of your day on Communication at the speed of electricity

31 eTourism Increased Competitiveness
More: Jobs, Infrastructure, Trade & Development Increase International Visitor Arrivals : 55 / 922 Million 2008 International Receipts : USD 46 / 944 Billion 2008 Increased Competitiveness eMarketing & Access to 1.7 Billion Internet Users eTourism

32 Thank You!

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