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Méfaits Méchants: A Tale in Bad Rhyme Written and Illustrated by Lilium Con Doin (Karli Lawson)

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1 Méfaits Méchants: A Tale in Bad Rhyme Written and Illustrated by Lilium Con Doin (Karli Lawson)

2 Sabaith was vile cleric Who followed Cyric’s creed, Studying the esoteric Of trickery and greed.

3 The lethal seas and starving days Did young Sabaith weather, In desperation she did pray Saved! to Cyric tethered.

4 Many years, now Sabaith’s grown Away from childhood. But fire stole e'erthing she'd known, Yet her ambition stood.

5 Away she flees from ruined life 'Cross bog and desert land, Survived against nature and knife Troubles she could withstand.

6 A forest she came, chilled and bleak Lost was Sabaith within, But Cyric did not praise the weak So slept she, cold within.

7 Dry and broken across the planes Sabaith did dream she ran, Behind her chased the coming bane Her life vanquished its plan.

8 Pounding strides bring the horror close Demon eyes of yellow, Breath upon her back, fetid, gross Black shadow emits a bellow.

9 Sabaith, she will die here, beyond In hell, death sheds his hood, As fear masters, the dream absconds She wakes in quiet woods.

10 The morning dawned, she left the trees To find a lonely road, Leading uphill across a lea To a magnificent abode.

11 A nip distracted Sabaith’s glance A small cat, black looked up, She thought it was a strange mischance It tast’d of her dream’s cup. ‘Knock’ resounded upon the door Silent it slides open, “Can I be of your pleasure or,” The host asked, “serve your whim?”

12 Sabaith, surprised, but e’er aware Took the gracious offer, “I pray for shelter from despair, Though I have no coffer.” Cordial, the young man acquiesced Warmth and water and sleep, Alone she locked her door and slept But her mind dreams did keep.

13 The black shadow crept close again The thought of iv’ry fangs, Her hair was snagged, closed her bane At her the beast-cat sprang. A frightened scream, instincts awoke In horror, dream is real, Above her the beast loomed, but spoke “Apology,” he appealed.

14 Transmution changed beast into man Her host was her nightmare, “Forgiveness for fright,” he began “With guests, one must beware.” Sabaith leapt hand grasping her knife The point at her host’s throat, “This blade will dip into your life And o‘er your flesh I’ll gloat!”

15 Her host cried, “What way to return My hospitality?” “You have forced me on this sojourn Through dream with no pity.” “Aye!” cried him to Sabaith’s response “but not without reason. I can see in your eyes your wants I can fill them anon!” “Shapeshifter, I care nothing of” She said, “your app’rent skills” “You lack,” he said “to see above the height of imbecile.”

16 “I can teach you magic of life Ah, no: magic of death, The pow’r to echo dreadful strife; Give the dead back their breath.” Thus an accord, though tenuous Was reached by two spirits, Upon future shown Sirius Uncertain fate starlight.


18 Poster Notes Regrets are frequent since I have a tendency to start more than I can finish, but the project is not so bad. This project I used Photoshop as my main work tool. I used the magic wand and background eraser and all sorts of such to do cutting out of people/creatures. Opacity options created faded effects and Dodge/Sponge/Burn were used in the cemetery picture. One cannot keep track of everything one used, but I recall being introduced to more basic tools that I wasn’t aware of, by asking my friends for help. A particular regret I had was some of the photographs turned out fuzzy, but I did not have time to take them anew and get them developed. Another surprise was the camera I used automatically imprints the date upon the photograph. Thus I had to remove the shocking orange date with either the close stamp or by cropping. That is about all except I half to tell you to go to:

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