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The Princesses, the Powers, and the Caterpillar By: Rylee McKee and Shawnna Hunt.

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1 The Princesses, the Powers, and the Caterpillar By: Rylee McKee and Shawnna Hunt

2 Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were two princesses, named Elizabeth and Rebecca, walking in the woods.

3 These princesses were special princesses because they had magical powers. So, they decided to go into the woods to practice them.

4 Elizabeth and Rebecca were casting spells when they saw a caterpillar looking at them from behind a tree. Elizabeth dropped her wand and said, “What’s over there?” Rebecca replied, “I don’t know. Let’s check it out.”

5 The girls quietly step to the tree and get down on their knees to get a closer look. ‘’ Aw, it’s a baby caterpillar. It’s so cute!’’ Rebecca exclaimed. ‘’ I know. I think I will take him home with me. I shall call him Fluffy Rainbow, and he shall be mine!’’ exclaimed Elizabeth. ‘’ Yeah,’’ replied Rebecca. ‘’ We can hang out with him and play with him together.

6 The girls took the caterpillar to Elizabeth’s castle. Since the caterpillar seemed so fascinated by their spell-casting, they decided to practice more in the castle.

7 But, one of their spells went wrong and it hit Fluffy Rainbow and turned him into a baby bear! ‘’ Oh no!’’ exclaimed Elizabeth, ‘’ What have we done?!’’ ‘’ Oh, my gosh! We turned Fluffy Rainbow into a baby bear!’’ exclaimed Rebecca.

8 “What do we do?’’ asked Rebecca. “Well, I guess we have no other choice. We must take him to the most powerful wizard of all time. Ravenna Prospero,’’ Elizabeth replied. “Ravenna Prospero”? That’s about a two day trip to his place, and you have to go through a lot of dangerous quests to get there,’’ said Rebecca. “ Well, I guess we’ll have to take that risk.”

9 So, they set off on their way. First, they had to travel into the heart of the woods to complete their first task. When they got there, they found a giant rattlesnake awaiting them that was at least twelve feet long.

10 ‘’ Okay, so see that sword over there?’’ asked Elizabeth. ‘’ Yeah.’’ ‘’ And see that necklace around the snake’s neck?’’ ‘’ Yeah.’’ ‘’ Well, I read online that in order to get Ravenna to help us, we have to slay the snake and bring the necklace to him as proof we killed it. ‘’ Okay, and how do we do that?’’ ‘’ Just listen to my plan and follow my lead.’’

11 “ Okay, so here’s what we do. You create a distraction while I go grab the sword and kill it,” said Elizabeth “Okay, here goes nothing.” Rebecca turned and started talking to the snake. “Here snaky, snaky….”

12 The snake lunged for her, but she danced around it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth ran for the sword. “Hurry, Elizabeth!” screamed Rebecca. She was still dancing around the snake, but it was coming close to catching her. “Okay!” And with a sudden burst of energy, she ran forward, jumped up, and chopped off the snake’s head.

13 “Nice work!”, exclaimed Rebecca as she reached up to high five Elizabeth. “I know, right?!”, Elizabeth high fived her then snatched the necklace from the snake’s neck. “Okay, so now what do we do?” asked Rebecca. “Now, we take this to Ravenna Prospero and hope she helps us.

14 So, they made it to Ravenna’s place and knocked on the door. “ Who’s there?” called Ravenna. “ It’s Rebecca and Elizabeth and we need your help.” She opened the door and looked at them quizzically. “ What exactly do you need my help with?” she replied. “ Well, you see, we accidentally turned our pet unicorn into a skunk, and we thought you could help us. Ravenna looked them up and down and looked at Fluffy Rainbow. Finally she said, “ Alright, come on in.”

15 They went in and laid Fluffy Rainbow on the table. Ravenna walked around him and observed him for a few minutes and then said, “ Alright, I can fix your friend. But first, did you bring the necklace from the rattlesnake’s neck?” “ Yes, we did,” replied Elizabeth. She reached in her pocket and took out the necklace. Ravenna took it and said, “ Good. Now, let’s get to work.”

16 Immediately, Ravenna got to work. She mixed up a lot of different chemicals and after about half an hour, she was finally finished with the potion. “ Alright, now I’ll just give this to your friend for a drink,” she said as she sat the potion down in front of Fluffy Rainbow. Fluffy Rainbow eagerly began to lap up the potion, then poof! He was a caterpillar again!

17 “ Oh, thank you so much!” exclaimed Elizabeth. “ Oh, it was no trouble at all. Just next time, be a little more careful about where you practice with that wand.’’ “ I will!” And with that said, they left with Fluffy Rainbow, who was now back to himself again.

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