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East vs. West The Iran Revolution

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1 East vs. West The Iran Revolution
Patten & Valdner Global History II Mepham High School

2 Iran

3 Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Iran
Iranian nationalist who attempted to modernize and westernize Iran. Allows capitalism Developed Iran’s oil industry Repressed civil rights. Supported by US

4 A Divided Iran Upper Classes Wealthy Urban Westernized Secular
Minority of the population Lower Classes Poor Rural Traditional Very Religious Majority of the population

5 Ayatollah Khomeini Iran
Fundamentalist cleric he led the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Under his leadership America was known as “the great satan”.

6 Fundamentalist A fundamentalist is a believer in traditional religious beliefs. Often fundamentalists oppose modern reforms in favor of returning to traditional beliefs.

7 Ayatollah Khomeini Overthrows the Shah
Religious man who wants Iran to be a religious state (Islamic Fundamentalist) Leads the Iranian Revolution Iran becomes a strict Muslim state

8 The Iranian Revolution 1979
Causes Shah Pahlavi was westernizing Iran Religious people were unhappy Khomeini will gain support of the Islamic Fundamentalists

9 American Hostages


11 The Iranian Revolution 1979
Effects Khomeini takes power in 1979 The Shah flees Iran; helped by U.S.A. 53 Americans are taken hostage at the US embassy until 1981



14 The Iranian Revolution 1979
Effects Iran becomes a theocracy Iran becomes a strict Muslim State; laws in Iran are based in the Koran (Quran) Women lost all rights and privileges. Government bans western books.

15 Conflict between Modernization & Tradition

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