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Changing Economic and Social Patterns

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1 Changing Economic and Social Patterns

2 Key Questions A. What economic goals have Middle Eastern nations pursued? 1.Reduce European economic influence turned to socialism – government control of the economy. Nationalized foreign controlled businesses( banking, oil)

3 B. How have Middle eastern Nations improved their agriculture?
1. desalination – convert salt water into fresh water for drinking an dirrigation. 2. fertigation – pump water and fertilizer directly to the roots of plants. Better seeds and machines for planting and harvesting. Gave land to poor people to increase production and decrease rural poverty.

4 C. How has oil affected Middle eastern Countries?
1. Oil-rich nations give money and loans to poorer neighbors. Oil-producing countries provide millions of jobs to workers from other countries.

5 D. What are some effects of rapid population growth and urbanization?
1. urbanization – movement of people from the country to the city. 2. crowded neighborhoods 3. scarce jobs 4. Education and attitudes of children can create conflict with older people.

6 Three Nations on the Road to Modernization
A. What were the causes of the Islamic revolution in Iran? 1. Income gap between the westernized middle and upper classes and the rest of the people. 2. Anger over increased dependence on the West.

7 1979 – Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini reutrned from exile in France to lead the revolution.
Created a theocracy – nation ruled by religious leaders. Made Koran basis of all law. Enforced strict Muslim traditions Banned western music and movies Held 52 American citizens hostage for over a year

8 What economic policies have egyptian leaders followed?
1.promotes Arab Socialism 2. Nationalized industries and businesses 3. Took control of the Suez Canal 4. Built the Aswan High dam – low cost power for factories and homes.

9 How has Turkey progressed toward modernization?
1. Ataturk, Turkey’s first president began the modernization. 2. Turkey became a secular state (government not controlled by religious leaders) 3. Developed agriculture by using new farming methods.

10 4. Developed manufacturing
5. Built dams to provide hydroelectric power.

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