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Migration of “Dashper’s” in England Earliest records - Little Hempston, Ipplepen, Stoke Gabriel & Paignton.

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1 Migration of “Dashper’s” in England Earliest records - Little Hempston, Ipplepen, Stoke Gabriel & Paignton

2 Domesday Book Listed separately as having Manors - Ipplepen, Little Hempston, Paignton, Brixham, Cockington, Tormohun. Dittisham, Dartington But not - Stoke Gabriel

3 Earliest Mention of a “Dashper” Richard Dayshper who was a juryman at an inquest in Totnes before 1500 The next record is found in Subsidy Rolls in 1524 of a William Dashper of Ipplepen assessed at £6. (Tax was 6d (2.5 new pence) in the pound)

4 Early Dashper’s Earliest male baptism - Wilmott in Stoke Gabriel 1544 son of Thomas Earliest male marriage - John to Joan Churchward in 1545 Stoke Gabriel Earliest male burial - Thomas 1559 in Little Hempston

5 New Research Within last month further Dashper Families have been found in Ipplepen Research by Christine Jones found a William having a family in Ipplepen between 1563-1580

6 New Research Subsidy roll of 1581 shows that William Dashper of Ipplepen was assessed at £8 (Tax @ 2/8d in the £) or 13p. Mentioned in Muster Rolls of 1569 as a billman

7 Dashper’s found in Surrounding Towns and Villages Early 17th century - Paignton, Brixham & Churston Ferrars Late 17th century - Berry Pomeroy, Exeter and Totnes Middle - late 18th century - Tormohun and Cockington

8 Parish Locator Little Hempston - all early Dashper’s are within a 5 mile radius Berry Pomeroy 0.9 miles south east Dartington 1.2 miles west Ipplepen 2.8 miles north by north east Marldon 3.2 miles east by north east Stoke Gabriel 3.6 miles south by south east

9 Parish Locator Little hempston - within 10 miles Brixham 8.1 miles east by south east Cockington 5.0 miles east Dartmouth 7.8 miles south by south east Paignton 5.1 miles east by south east

10 Three Main Trees Dartmouth - the smallest Cockington/Torquay/London Eggbuckland/Tavistock - the largest

11 Dartmouth Tree

12 Settled around Dittersham and Dartmouth ?Did they originate from Exeter Trade - farmers, butcher - owned shops in Dartmouth Wealthy All made wills

13 Dartmouth Tree 110 years in the Dartmouth area William born 1761 moved to London before 1820 but there are no known living descendants Between 1842 - 1844 remaining Dashper’s moved to Southampton - WHY? Remained in Southampton and still have descendants there, several of whom are here with us today

14 Eggbuckland/Tavistock Tree

15 The Story Begins With Ipplepen Prosperous village - Thomas Dashper assessed at £6 (tax @ 6d in the £) in 1524 X roads for trade Near pack horse trail leading from Ashburton to Paignton Surrounding area was agricultural land

16 Eggbuckland/Tavistock Dashper’s Edward married Joan in 1675 in Ipplepen Mainly agricultural labourers and trades associated with the land Made no wills Remained in Ipplepen for 150 years

17 Eggbuckland/Tavistock Dashper’s Between 1783-1786 William Dashper born 1755 was the first known Dashper to move away from Ipplepen. He settled and died in Eggbuckland/Knackersknowle, possibly working as a wheelwright for the troops stationed at Crownhill fort, probably until the Napoleonic wars end in 1815

18 1790-1810 Press gangs were in force A few Dashper's remained in Plymouth area William (b.1784 son of William) moved his family to Tavistock in 1811 which had become a prosperous stannary town

19 Tavistock Up until 1850 there was little movement from this branch. They stayed around the Tavistock area Ample work - mines Coming of the railway

20 First Movement From Tavistock Agnes Dashper (born 1820) bet 1842 - 1848 moved to London Her descendants (my branch of the tree) settled in Reading Berkshire Flourishing town known for biscuits, bulbs and beer. This branch remained here until 1930’s Birthday of a Dashper today

21 1860’s - A Time of Change Gilbert moved his family to Lincoln ( Mark Dashper of NZ) Thomas moved his family to Durham (Gloria and Linda) John Dashper emigrated to Australia (Graeme Wallis)

22 1880’s - More Moves Pockets of Dashper's appearing all around England Berkshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands, Birmingham, Derby, Sheffield, Worksop Many of you here descend from these Dashper’s

23 1890 - 1920 Less movement People stayed in their groups Aftermath of WW1 brought further changes Slump in employment Transport became easier Emigration was on people minds again

24 1940 WW11 - scattered the Dashper’s again Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire London & suburbs - did they ever meet up with other Dashper’s

25 Present Day Conclusion Dashper descendants throughout the country Once settled though they tend to remain in the area Until this research started no one knew there were so many

26 Welcome Cousins

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