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Michelle Kirby Women in the South During Reconstruction.

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1 Michelle Kirby Women in the South During Reconstruction

2 Stylized South

3 Plantations in North Florida  Plantations in Leon County Plantations in Leon County Plantations of Leon County in 1860 During the 1820s through 1850s, Leon County attracted planters from Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and North/South Carolina to its fertile soils and long growing season. Up until the early stages of the Civil War, Leon County was the 5th largest producer of cotton between all counties in Georgia and Florida.


5 Orchard Pond Plantation  According to data in the United States Census of 1860, Call  was the third-largest slaveholder in Leon County.  Call began to concentrate on agricultural experiments such  as Florida hemp and livestock improvements.hemp

6 Orchard Pond

7 Ellen Call Long – The Tallahassee Girl

8 The Grove

9 May Day at the Grove 1960

10 The Grove Today


12 Susan Bradford Eppes

13 Eppes driving a car

14 Susan Bradford Eppes

15 Pinewood Plantation

16 Memorials

17 Women making snowballs - 1958 (Florida Memory)

18 Confederate Memorial Capitol


20 Angus M. McMillan *Born October 17, 1825 in Lumberton, NC *As a young boy, his family moved to Escambia County with his father following timber. His father, whose name we still do not know, died in the 1840s during the Yellow Fever epidemic. *Angus received a land grant for land in Washington County, FL in 1856. He was the overseer of the Everitt Plantation at Orange Hill. The plantation was the largest plantation in Washington County. *He was a co-founder of Chipley. *Angus and friendship Governor John Milton *Cattle and the Spanish American War.


22 Shy’s Hill

23 R. Don McLeod UDC Monument

24 My great great grandfather Angus McMillan and a few other Confederate friends knew the value of having a good transportation system come through Washington County. They convinced their one of the former Confederate leaders, Colonel Chipley to extend a railway station to Orange and renamed it Chipley as a result. The town of Chipley was incorporated in 1887. As he did during the War, Angus continued to lead and serve his community. He served on the board of trustees for the school, donated land for the First Presbyterian Church, and started Camp McMillan of the United Confederate Veterans. His name appears in the 1897 and 1900 editions of the Confederate Veteran magazine as Camp Commander. He was a real patriot and pioneer of Florida. He married twice and fathered 11 children who have known descendants from as far west as the state of Washington. I am proud to be here tonight as one of those descendants and to honor my grandfather’s grandfather. I am proud to help carry on the traditions of my grandfathers.

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