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Stoke-on-Trent. What nickname did the locals give Stoke-on-Trent and why?

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1 Stoke-on-Trent

2 What nickname did the locals give Stoke-on-Trent and why?

3 ”Smoke-on-Stench” Coal was used to fire the kilns, and each chimney belched out thick black smoke.

4 The pollution blackened buildings and affected people’s health

5 Wedgwood, 1941

6 Wedgwood, Eutruria

7 Echoes of Eutruria A haunting image of The Potteries past... The unique character of a City born in the smoke and fires of a million chimneys and the curious bottle-shaped ovens of its famous factories.

8 Eutruria today

9 Old Industrial Landscapes The main features include Canals and railways for transport Factories, three or four stories high, with chimneys Large, irregular shaped factories The old factories caused a lot of air and river pollution Housing close to the factories Often found in the inner city areas Little open space

10 Stoke town centre, 1957

11 New Industrial Landscapes The main features include Planned industrial estates and business parks Usually found at or near the edge of a city Low factories with plenty of space for parking and expansion Near good road links Uses electricity as a power supply Includes open space with trees and grass to improve the quality of the environment

12 Decorating the pottery is a highly skilled job

13 The area is now trying to attract visitors to see the old industrial buildings and visit the working pottery factories

14 Hong Kong


16 Hong Kong has the busiest container port in the world, and the third busiest airport

17 The Hong Kong factories mainly produce light consumer goods like clothing, plastics and electronics

18 Favelas (shanty towns, squatter settlements)

19 BRAZILIAN SETTING Nationally... 170 million Brazilians, 82% live in cities 50 million live in poverty, approximately half of these in favelas, 35 million earn less than $40/month 2.2 million children aged 5-14 work 60 million have no sewerage 1 in 3 suffer from malnutrition, 10 million eat less than 250cals/day (UN minimum is 1.9kcal/day) 14% illiterate 20% of GDP spent on social problems $22 billion per year to service the national debt Only 7% have internet access - new national agenda for ‘digital inclusion’

20 The urban shantytowns: 'Favelas' Distinct communities have developed in the last 25 years - the ‘forgotten’ Islands of poverty, neglected by politicians In close proximity to high rise offices and affluence Large families, child pregnancies, developed in last 25 years - the violence, drugs.. Loss of identity, self-esteem and hope Hard to enter, even harder to escape


22 Jobs are hard to find, especially if you are over 25 Casual labour or housemaids for the rich

23 Self-build projects in the UK

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