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Minitek 2008 Now it all fits together!. 3 4 5.

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1 Minitek 2008 Now it all fits together!


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6 6 Why Minitek? 2mm systems offer up to 38% space saving compared to 2.54mm (.100”) Minitek is the most complete system on the market, covering all types of connection Fully intermateable system: even the active latch mates with the standard headers Widely available from stock at FCI’s extensive distribution network

7 7 The new eject latch header has the lowest profile of its type

8 8 Overview of eject latch header Based on existing shrouded header. Compatible with existing IDC cable receptacle Different latches to accommodate strain relief if required.

9 9 The new active latch housing is an integral part of the series Click!

10 10 Active latch housing performance Retention per Terminal : 7.85N Retention due to main latch : 15 N MIN for 2x3 & 2x4 25 N MIN for 2x5 to 2x25 Same after 50 cycles mate / unmate Electrical performance Contact resistance : 20m  MAX Insulation resistance : 1000 M  MIN Dielectric withstand : 650 V AC

11 11 Minitek Pin-in-Paste (PiP) Headers Pin-in-Paste means using a through hole product in an SMT assembly process Cost saving while maintaining mechanical strength of the interconnection But it’s not as simple as it looks! FCI PiP connectors are carefully designed to avoid the pitfalls Standoffs, pin lengths, body design all optimised Stencil design provided, saving extensive testing and design Application note TA-895 available on FCI web site

12 12 Unshrouded and Shrouded Straight and Right Angle Through hole and SMT Normal profile and Stacking Unshrouded Shrouded Stacking Of course, there are all types of standard headers …

13 13 PCB mounted TMT, Top Entry, 4.5mm SMT, Top Entry, 4.5mm SMT, Top Entry, 2.3mm SMT, Bottom Entry, 2.3mm Crimp-to-wire With / without center key Insulation-Displacement (IDC) With / without strain relief … and receptacles.

14 14 Short lead times. See new catalog due Spring 2008 Select your standard part from this catalog or the Basics+ microsite IT’S ALL ABOUT SERVICE Or get the special you need via the Basics+ Design Service Order your fast shipment samples online Get the technical help you need from 2 3 And Minitek is part of the Basics+ service program

15 15 Useful links FCI home page Basics+ microsite Eject latch header brochure eader_brochure.pdf Active latch housing brochure 07.pdf Check distribution stock

16 16 Much more information at

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