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LEN Connector To introduce the new LEN wire-to-board, crimp style connector series for LED applications.

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1 LEN Connector To introduce the new LEN wire-to-board, crimp style connector series for LED applications.

2 Ideally suited for LED light applications, where a wire-to-board connector that is sub-miniature in size and offers engineers design flexibility is required. The low profile of the connector does not interfere with the luminescence angle of the pcb mounted LED dies. The LEN Series wire-to-board, crimp-style connector is on a 3.0mm (.118”) pitch, and is molded in a RoHS compliant 94V0 9T Nylon (SMT headers) resin. The LEN Series incorporates both polarization and friction locking features. Rated at 3A AC/DC (using 22 AWG) at 300VAC, these low profile connectors have a side-entry, mated height of only 3.0mm (.118”). The series has an operating temperature range of -55  to +105  C including temperature rise when applying an electrical current. The series is offered in 2 & 3 circuit sizes. LEN Connector

3 LEN Connector crimp style wire-to-board contact The LEN Series contacts are designed to accommodate a wire range of 22AWG to 24 AWG and are made of tin-plated, copper alloy base material. The box construction ensures stable contact performance, redundant contact points, positive electrical contact and low contact resistance at all times even when subjected to vibration and distortion.

4 LEN Connector crimp style wire-to-board housing Molded in a 94V-0 rated, Halogen free, glass filled PA 66 resin, the polarized LEN Series housings incorporate a friction locking feature preventing accidental disconnection due to routing of wires or vibration. Available in 2 & 3 circuits only. The hinge lock secures the socket to the header while the friction lock provides an audible click and is felt when mating the housing assembly with the mating header. The housing is notched on one side for ease of locating the pin 1 position.

5 LEN Connector SMT headers Available in side-entry (right angle) only mounting configuration, the RoHS compliant, Halogen free, fully shrouded headers are 94V-0 rated and feature insertion guides for easy and secure insertion of the mating LEN housings. The copper alloy posts are reflow treated tin-plating over copper-underplating and are designed to prevent accidental removal of the pins that might result from distorted mating. Copper alloy, copper-underplated, tin-plated reinforcement tabs offer strength and stability to the mounted headers. The SMT headers are packaged in embossed tape for automated placement equipment. Top-entry

6 THE LEN SERIES IS ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING FREINDLY The LEN Series contact has a full range of crimp tooling options ranging from applicators for semi-automatic and fully automatic termination equipment normally found in the manufacturing environment as well as standard hand tools. Standard reels (9,000 pieces) are used with semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly equipment are available for manufacturing. For prototyping and light production needs, hand tools are available. Bench press and applicator for the SLEN series Industry standard applicator for the SLEN Series

7 THE LEN SERIES SUMMARY The LEN wire-to-board connector is a low profile, compact connector system: Compact size and pitch Reliable contact construction ideal for low current, low voltage conditions Available in 2 & 3 positions Applicable AWG #22 to 24 Secure, hinged friction locking RoHS compliant, Halogen free, SMT product Supported with termination tooling for manufacturing requirements.

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