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Glenair Backshells: Outstanding Performance and Availability.

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1 Glenair Backshells: Outstanding Performance and Availability

2  Common Connector Problems and Solutions Problem Environmental Damage Electromagnetic Interference Mechanical Damage to Conductors Mechanical Damage to Pins and Threads Connector-to-Cable Routing Cable and Conduit Integration Solution Cable Sealing Backshells and Protective Covers EMI/RFI Shield (Screen) Termination Backshells Strain-Relief Backshells Protective Covers and Boots Multiple Angle and Profile Backshells Transition Fittings and Adapters Why Connectors Need Backshells

3  Backshells and Accessories for Every Application  Glenair Circular Connector Backshells and Accessories  Mil-Spec Backshells and Connector Accessories  Rectangular Connector Backshells  Composite Thermoplastic Connector Accessories  Backshell Assembly Tools, Banding Tools and Accessories Glenair Backshell Product Lines

4  AS85049, M24758, M28840, M38999  and Other Military Specifications  NO GAPS: Glenair has every QPL with most slash sheets in stock  Use Wall Chart for Scratch Selection  Use Part Number Index to Match Part Number and Catalog Page  Use Military Part Number Reference Guide to Cross Mil-Spec Numbers to Glenair Commercial Series Parts  Internet: QwikCreate Part Number Builder and NSN Cross Reference Specifying Mil-Spec Backshells

5  Ref: Big Red Book of Backshells  Glenair Product Code/Product Series System  310 – Shrink Boot Adapter  360 - Non-Environmental Strain-Relief Backshell  370 - Environmental Strain Relief Backshell  380 - Non-Environmental EMI/RFI Backshells  390 - Environmental EMI/RFI Backshells  440 - Banding and Crimp Ring Adapters  450 - Qwik-Ty Strain-Reliefs  620 – Strain-Reliefs  660 – Protective Covers Glenair Circular Connector Backshell Part Number Systems

6 Cable Sealing Backshell Designs  Three Basic Options  Submersible: Cable sealing grommet, follower and backshell counterbore provides immersion protection to 2 meters.  Water-Tight: Integrated cable sealing grommet provides immersion protection to one meter.  Splash-Proof: light duty design provides moisture and dust resistance only

7 EMI/RFI Backshell Designs  Glenair Supports Every Industry-Standard Design  Single and Multiple Conical Rings  Crimp Rings  Banding Terminations  Castellated or Splined Rings  Lampbase Thread Rings  Radial Compression Springs  Integrated Shield Socks  Magnaforming  Tinel Lock-Rings

8 Band-it Shield Termination System  Fast and reliable RFI/EMI/EMP shield termination  No welding, soldering, crimping or magna- forming required - fully field repairable shield terminations  Fast, highly reliable terminations virtually eliminate EMI leakage and pass severe shock, vibration and thermal tests  “One size fits all” tool and band design provides unmatched flexibility  In stock and ready for same-day shipment

9 Cable Strain-Relief Designs  Matching the Technology to the Application  Straight and Angled Designs  Light, Medium and Heavy- Duty Saddle Bars  Qwik-Tys  QwikClamps  Others

10 Backshell Angle and Profile  Critical Step in Cable Routing Design  Standard Profile  Low Profile  Full Radius Profile  Low Profile Split Shell  Ultra Low Profile Split Shell  Straight, 45 and 90 Degree

11 Backshell-to-Connector Coupling  Five Basic Designs  Direct Coupling  Rotatable Coupling  Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling  Positive-Lock (NESTOR) Non-Detent Coupling  Composite “G-Load” Coupling

12  Complete Backshell Support for All Rectangular Connector Families  MIL-C-24308  MIL-C-81659 Configuration  MIL-C-83733  ARINC Series 600  MIL-DTL-83513  Cannon Series 400  MIL-C-83527/A  All the Rest Rectangular Backshells

13  For advanced weight savings to corrosion protection  Weight savings: 40% over aluminum  Corrosion protection: unlimited  Inherent shock and vibration dampening  Reduced magnetic and acoustic signatures (stealth)  Cadmium free  Flame resistant, chemical resistant and high-temperature tolerant  Dimensionally stable  Accepts plating for EMI/RFI protection Composite Thermoplastic Designs

14  The bread and butter of accessory specification  Product Series  Connector Designator  Angle and Profile  Basic Part Number  Finish Symbol  Shell Size  Cable Diameter  Strain Relief Style  Length of Part  Other: Drain holes, attachment lengths, special modifications Part Number Development

15  Internet-Based Automated Part Number Development  Build or analyze part numbers via a simple menu interface  Generate printable document with all relevant dimensional data  Link to catalog page for additional information  Automatically select for Style 2 cable entry  Link to on-line order entry QwikCreate

16 Backshell Assembly and Connector Holding Tools  Full 360 o gripping surface of backshell coupling nuts and connector plugs and receptacles  For production and field maintenance  Manual and pneumatic hand tools, strap wrenches and torque wrenches  M83507/15-01, TG70 and TG80 circular connector tools  Complete kits and/or individual tools and parts  In stock and ready for same-day shipment

17  Full-Service, High-Availability Interconnect Solutions  Full Spectrum Product Lines —No Gaps  Fast, Personal Response to RFQ’s  Vertically Integrated Factory No Third World Subs  Same Day Availability for 45,000+ Commercial and Mil-Spec Accessories  Worldwide Service and Support Glenair’s Position in the Marketplace


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