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Life in the English Colonies

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1 Life in the English Colonies
Chapter 3 Section 4 Life in the English Colonies

2 Life in the English Colonies
Colonial Governments Each colony had its own government and it was given power from the charters Each had a governor and an advisory council All laws had to be approved by the governor and council Virginia had the first colonial legislature in North America with its Assembly Was a unicameral but became bi-cameral later on New England Colonies had town meetings where politics took place In the south many major decisions took place at the county level not the colonial level

3 Life in the English Colonies
Political Changes in England 1685- King James II takes over Thought the colonies were too independent Put all New England colonies under the dominion of New England and named Edmund Andros governor Colonists felt Andros was too strict because he limited their powers

4 Life in the English Colonies
English Bill of Rights Parliament replaced James and wrote the English Bill of Rights in 1689 Reduced power of English Monarch Allowed colonists to decide on local issues Colonial Courts Colonists used the courts to control local affairs Protected individual rights Example is John Zenger who printed material that some thought was slanderous Court said he could write whatever as long is was the truth

5 Life in the English Colonies
English Trade Laws Main reason for the colonies was to earn money England practiced mercantilism Creating and maintaining wealth and power through trade To support the English passed the Navigation Acts Kept certain things that could be traded, and taxes could be put on the goods People were not happy with the acts at all and looked at smuggling and other trade means.

6 Life in the English Colonies
Triangular Trade System in which goods and slaves were traded among the Americas, Britain, and Africa Middle Passage One version of the triangular trade Rum for slaves on the west African coast, then to the West Indies for molasses Brought millions of slaves to Atlantic Ocean

7 Life in the English Colonies
Great Awakening Religious movement that spread the religion throughout the colonies in the 1730’s and 1740’s Jonathon Edwards was a leader of the movement Held sermons that got people to repent and ask for forgiveness or they would go to Hell The revivals became social events that people not only talked religion but also discussed politics and political equality.

8 Life in the English Colonies
Enlightenment Movement during the 1700’s that spread the ideas of logic could improve society What brought this on? Scientists started to understand our world more and using scientific methods and other systematic approaches to solve issues What kind of ideas came from the Enlightenment period? Ideas of Social Contracts and Natural Rights that all men should have (John Locke),

9 Life in the English Colonies
French and Indian War ( ) As more and more colonists show up there tensions start to grow between them and the native peoples The Wampanoag Leader, Metacomet aka King Phillip, was upset at his land being taken and he starts to fight against them Declared war in 1675 and War ended in 1676 Over 600 Colonist killed along with 3,000 Native Americans After the war England and French colonists work different groups of Native Americans French- Algonquian and Huron English – Iroquois League

10 Life in the English Colonies
War Erupts Problems in Europe lead to War in the America Both French and English wanted to settle the Ohio River Valley 1753- The British attack French Forts in the valley French fight the British with help of the local tribes French and Indian War went along with the Seven Years War in Europe French and Natives were more successful early on but ended up getting defeated in 1759 at Quebec by James Wolfe.

11 Life in the English Colonies
War Ends with signing of Treaty of Paris in 1763 Canada and all lands east of the Mississippi river except New Orleans went to the British British also gain Florida from Spain who was an ally of the French

12 Life in the English Colonies
Western Frontier As British start to move into the area, Chief’s like Pontiac attack them. He defeats many British colonists To avoid more and more conflict, King George III issues the Proclamation of 1763 Law bans settlement west of the Appalachian and to leave the upper Ohio River.

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