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TRANSFER STUDENT Survey Results. Number of Invitees: 438 Invitees that responded: 137 Invitee Response rate: 31% Average of no answers 150 Transfer Results.

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2 Number of Invitees: 438 Invitees that responded: 137 Invitee Response rate: 31% Average of no answers 150 Transfer Results

3 Invitees Responded: Catholic 39% Unaffiliated 28% Caucasian 61% Female 63% Domestic students 97% (4 international students) First-gen 40% Who?

4 Orientation Dates: June 1840 July 939 July 3034 August 96 August 138 August 169 August 251 When?

5 What? Results: Communication & Organization Academics Advisor Orientation Leader Campus Partners IT Res Life OSCCR & Campus Safety Financial Aid

6 Results : Communication & Organization

7 Results: Communication & Organization The information I received via mail or through the website was clear/concise 83% agreed or strongly agreed The check in process on the day of Orientation went smoothly and the staff was helpful 93% agreed or strongly agreed I have a better understanding of the unique Jesuit mission and values at Loyola after attending Orientation 94% agreed or strongly agreed Orientation helped me feel more connected to my peers and to the larger Loyola community 75% agreed or strongly agreed Overall, I found the Orientation experience at Loyola University Chicago valuable. 59% agreed or strongly agreed

8 Results : Communication & Organization Comments: “Personally, I felt there was too much moving back and forth between buildings. The information was helpful but at the same time it was information overload. The food provided was probably some of the best I've had from a cafeteria thus far, no complaints.” “Lunch was really chaotic. All the information was very helpful. I just felt the parents should've had a leader as well. My leader encouraged me to stick with the group and to have my Mom wander around lost along with plenty of other parents.” *** “We received a lot of information it was kind of overwhelming but it was delivered well. The food was ok there were plenty of choices.” “I enjoyed hearing the Orientation Leaders experiences at Loyola and knowing that Loyola does care about each student. To be honest I felt like I was at home.”

9 Results : Academics

10 Results : Academics Academic Advisor and Orientation Leader Support My academic adviser provided me with adequate information about my major and Core Class Options for the Fall of 2013 87% agreed to strongly agreed My Orientation Leader (OL) and/or Academic Advisor listened to my questions and concerns and gave me sound advice regarding academics and helped to adjust my schedule 88% agreed to strongly agreed I understand the University Core and how it impacts my academic plan 88% agreed to strongly agreed I understand how to navigate LOCUS 92% agreed to strongly agreed

11 Results : Academics (Cont.) My Academic Advisor, my OL, and the faculty/staff helped me learn about the resources available to me and how to utilize them 90% agreed to strongly agreed My Orientation Leader was organized and knowledgeable about Loyola 89% agreed to strongly agreed I met someone who I plan to connect with when I return to Loyola for the Fall Semester 52% agreed to strongly agreed I feel prepared to begin my academic career at Loyola 82% agreed to strongly agreed

12 Results : Academics Comments: “The advising team was very patient and energized to assist me in choosing my classes.” “My Academic Advisor and OL were very helpful, and I really got the impression that my Academic Advisor sincerely cares about my overall development at Loyola and how to best accomplish my goals.” “Though the advisor was helpful, I felt that the focus was more on finalizing my schedule for the fall and getting it printed out, rather than talking with me about different options, as I came in with questions about different paths.” “My actual academic advisor was wonderful and very helpful, but whoever was assigned to help me register was superbly unhelpful and seemed really uninterested. He didn't really help me select my actual classes, I was really disappointed. I felt on my own.”

13 Results : Campus Partners

14 Results : Campus Partners The Dollars and Sense Session was informative and all of my financial aid questions were answered 71% agreed to strongly agreed The Academic Skills Session laid the foundation for what it means to be a student at Loyola University Chicago 83% agreed to strongly agreed At Campus Safety / Conduct and conflict resolution/ Residence Life presentation I learned about campus life here at Loyola University Chicago 84% agreed to strongly agreed At the Resource Fair I connected with valuable campus resources that I will reconnect with during the fall 2013 semester 76% agreed to strongly agreed

15 Results : Campus Partners Comments: “Meeting the academic advisor and dollar & Sense. The most beneficial was dollar & sense. The bursar was very vivid and explanatory in his speech. He is good at what he does.” “It was really helpful to learn about the tutoring centering working center. Now that I know that is available I will definitely utilize that often.” “I found the tutoring, library and information resource center info the most beneficial. Along with the conflict resolution group.” “I really found the organization fair the most helpful, because I felt that I got to not only connect with other students, but I got to talk to a few people in clubs and look at potential jobs for a work study position.” “The session that talked about the Loyola mission was most beneficial to me because it gave me a better understanding of what everyone who is a part of the university is about. It laid down the foundation of cura personalis.”

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