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Orientation Programs: June 7 th – August 23 rd 2012.

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1 Orientation Programs: June 7 th – August 23 rd 2012

2  Email sent to incoming Loyola students and their parents between June 6 th 2012 and September 18 th 2012. Dependent on the date of their orientation program.  Responses received: 384 Completed surveys from Freshman

3  76% Female  74% Caucasian  27% First Generation Students  49% Catholic  99% domestic students 3 total international Students

4  94% agreed or strongly agreed that they were helped by a staff member in learning about university resources that are available  91% can identify campus departments that can assist with information / resources  95 % agreed or strongly agreed on the importance of establishing a mentor relationship with faculty/staff at Loyola

5  Received Adequate Information 87%: agreed or strongly agreed that they received adequate information from Advisors on choice of major / Core Classes  82% in 2011  Questions / Concerns Addressed 87%: agreed or strongly agreed that their questions / concerns were listened to and schedule adjustments were made accordingly  84% in 2011  Satisfaction with Schedule 88% of students asked agreed or strongly agreed when asked if they were satisfied with Fall ‘12 schedule  71 unanswered  85% in 2011

6  Understanding of the Core Classes 90 % of students polled understand / strongly understand how CORE impacts academic plans  72: unanswered  82% in 2011  LOCUS knowledge 94% feel confident or very confident in navigating LOCUS to create class schedule for next semester  91% in 2011

7  Co-curricular & Academic opportunities 92% agreed / strongly agreed: they learned more about each  95 % in 2011  Informed about Orientation 80% agreed or strongly agreed: information in mailings / website clear & concise  86% in 2011  Check-in for Orientation Nearly 95%: agreed or strongly agreed that check- in went smoothly & staff was helpful  94% in 2011

8  Overnight accommodations met expectations 79% agree or strongly agree  82% in 2011  Meals met expectations Nearly 90% agree or strongly agree  86% in 2011

9  Provided helpful information on Core options and Major choices 84% agreed or strongly agreed  84% in 2011  Listened to questions or concerns and gave sound advice. Adjusted class schedule accordingly 91% agreed or strongly agreed  88% in 2011  Organized and knowledgeable about LUC 96% agreed or strongly agreed  97% in 2011  Made students feel comfortable and welcome 96% agreed or strongly agreed  93% in 2011

10  “I am able to recognize how Loyola’s values align with my personal goals” 96% agreed or strongly agreed  Better understanding of LUC’s Jesuit mission and values after Orientation 97% agreed or strongly agreed  97% in 2011  I am looking forward to attending Loyola University Chicago this fall 95% agreed or strongly agreed

11  “I absolutely loved my orientation leader and he made us (everyone in my group) feel so comfortable. He was quick to answer any and all of our questions and did so humorously at times. The Loyola experience wouldn't have been the same with someone else.” June 7-8  “My advisor really helped me understand the core classes and what classes I needed for my major. I was overwhelmed but my leader and advisor made scheduling my classes easy and fun!” June 11-12  “I am very impressed with my Academic Advisor and my Orientation Leader. Their positive attitudes and helpful atmosphere made me feel very welcome at Loyola.” July 6-7  “The staff was more than friendly and accommodating. They were just wonderful! I was able to blend into the mix so quickly. Registration was so much easier than I thought it would be!” July 12-13

12  “NEED WAY MORE time for the actual registration process...many people just signed up for whatever at the end due to a lack of time.” June 7-8  “More time allotted with the academic advisor before choosing classes would have helped. I also felt that there could have been a better way to learn about the extra-curricular activities…” June 11-12  “I believe that more assistance should be provided for both students and parents on the whole financial situation. There was just one small session on Financial Aid and bill payment which was not very clear and left me with more questions than answers.” July 12-13  “It would be beneficial to many students if the orientation leaders would teach their group how to do some day-today things like printing in the IC.” August 22-23

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