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Unit 5 The power of nature Reading 高二人教新课标版选修六.

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3 Unit 5 The power of nature Reading 高二人教新课标版选修六

4 How many kinds of natural disasters do you know? How many kinds of natural disasters do you know? natural disasters typhoon flood volcano earthquake fire tornado Pre-reading

5 Natural disasters Volcanoes Natural disasters Volcanoes







12 Let ’ s learn some words about volcano. gas liquid solid lava vapour, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulphur ['s ʌ lfə] [ 化 ] 硫磺 bits of rock and volcanic ash, etc.

13 Who will climb into a live volcano to take the temperature of the boiling rock inside? volcanologists

14 Collect and evaluate information about volcanoes. What kind of things might a volcanologist do?

15 Are you suitable for being a volcanologist? Questions Yes No 1. Do you like working outside as well as inside? 2. Do you enjoy travelling to unusual places? 3. Do you enjoy taking risks? 4. Do you dislike doing the same thing everyday? 5. Do you like adventure in your life? 6. Are you interested in studying rocks and other things that make up the surface of the earth?


17 An Exciting Job Working as a volcanologist What might be talked about?

18 What does a volcanologist do? Is the work important? His work can help save many lives because people in the path of the lava can be warned to leave their home.

19 The writer expressed his love for his job as a volcanologist and told us one of his unusual experience in Mount Kilauea, Hawaii. What’s the main idea of the article? Where is the Mount Kilauea?

20 Part 1(Para 1-2) Part 2(Para 3-4) Part 3(Para 5) The writer’s job and its importance The writer’s experience of watching the volcanic eruption The reasons for the writer’s enthusiasm about his job. Read again and try to find out main idea of each part.

21 Part one (Para. 1- 2) 1. Why is a volcanologist’s job important? 2. Where is Mount Kilauea? 3. The writer doesn't mind the occasional danger of his job because ______________ _____________________. It can warn people when the volcano is going to erupt and save many lives. In Hawaii. him and makes him feel alive danger excites

22 Job: ____________ ---to _____________________________ ---to ______________________________ ______________________________ importance: ______________________________ _______________________________________ __________________ feelings (adj.): _____________ -- __________ -- ___________ Fill in the blanks. volcanologist collect information for a database help scientists to predict where lava will flow and how fast protect ordinary people from volcanoes excited /Save people’s lives by warning them to leave their homes. never bored feel alive

23 Part two (Para. 3- 4) 4. Why is the lava that flows on Mount Kilauea more dangerous than the actual eruption? The lava can cover up or burn villages in its path. The rocks from the volcano usually don’t damage anything because no one lives near the crater.

24  my bed began shaking  a strange sound  My bedroom became as bright as day  an abosolutely fantastic sight  red hot lava was fountaining hundred of metres into the air 5. What made the author realize that an eruption occurred ? The light was caused by the red-hot rocks and gas that erupted from the volcano.

25  put on white protective suits, helmets, big boots  dropped as closed as possible to the crater  slowly make our way to the edge of the crater  looked down into the red boiling center 6. What did the scientists do after the eruption?

26 7. What does the writer mean by using “lucky” in the sentence “I was lucky enough to have a much closer look at it.”? 8. Why did the scientists have to get close to the volcano after it began erupting? To get some lava for later study. It was his first sight of an eruption. It was the first time for him to watch the crater.

27 9. Why was it difficult for the writer to walk towards the edge of the crater ? The writer wore special protective suits that made it difficult to walk.

28 My first experience: I was ____ asleep when my bed began _______ and I heard a _______ sound, like a ______ passing nearby. Then I found my bedroom was as ________ as day, and red lava ___________ hundreds of meters into the air. fastshaking strange train brightfountaining Fill in blanks about the writer’s experience of the volcano.

29 The next day, three of us wanted to get close to the ______. We put on ___________suits, ________, big _______ and special ______, which made us look like __________. We slowly ________________ to the edge of the crater to collect some _____ for ____________. helmets boots gloves spacemen made our way lava later study protectivecrater

30 Part three(Para. 5) 10. What does the writer find impressive even after studying volcanoes for more than twenty years? The author is impressed by the beauty of the eruption and also by its potential to cause great damage.

31 Analyze the writer’s feelings(Part 3) Find out the words (para1 and para 5) that indicate the writer’s feeling about being a volcanologist. Para 1: never bored; excited; alive; An Exciting job Para 5: enthusiastic; amazed

32 1.The writer is an adventurous man. 2.The writer loves his job very much. 3. It’s not easy to be a volcanologist. 4. Love and interest is what it takes to do a job well. 5. Courage … What can we learn from these words?

33 1. Having learnt a little more about the work of a volcanologist, do you think it is an occupation you would enjoy? Give your reasons. 2. In pairs discuss what skills you think a volcanologist should have. Make a list. Post-reading



36 No, I probably wouldn’t enjoy this job because I would have to live in other countries and also I don’t like being in dangerous situations. Also, I’m not very good at science. Suggested answers:

37 Yes, I’d love to do a job like this because I would enjoy working outside and I think I would enjoy the adventure. It would be exciting to meet people from different countries and I would feel good about helping people avoid danger. or

38 Essential skills Degree and/or Doctor’s degree in geology Interest in Earth science which includes: Knowledge of volcanoes Knowledge how magma erupts and how it behaves Research skills Skill in analyzing and interpreting research results and other information Practical skills for performing experiments and operating scientific equipment

39 Desirable skills Computer skills Foreign languages Practical skills such as: the ability to read maps problem-solving skills planning and organizational skills communication skills writing skills, for writing reports and for publications

40 1 Fred Spears works in a wildlife park looking after wild animals; loves nature and spends his holidays climbing mountains 2 Susan Kelp has studied geology at university; very interested in volcanoes; has visited Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy 3 Charles Wild is a medical doctor; works in a laboratory doing research on disease; loves adventure holidays; wants to analyse volcanic samples Look at these three people who would like to study volcanoes. Which one would you choose to become a volcanologist? Give your reasons.

41 Fred Spears: He has the interest but not the qualifications. So he is not a good choice to become a volcanologist. Susan Kelp: She has studied geology and has an interest in volcanoes. She has all the necessary qualifications but she does not have practical experience devising experiments and analyzing data.

42 Charles: He is a medical doctor with an interest in volcanoes. He has experience of conducting experiments but does not have the specific qualifications needed to become a volcanologist.

43 I would choose Susan Kelp because she has the necessary qualifications and the interest. Although she has not yet conducted experiments she will either have learned the techniques during university course or be able to learn them on – the – job. She seems to be the most suitable candidate. So

44 Phrases in the text 火山爆发 冒险 组成、构成 遍及世界 被任命为 收集 … 的信息 被警告做 烧成平地 volcano erupting take risks make up all over the world be appointed as collect information about be warned to do burn to the ground

45 Phrases in the text 熔岩 睡的很香 注意 在远处 绝妙的景色 前往 对 … 热情 boiling rocks fast asleep take notice in the distance a fantastic sight make one’s way be enthusiastic about

46 1. Can you imagine climbing into a live volcano in order to measure the temperature of the boiling rock inside? live adj. 活的 ; 实况转播的 ( 修饰物 ) live animals live coverage of the World Cup 世界杯的实况转播 live coals 燃烧着的煤块 Pollution is still very much a live issue. 污染仍然是目前非常让人关注的问题。 Language Points

47 alive 活着的, 在世的, 存在的 ; 有活力的, 活跃的, 有生气的 ( 表语, 宾语, 后置定语 ) He is alive in every nerve. living 活着的, 现存的 a small living thing ( 表语, 前置定语 ) lively 充满活力的, 活泼的, 轻快的, 充满趣味的 Can you imagine his appearing in the live show in order to make the programme lively? 你能想象为了使得这个节目有趣, 他竟然出现在现场直播表演中 ?

48 2. Do you enjoy taking risks? risk n. 风险, 危险 He was taking a risk by overtaking on a bend. 他在转弯处超车是在冒风险。 The house is a fire risk. 这房子有起火的危险。

49 短语联想 : 在危险中 at risk 冒 … 的危险 at the risk of 冒险 take/run a risk 冒险做某事 risk doing sth 他冒着自己的生命危险救了我的命。 He saved my life at the risk of his own. 他愿意冒险、尝试新事物。 He is willing to take risks and try new things. You are at risk if you don’t wear a seat belt. 不系安全带真的会有危险。

50 3. equipment 意为 “ 设备, 装备 ”, 是不可数名词。 表示 “ 一件设备 ” 要用 a piece of equipment 。 类似用法的词还有 : furniture, information, news, advice, clothing 等。 equip vt. 装备, 配备 equip sb./sth. with sth. 给某人 / 某物装备某物 be equipped with sth. 装备着某物 well-equipped adj. 装备完善的

51 bored boring I am _____ with the same old routine day after day. The book is _______. bored boring 4. …, I’m never bored. adj. ( 人 ) 厌烦的 adj. ( 物 ) 令人厌烦的 bore v. ( 尤指无聊的长话 ) 使 ( 人 ) 厌烦

52 bore sb. to death 使某人厌烦得要命 他老是问同样的问题, 真是烦死我了。 He is always asking the same question, which bores me to death. bore n. 令人厌烦的人, 令人厌烦的事

53 5. appoint v. 1) 任命, 委任 appoint sb to be/as 任命某人是 … They appointed him as/ to be chairman. 2) 约定 Let’s appoint a day to have dinner together. 3) 指定 appoint sb to do sth 指派某人做某事 They appointed him to catch all the rats in office.

54 appointee n. 被委任者 appointment [C] 约会 ; 职务, 工作 have / make an appointment with…/to do sth. 与某人约定做某事 Keep / break an appointment 守约、毁约 I hope I shall get a teaching appointment at the new school. [U] 约定 ; 任命, 任职 His appointment runs for four years.

55 5. Having collected and evaluated the information, I help other scientists … Having collected and evaluated 是动词 -ing 形式的完成式, 说明该动作发生在 主句谓语动作之前。如 : The storm left, ___ a lot of damage to this area. (2005 全国卷 ) A. caused B. to have caused C. to cause D. having caused D

56 解析 :“ 暴风雨破坏 ” 这个动作发生在 left 之前, 故用动词 -ing 形式的完成式。 _____ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home. ( 北京 2004) A. To wait B. Have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited 解析 : 等了半个小时后才意识到没带钱包, 故用动词 -ing 形式的完成式。 C

57 evaluate v. 评估, 评价 没见过他的工作, 我无法评估他的能力。 I cannot ________________ without seeing his work. evaluation n. 评估, 评价, 评估报告 They made an intensive evaluation of the health care program. evaluate his ability

58 7. warn sb. (of /against sth.) sb. not to do/sb. that I won’t warn you again. The people were warned of the danger of flooding. The doctor warned me not to drink. The doctor warned me against drinking. I warn you that it is dangerous to go out alone at night.

59 8. Unfortunately, we can’t move … unfortunate adj. 不幸的, 倒霉的 归纳拓展: unfortunately. adv. 遗憾地, 不幸地 fortunate adj. 交好运的, 带来好运的 ; 幸运的 fortune. n. 机会 ; 运气 ; 命运 ; 财产 make a fortune 发财 try one’s fortune 外出找出路

60 unlucky _____________, many houses _________________________. Unfortunately were burnt to the ground

61 9. Many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground. 许多房屋被熔岩覆盖或烧毁。 burn to the ground 指楼等被烧毁 He has no place to live in because his house has been burnt to the ground. 他无处栖身因为他的房子被烧掉了。

62 短语联想 : burn away 烧掉 burn down ( 建筑物 ) 烧毁 burn off 烧掉 burn out 烧坏 burn up 烧毁, 燃得更亮 / 旺 The wood had burnt away to nothing. 木头已烧成灰烬。 The cinema burnt down last year. 电影院去年被烧毁了。

63 The school was burnt ______ by vandals. 学校被人纵火烧毁了。 He was badly injured in the accident, and his hair was burnt ______. 他在事故中严重受伤, 头发也被烧掉了。 The engine had burnt _______. 引擎给烧坏了。 off down out 练一练

64 The rocket burnt _____ when it reentered the earth’s atmosphere. 火箭重入地球大气层时烧毁。 He put more wood in the fire to make it burn ______. 他往火上加木材想让他烧的更旺。 up

65 10. I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. be about to 这时, 突然 不与表示表示将来的时间短语连用 ; when 表示 “ 就在这时突然 ”, 不可用 as 或 while 替代。

66 用 when, while, as 填空。 1) ______________ I was walking down the street, I noticed a police car in front of the store. 2) _________ John arrived, I was cooking lunch. 3) _______ he grew older, he lost interested in everything except gardening. When/While/As When As

67 4) How can he get good grades ________ he won’t study? 5) I was wandering through the street ______ I caught sight of a tailor’s shop. 6) _______ I believe he is honest, I don’t like him. 7) He likes reading, ______ his sister likes watching TV. when While while

68 11. fountain n. 喷泉 ; 源泉 v. 泉水般喷出或涌出 1) The __________ of Rome are famous for their beauty. 2) The water ______________ into ten meters into the air. fountains is fountaining

69 12. It was an absolutely fantastic sight. 1) absolute adj. 完全的 ; 真实的 absolutely adv. 完全地 ; 绝对地 在口语当中, absolutely 常用来表示 “ 当然, 对极了 ”, 强调同意或允许。如: --Can we leave a little early? “ 我们可以早一点离开吗 ?” --Absolutely! “ 完全可以 !”

70 e.g. It’s an ___________ fact. ----Do you let your kids walk alone at night? ----____________ not. You are ____________ right. It’s ___________ impossible. I have __________ trust in you. There is no __________ standard for beauty. absolute Absolutely absolutely absolute

71 绝对的信任 ________________ 无限的权力 ________________ 绝对的标准 ________________ 无水酒精 ________________ 事实真相 ________________ absolute trust absolute power absolute standard absolute alcohol absolute truth

72 2) fantastic. adj. ( 口语 ) 极好的, 奇异的, 异想天开的 ; 难以置信的

73 -- You have passed your test? -- ______! A. Fantastically B. Fantastic C. Wonderfully C. Greatly The night view of the bay is even more fantastic. 海湾的夜景更美。 insects of fantastic shapes 奇形怪状的昆虫 a fantastic plan 不切实际的计划 B

74 13. Having earlier collected special clothes from the observatory, we put them on before we went any closer. earlier 是副词 early 的比较级, 意为 “ 早些 ……” 。如: The new group of students is better- behaved than the other group who stayed here _____. ( 北京 2007) A. early B. earlier C. earliest D. the earliest B

75 14. We slowly made our way to the edge of the crater…. 我们慢慢向走火山口的边缘。 make one’s way ( 向某地 ) 走 ( 去 ) 如 : She hesitated, but made her way forward. 她犹豫了一下, 但向前走去。 She hastily left the room, and made her way to her bed. 她迅速离开房间, 朝她床边走去。

76 The firemen ________________ to the place which caught fire. go to made their way

77 The firemen ________________ to put out the fire. made their effort

78 你若想要有出息, 趁年轻的 时候要学会发奋。 If you want to make your way in the world, you must learn to work hard while you are still young. She made her way in politics.

79 I shall make way for a younger man. 我将把职位让给 更年轻的人。 所有的车辆都得给救火车让道。 All the traffic has to make way for a fire engine.

80 联想拓展 : feel one’s way 摸索着前进 wind one’s way 蜿蜒向前 push one’s way in 挤进去 lose one’s way 迷路 give way to 给 …… 让路 take/go one’s way 我行我素 get one’s way 随心所欲, 为所欲为

81 15. Today, I am just as enthusiastic about my job as the day I first started. 如今, 我和开始从事这项工作时一样 满怀热情。 enthusiastic (about) 感兴趣的, 热心的 She seemed enthusiastic about the idea. 她好象对这个主意很感兴趣。 We got an enthusiastic response from our customers. 我们得到了顾客们的热情反应。

82 16. I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. potential: 1) n. 潜力, 潜能 The new invention has an enormous sales potential. He is a young player with great potential. 他是一个潜力很大的年轻选手。 She has potential as an artist/ artistic potential.

83 2) adj. 潜在的, 潜伏的 a potential problem 潜在的问题 a potential leader 可能成为领导人的人 potential energy, power, resources, etc 潜力、潜能、潜在的资源 Many potential customers are waiting for a fall in price before buying.

84 17. What does the writer find impressive about volcanoes even after studying them for 20 years? impressive adj. 给人深刻印象的 impress: v. —impression: n. –impressive: adj. an impressive ceremony, speech, performance His collection of paintings is most impressive. The girl ____________ us with her liveliness and sense of humour. His first speech made a strong __________ on his audience. impressed impression

85 Ⅰ. 根据句意及所给单词的首字母或汉语 提示, 写出各单词的正确形式。 1. You should be able to e______ your own work. 2. It was u_________ that Larry broke his leg on the first day of the holiday. valuate nfortunate

86 3. “You’re wrong,” she said with a______ certainty. 4. I am very surprised that she has so many f_______ dreams. 5. The parks of this city are famous for their beautiful ________ ( 喷泉 ). 6. The ________ ( 潜在的 ) side effects of the drug are unknown. bsolute antastic fountains potential

87 II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. She is especially ______ (excite) at the news that her daughter got the first in the competition. 2. His long and ______ (bore) speech made everyone sleepy. 3. The rich variety of animal life we found was very __________ (impress). excited boring impressive

88 4. ____________ (fortunate), three people died and a lot of people were injured in the accident. 5. We need to carry out a proper _________ (evaluate) of the new system. 6. He believes _________ (absolute) that a man with preparation will succeed sooner or later. Unfortunately evaluation absolutely

89 7. The _______ (erupt) of a volcano makes many people lose their lives. 8. Dad always falls ______ (sleep) in front of the TV after Sunday lunch. eruption asleep

90 Ⅲ. 用所给短语的适当形式完成句子。 burn to the ground; have a closer look at; make one’s way; fast asleep; feel alive; be about to; protect... from...; take notice of; be enthusiastic about; be amazed at 1. I _________________ the coat and decided it wasn’t worth £ 50. had a closer look at

91 2. After the fire, his house _________________________. 3. On Friday, guys ___________________ talking about where they are going for the weekend. 4. It was the kind of morning when you wake up and _________. 5. Though it was dark, we ____________ to the village. (was) burned to the ground are enthusiastic about feel alive made our way

92 6. As I leave the car, I see that the little boy is __________. 7. She ____________ how quickly Carla seemed to get over what had happened to her. 8. The laws are designed to _______ consumers _____ unsafe products. fast asleep was amazed at protect from

93 9. We ____________ leave when Jerry arrived. 10. I hope you’ll ____________ what I’m going to tell you. were about to take notice of

94 Spend some time researching one disaster. You can use books, magazines, newspapers or the Internet. Collect pictures or diagrams and look for information about: Homework

95 what causes this kind of disaster actual events that happened in the past in China and/or the rest of the world how people helped the victims what is being done to prevent the disaster happening again or to lessen the damage


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