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2 The warm up (or you could just cheat, if you’re Maradona) 1.

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2 2 The warm up (or you could just cheat, if you’re Maradona) 1.

3 The main players: Who we are National Literacy Trust The Premier League Arts Council England 2.

4 Background Why we are here 3.

5 5 Attainment KS2 reading level 4 4.

6 6 Attainment KS2 writing level 4 5.

7 (Since 2010 Key Stage 3 results have been entirely based on teacher assessment, as the Key Stage 3 exams were dropped in 2009.) % of pupils who reach the expected level for English (boys/girls) 2011: 82(77/86) 2010: 79(73/86) The last results based on exams were from 2008: % of pupils reaching the expected level: English 74% (81% for girls, 67% for boys) Reading 69% (76% for girls, 62% for boys) Writing 78% (85% for girls, 72% for boys) Attainment KS3 English 6.

8 8 Enjoyment of reading Boys vs Girls 7.

9 Enjoyment of writing Boys vs Girls 8.

10 Reading frequency Boys vs Girls 9.

11 So what are we going to do about it? 10.

12 We’re going to use role models Because NLT research shows: 11.

13 Boys are twice as likely to say that cool kids at school and sports people can inspire them to read Young people from poorer backgrounds are twice as likely to say their role model is a sportsperson Other celebrities are influential but significantly lower Footballers influence NLT research shows: 12.

14 13. Project outcomes What will we achieve?

15 Improved attitudes towards reading and literature Improved confidence in reading, writing, speaking and listening Increased reading enjoyment Knowledge of own preferences (diversification of book choice) Knowledge of the range of literature that can be accessed Increased writing enjoyment Changed reading behaviour (increased reading frequency, increases in social interactions around reading, also as a result of role-model influence) Improved perceptions of reading ability Improved perceptions of writing ability Increased use of local libraries and their resources (increased library membership for participants and their families) Premier League Reading Stars Outcomes for 2012: 14.

16 So will Premier League Reading Stars work? What our online evaluations showed from 2010 15. 96% of children said they will read more regularly because of participating in Premier League Reading Stars. 71% of children say they now read more because they know that footballers read. 88% of children said that they will go to their library more because of PLRS Full report available to download

17 16. The kick off That’s the why. Here’s the how.

18 Premier League Reading Stars How it works: 17. Each delivery setting... …collects and logs reading data on their participating pupils…...delivers 10 football-themed literacy sessions including, where possible, a visit to a library and a visit from an author or similar… …encourages and supports pupils to take part in the online challenges… …submits end of project data for the evaluation To support this activity each Premier League Club......nominates one Reading Champion......who chooses one children’s and one adults’ book......and gives us a quote about why he loves reading and why he chose those titles… …and sets 5 challenges for pupils, hosted online

19 18. Playing by the rules How Premier League Reading Stars supports the Curriculum

20 19. Who gets to play? Schools, libraries and football clubs with high free school meals and low level 4 / 5 levels

21 20. Who’s in the squad? Reluctant readers Football fans Low level literacy You have enough resources for 32 pupils

22 21. When and where to deliver During normal literacy / English lessons In school time but not in these specific lessons In breakfast / homework / lunch clubs (libraries too) Somewhere other than the regular classroom? School library? Computer suite? Music room? Create displays and re-brand the area: ‘The Reading Stars Dressing Room’ or similar

23 22. Parents on the touchline An ideal way to involve parents. Invite them to: Celebratory event Visit to library / trip An author event If held out of hours, they could even participate

24 23. An overview of each ‘fixture’ (session) warm-up the main activity the PLRS challenge poster update from the children on The PLRS Online Challenge 5 minute instalment of Foul Play: the final countdown cool–down

25 24. The warm up build the pre-match hype

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