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25. The main activity 10 different activities. 26. Supporting your fixtures The Premier League Reading Stars poster.

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1 25. The main activity 10 different activities

2 26. Supporting your fixtures The Premier League Reading Stars poster

3 Supporting your fixtures: Premier League Reading Stars online challenges Each Premier League footballer, online: sets 5 video clip challenges (20 players = 100 challenges in total) Completing these successfully ‘unlocks’ rewards, including the player talking about his favourite children’s / adults books, about reading and a unique certificate to download. Activity: Access via Children watch challenge film, answer 3 multiple choice questions to complete one challenge. Two questions relate to passage, one refers to another part of the text. They will need to access these texts to complete the challenge Challenges are for children to take outside of PLRS sessions 27.

4 28. Supporting the fixtures The Tom Palmer, Eight Parter

5 29. Supporting the fixtures Premier League Reading Stars reading journals

6 30. The cool down Every athlete knows how important this is

7 The team kit What do you get? Each Premier League Reading Stars pack includes: 1 Tactics Book, outlining the content of TEN literacy promoting activity sessions, plus: Website URL with materials available there listed list of books and names of corresponding players warm-ups/cool-downs grid 1 PLRS Poster and Sticker set 32 PLRS Bookmarks 32 PLRS Certificates 32 PLRS pin badges 32 PLRS Pens 32 PLRS Reading Journals Topps Sticker Books / Match Attax 1 set player cards 8-part cliff-hanger story by Tom Palmer (online) 31.

8 32. Tactics Plan ahead Read through the whole Tactics Book Ensure you have required kit / booking visitor etc

9 33. Half-time Oranges? Tea.

10 34. Our hosts What can your club do for you?

11 35. Match Attax The Topps Trading Card game

12 36. Fixture 1 Kick off play a warm-up the main activity (explain the project; choose some books) introduce the PLRS challenge poster introduce the children to the PLRS online challenge Read a 5 minute instalment of Foul Play: the final countdown Hand out the reading journals run a cool–down

13 37. Fixture 2 The football reading game Play the football reading game, designed to introduce different types of texts 5 rounds penalty shoot out based on points prize…!

14 38. Fixture 3 Choosing fiction Children look at a variety of books Put them into pairs host a quiz

15 39. Fixture 4 A speaker: To help children understand more about real-life readers and writers in their own community Bring in a sport-related visitor (sports journalist, coach, matchday programme writer etc) Question and answer session (pre-prepared)

16 40. Fixture 5 Newspapers: To encourage children to follow their passion for football in newspapers and to let them know that reading about football in newspapers is real reading Children bring in a sports headline – class guess what the story is about Deliver a quiz based around the days sports headlines Stage a child as a player – they have to guess who they are based on correct questioning

17 41. Fixture 6 Magazines: To encourage children to read magazines and see them as valid reading material Bring in some football mags Get the children to use them to research a favourite player and create a fact-file

18 42. Fixture 7 Take the children on a visit: To develop the children’s understanding about books and reading in the wider community Could be: a library a bookshop a sports centre or local football club. They may have a study support centre

19 43. Fixture 8 Your story: To draw from the children’s own lives to give them the confidence to create a story of their own. Children talk their football story Children retell their favourite read from the programme Play footy consequences Use the footy consequences structure to retell their own story Let’s play! Name of footballer / TV character / Book character Name of WAG type Where they met What they did What the consequences were

20 44. Fixture 9 Pass it on: To encourage the children to personally reflect upon reading for pleasure Children plan ways of promoting reading to their peers

21 45. Fixture 10 The party: To recognise and celebrate the children’s own achievements in reading Have a prize ceremony, offering awards to the children like they do at football club award ceremonies. You could also hand out the certificates at this point Vote for the best book of Premier League Reading Stars Do a quick quiz based on the day’s football headlines Invite back any guests you’ve had during the scheme – or save the speaker for this fixture

22 46. Post match analysis: Evaluation The party: To recognise and celebrate the children’s own achievements in reading Pre and post project attitudinal questionnaires for your pupils Post project questionnaire for you School specific information available to the first 100 schools who request it. Control groups and reading data will be needed for these Focus groups can also be held

23 47. The launch Now everyone wants to play

24 The re-cap Key jobs and timeline Training Team selection Box delivery Pre evaluation / reading data to NLT Public launch Delivery Post evaluation / reading data to NLT Report 48.

25 49. The post match interview Questions?

26 4 reasons to join the National Literacy Trust Schools Network Develop a long-term relationship with the National Literacy Trust Learn about the practice of leading literacy schools – share your successes Receive regular resources and evaluation tools Keep up-to-date with national literacy information – news, policy, research

27 Subscription £75 per school per year. Join at

28 50. Full time They think it’s all over…

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