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Let’s Work Together Presented by the Rio Teacher’s Association March 24, 2011.

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1 Let’s Work Together Presented by the Rio Teacher’s Association March 24, 2011

2 Comparing Apples to Oranges Superintendent salaries: Mupu School District$21, 000 1 school 127 students Santa Clara School District$34,000 1 school 55 students Rio School District$192,000 8 schools 4,150 students

3 Elementary Schools in Ventura County APPLES Santa Clara 55 students Mupu127 students Somis310 students Briggs457 students Mesa Union580 students ORANGES Ocean View 2510 students Santa Paula 3699 students Rio 4150 students Pleasant Valley6509 students Hueneme7988 students Oxnard El.14,792 students issued May 18, 2009

4 Reality of the last 3 years Decrease in State and Federal Funding Increase in Students Increase in Administrative Positions Decrease in Number of Teachers Decrease in Number of Classified Staff

5 Rio’s 2010-11 Budget Priorities 2010-11 School Year 23 teachers don’t have jobs 2010-11 School Year 33 CSEA members don’t have jobs or had their hours reduced 2010-11 School Year No Administrator lost a job

6 Percentage of Total Outgo (Budget) Teacher Salaries Ranked #1Hueneme Elem48.93 % Ranked #2Pleasant Valley46.94 % Ranked # 3Oxnard Elem44.12% Ranked #4Ocean View Elem. 43.45% Ranked #5Santa Paula Elem42.32% Ranked #6Rio37.93%

7 Percentage of Total Outgo (Budget) Classified Salaries Ranked #1Santa Paula14.77% Ranked #2Pleasant Valley14.26% Ranked #3Oxnard Elem.13.03% Ranked #4Ocean View12.95% Ranked #5Hueneme11.75% Ranked #6Rio10.70%

8 Percentage of Total Outgo (Budget) Teacher Salaries and Benefits Ranked #1Pleasant Valley85.74% Ranked #2Hueneme84.43% Ranked #3Ocean View82.77% Ranked #4Santa Paula81.45% Ranked #5Oxnard Elem.80.60% Ranked #6Rio74.56%

9 Percentage of Total Outgo (Budget) Services and Other Operating Expenditures Ranked #1Rio12.74% Ranked #2Oxnard Elem.11.56% Ranked #3Santa Paula10.30% Ranked #4Ocean View8.84% Ranked #5Hueneme8.47% Ranked #6Pleasant Valley8.39%

10 Percentage of Total Outgo (Budget) Administrative Salaries Ranked #1Rio6.17% Ranked #2Pleasant Valley5.96% Ranked #3Santa Paula5.79% Ranked #4Ocean View5.65% Ranked #5Hueneme4.99% Ranked #6Oxnard Elem.4.46%

11 Percentage of Total Outgo (Budget) Health Benefits Only Ranked #1Rio12.15% Ranked #2Ocean View11.67% Ranked #3Oxnard Elem.9.92% Ranked #4Santa Paula9.65% Ranked #5Hueneme9.46% Ranked #6Pleasant Valley9.98%

12 Priorities ? SalariesHealth and Welfare Administration #1 Administration #1 Teachers #6 Teachers #1 Classified #6 Classified #1

13 Priorities? CertificatedClassifiedAdministration 2004/200543.19%11.14%5.05% 2005/200643.06%11.38%5.51% 2006/200738.99%11.10%4.94% 2007/200836.99%11.00%5.53% 2008/200937.50%10.68%6.16% 2009/201037.93%10.70%6.17% 2010/201136.06%10.97%6.64% Total -7.03%-0.17% +6.59% 2004-2010 come from district actuals 2010-2011 projected-district unaudited budget

14 Teacher Salary Settlement 1999 - 20102004 - 20072007-2010 Hueneme32.96%11.5%3.25% Oxnard32.54%12.18%4.38% Pleasant Valley 29.83%13.64%0% Ocean View29.01%9.51%4.0% Rio19%0%6% Santa Paulaunavailable

15 Fastest Shrinking

16 Salary Schedule History For over 15 years, the members of RTA and CSEA chose to have the money typically used for salary increases, put toward full funding of their health and welfare benefits. Irrefutable evidence is the discrepancy between Hueneme’s 32.96% increase and Rio’s 19.0% increase and the contract language that follows.

17 2008-09 2009-10 2010-2011 The certificated salary schedule shall be increased …minus the increased cost of health insurance premiums…(for the school year). July 1, 2007, June 30, 2011 Contract Language

18 Working Together to Pay a Debt In 1997, both RTA and CSEA negotiated the creation of the Retiree Benefit Fund. (GASB) Money for the fund came from the State provided (6.4%) Cost of Living Adjustment The C.O.L.A. is on-going money; each year, the 1997 State increase, funds the $625,000 payment

19 Working Together Yr 03 - 04 05 – 06 COLA 1.88% 4.27% Raise 0% 0% GASBY* $625,000 (forgiven) $625,000 (forgiven) Loan_______________0_________________$375,000 loan $625,000 $1.000,000 Total: $1,625,000 The retiree benefit fund not technically a GASB fund, but the term is commonly used to refer to the fund.

20 Miscellaneous Costs by District EnrollmentDistrictCosts 2,476Ocean View$ 497,000 8,091Hueneme$ 610,000 7,151Pleasant Valley$1,125,000 4,150Rio$1,675,000 15,281Oxnard$3,545,000 Miscellaneous Costs includes: travel, conferences, dues/memberships to professional organizations, insurance (not health and welfare), equipment rentals

21 Priorities? Public Relations $511, 758.25 March 07 to March 11 Administrative Travel/Conference $127, 834.83 2006-07 to 2009-10 school year Administrative Dues and Memberships $14,657 per year Consultants District will not provide a yearly amount spent on consultants.

22 Administrative Costs

23 Administrative Costs as a percentage of the General Fund 2008/2009 Rio15.5% Ocean View14.4% Pleasant Valley13.8% Hueneme10.8% Oxnard9.5% Santa Paulaunavailable

24 Administrative Positions that didn’t exist three years ago Yearly Saving to District (estimated) Assistant Superintendent Business Services: $167,000 Director of Technology $158,000 Custodian Grounds Supervisor $77,000 Coordinator III Youth Family & $140,000 Partnership Engagement $ ?????? Yearly Saving Total$525,000 (Approximately 10 teachers)

25 Administrative Restructure Possibilities Director of Accounting$100,000 (If assistant superintendent position is kept) Administrative Secretary II$73,000 Business Services Risk Management Technician$55,000 Receptionist Front Desk$50,000 Total Savings to District: $278,000

26 Rio’s Leadership states Best case scenario 1.6 million dollars must be cut from the budget.. A yearly budget containing: $130,000 public relation costs $40,000 administrative travel/conferences $700,000 Office of Student/Family Service $800,000 in legal fees $525,000 in new administrative positions

27 Rio’s Leadership States Worst Case Scenario 2.8 million dollars must be cut from the Budget During negotiations District leadership stated that the 2.8 million cut had grown to 3 million dollars. The explanation: decreased State funding and increased costs of business. By how much did the State decrease funding? Answer: $77,000 The State reduces Rio’s funding by $77,000. Without explanation District Leadership adds an additional $200,000 to the deficit.

28 Where We are Now On the second day of negotiations, Rio School District declared Impasse accusing the Rio Teachers’ Association of bad faith bargaining: Before discussing any type of administrative reductions Before answering questions about administrative and miscellaneous costs Before explaining why the district was reducing the number of school days, while adding to a teacher’s workload Before giving the teachers and opportunity to understand how we can contribute to working together to solve our current crisis.

29 Let’s Work Together!

30 Sources of Information Ventura County Grand Jury Report, May 09 District provided data Sacramento Bee Data

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