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2012-2013 Preliminary Budget May 15, 2012. PPR = Per Pupil Revenue.

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1 2012-2013 Preliminary Budget May 15, 2012



4 PPR = Per Pupil Revenue

5 The School Finance Act maintains our PPR at the 2011- 2012 level of $6,162.19 per FTE. Enrollment is projected to hold stable at this time with a funded pupil count 5,085. Scheduled PERA increases in addition to the 2011-2012 shortfall results in approximately $1.2 million to be cut from the District Budget.

6 DescriptionAmount 2011-2012 Budget Shortfall $ ( 1,077,256) PPR Increase by $10/FTE50,824 CPKP Hold Harmless8,000 Vocational Revenue(35,000) Delta County HHS – Backpack Funding35,000 Title I School Wide Allocation50,041 Transportation Fee Rescinded(45,000) Delinquent Taxes Collected100,000 Medicaid Funding Decrease(15,000) Total Increase/(Decrease) in Funding$ (928,391)

7 DescriptionAmount Mandated PERA Increases$ 184,000 Educational Increments (Salary adv. for teachers completing certification hours 55,000 Move Teachers from Part-Time to Full-Time85,599 ELL Teachers (2) In Delta (1 at Garnet Mesa and 1 at Lincoln) 80,048 Salary Scale Adjustments For All Staff (175 Day Calendar) 90,020 1% Salary Adjustment (One Time Payment) 203,058 Fuel Costs Increase20,000 Assistant Superintendent and Director of Personnel199,677 Food Service Meals for Volunteers/Workers (Audit Issue) 20,000 Total Increase In Expenditures$ 937,402

8 DescriptionAmount CAT Team Stipends$ 52,290 Staff Turnover Differential (To Date) 250,100 Summer Scholarship Program for Teachers10,000 Substitute Costs (Teachers/Aides/Secretaries)69,334 District Office Reorganization381,580 Special Education35,176 Capital Reserve Transfer166,475 District Support for Schools75,000 Technology28,500 Utilities67,650 Maintenance120,111 Staff Development Costs25,000 Intra-School Cuts241,943 Principal/Teacher/Admin Travel10,000

9 DescriptionAmount Transportation56,674 Workers Compensation Rate Decrease20,513 DMTC Support80,000 Election Costs20,000 Other Various Cuts/Revenue Adjustments155,447 Total Expenditure Decreases1,865,793

10 DescriptionAmount Revenue Adjustments$ 928,391 Additional Expenditures937,402 Budget Shortfall (Net)1,865,793 Reduction in Expenditures(1,865,793) Projected Use of Fund Balance$ --0-- There will be minor adjustments in the budget brought in June for approval but the budget is balanced with no use of fund balance for 2012-2013

11 Health Insurance: Health Insurance rates rise an average of 10%-12% per year based on medical inflation. Our plan is uses the self insured model and has a projected plan increase of 5%. At this time it is recommended to increase the deductible from $1,500 to $2,000 to account for the majority of the needed increase into the plan. PERA: PERA contributions by employers continued to increase.90 percent from 15.65% to 16.55% starting January 2013. PERA cannot legally increase the amount on employees (currently 8%), so.50 of the.90 increase is to be taken from “monies otherwise used for employee salary increases”. (PERA bulletin April 2008). It should be noted that some spring legislation attempted without success to move this burden from the districts to the employees as has been done with higher education and other State agencies.

12  The budget is balanced without using any District reserves. (Fund Balance)  Changes to the Sick Leave Policy will help reduce the amount of days teachers are out of the classroom. This is estimated to save $10K.  The District Office was reorganized for a net savings of $182K.  Funding from the General Fund to the Delta-Montrose Technical College was reduced by $80K  The Transportation Fee paid by parents for their students to ride the bus has been rescinded. ($45K)  1 additional ELL teacher has been added to Garnet Mesa Elementary as well as Lincoln Elementary to begin to address funding equity. ($80K)  A 1% one time salary payment will be made to each employee in the District. ($203K)

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