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Software Presentation SKOLMS 4.0 Warehouse Management System.

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1 Software Presentation SKOLMS 4.0 Warehouse Management System

2 Table of Contents SKOLMS 4.0 1.The System 2.Salient Feature 3.Application Modules 4.Customization 5.Customer Support 6.Clientele 7.Screenshots SKOLMS 4.0

3 Accurate inventory underpins the rest of your business from making sure you can come through on promises to your customers to getting your accounting right whilst inaccurate inventory causes inefficiency across your business. SKOLMS is the best tool that warehouse operators need to control their stock and maintain it at the optimum level. SKOLMS 4.0 Specially designed for Oil & Gas field

4 SKOLMS Benefits Improve warehouse inventory control, inventory management & accuracy. Minimize inventory overstocks and costly stock-outs. Control inventory levels in real-time. Access up-to-the-minute inventory information. Eliminate manual administration and data entry. Centralize inventory control of data across facilities.

5 Salient Features SKOLMS 4.0 1

6 » SKOLMS is a fully Web based solution. No effort, no time and therefore no cost needed for system installation and configuration on your PC’s. A simple click via SKOLMS link and you will start browsing your stock. Access Anywhere, Anytime » SKOLMS is completely compatible with all major browsers like IE 8 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. » SKOLMS is also compatible with tablets and works fine on mobiles too.

7 Easy to Use » Its comprehensive and elegant Graphical User Interface (GUI) make it very easy to understand and use. » Training is no longer an issue. Anyone can use it quite easily.

8 » SKOLMS is designed using special and most advanced techniques to provide you with incredibly fast tracking and retrieval of your data. Incredibly Fast » Slow internet or bandwidth limitation is no longer an issue, SKOLMS neither requires hours to enter your data nor significantly increases your bandwidth consumption. » SKOLMS provides you complete and correct information on right time.

9 » One of SKOLMS unique features is the facility to manage as many as desired warehouse structure levels. Multi Level Warehouse Structure » SKOLMS also provides you facility to segregate your locations on the basis of their types. » Fictional warehouses can be created, hidden or removed as deemed necessary.

10 2 Application Modules SKOLMS 4.0

11 SKOLMS Modules System Module This module makes you quite independent. This module works as the application’s master module where you can insert/modify or remove your basic level data. Inventory Module SKOLMS support unlimited number of users and support simultaneous working environment along with individual user level program access feature, which makes the system quite secure. This module works as a core module of the system as it records all your stock transactions. SKOLMS allows you to upload all your transaction attachments (invoices, cargo manifest etc) in the following format (PDF, JPG,…). Security Module

12 Software Customization we have been directly involved and closely analyzing the oil and gas sector needs and we put all our experience and expertise in SKOLMS which is the perfect minute to minute stock control system to the minute to minute oil and gas context. We understand that every organization has some unique business requirements, that’s why we also offer software customization services to increase the efficiency and productivity of SKOLMS in your business processes, making them less time-consuming and more cost- effective.

13 Customer Support We take great pride in all our projects; we have a great system and our clients are 100 % satisfied. They know that they can rely on us through the collaboration life cycle; from the early consultation, within the project and even after its completion. Our DR team is aware that our solution shall fit your project exact specifications and needs while our after sale team is dedicated to ensure the system efficiency for years to come.

14 Our Clients

15 Frequently Asked Questions Sdfsdfsdf

16 What about the beautiful transitions you’ve been seeing? Exciting new transitions They are new too.

17 It’s not just about the visuals, but strengthening YOUR MESSAGE.

18 3 SKOLMS Screenshots SKOLMS 4.0

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20 Developed by GPS Oil-Logistic Tunisia

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24 Login Page

25 System Module

26 Inventory Module

27 GRN Module

28 GRN Add/Remove Items

29 GRN Attachments

30 GRN Print Out

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