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This is Powerpoint as notes … so you don’t have to take any.

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2 This is Powerpoint as notes … so you don’t have to take any.

3 1. Content Creation

4 Documents Shrinkwrap – Word – free for UW studentsfree for UW students Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade. Office Professional Plus 2010 Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac – Pages (Mac, iOS)Mac, iOS – Open Office (open source, Mac/PC) Open Office

5 Documents Webware – – GoogleDocs – Microsoft OfficeLive –

6 Documents : Warnings Formatting inconsistencies (especially typeface) Mac folks -> remember file extensions To be safe, also make a PDF – Mac: Print -> Save As PDF – online converter online converter – Zamzar (more later) – Of course, Adobe AcrobatProAdobe AcrobatPro

7 E-mail UWNetID: – UW Google Mail (UW GoogleApps)UW GoogleApps – UW Outlook Live (UW Windows Live)UW Windows Live Note: – Important messages from the University are sent to your UW email address ( You must set up e-mail forwarding.uwnetid@uw.edue-mail forwarding – If you need help adding an account to an existing gmail account, bring it up in workshops.

8 Presentations Shrinkwrap – Keynote – Open Office – Powerpoint Webware – GoogleDocs GoogleDocs – OfficeLive OfficeLive – Prezi and PreziMeeting Prezi PreziMeeting

9 Presentations : Warnings Embed images and fonts Slideshare does not support “builds” or transitions but you can embed YouTube clips Version inconsistencies – Tip if your images aren’t showing on someone else’s machine (not platform dependent)not platform dependent

10 Screen Capture Built-in Tools Static Third-Party Tools – Aviary (FF extension, Chrome extension) Aviary FF extensionChrome extension – Skitch (Mac) Skitch – Screen Capture By Google (Chrome extension)Chrome extension Screencast Third-Party Tools – Jing (Mac/PC – also static) Jing – Screenr Screenr

11 Aviary v Skitch/Jing

12 Skitch

13 Jing

14 Screenr

15 Spreadsheets Shrinkwrap – Excel – Numbers – Open Office Webware – GoogleDocs – LiveOffice

16 Survey Tools Multi-Question – Catalyst WebQ Catalyst WebQ – GoogleForm – SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey One Question – Catalyst QuickPoll Catalyst QuickPoll – WordPress Poll

17 Document Collaboration LiveOffice Public Google Doc (G+ example) Wikis

18 TypeWith.Me

19 2. Content Distribution

20 Document Sharing Scribd – The world’s largest social reading and publishing company – Also supports presentations Slideshare – The world's largest community for sharing presentations – Also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars



23 File Sharing Catalyst CollectIt – Confusing because it uses the term “dropbox” DropBox – Automagically syncs between laptop, mobile devices and the cloudmobile devices – Getting An Account Anyone with DropBox account Anyone who wants a DropBox account



26 Promoting Content Facebook Google+ Twitter

27 3. Utilities

28 Must-Haves Free Fax Service: Free File Conversion:


30 Streamed Conferencing Without shared desktop – Facetime – GoToMeeting GoToMeeting – Skype – uStream et al (from computer or phone) With shared desktop – Adobe ConnectNow (need AdobeID) Adobe ConnectNow – Google+ Hangouts – – (limited free service)

31 SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol Required for connecting to UW web servers – Settings Settings Recommended – Filezilla (Mac/PC/Linux) Filezilla – FTPOnTheGo (iOS) FTPOnTheGo – AndFTP (Android) AndFTP


33 Credits Kathy E. Gill, @kegill,, – Presentation at,, GoogleDocWiredPen.comSlideshare.netGoogleDoc Presentation Licensing – CC License – Non-commercial, Attribution, Share-and-share alike Photos Used Are CC licensed from Flickr 1.Title Slide, 2.Journal paper, 3.Keyboard, 4.Sharing, 5.Utility tools, 6.Balloons,

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