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Alice Christie, Ph.D. Arizona State University President’s Professor Emeritus Using Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks.

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1 Alice Christie, Ph.D. Arizona State University President’s Professor Emeritus Using Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks

2 Google Apps for Education Free suite of hosted email, productivity, and collaborative applications exclusively for schools Registration required to set up the EDU domain Suite is free of advertising Google use data provided by PUSD integrate services within your domain

3 Overview of the Core Apps G-Mail Google Drive Google’s Productivity Suite  Documents – Docs  Presentations – Slides  Spreadsheets – Sheets  Forms  Drawings

4 Overview of the Core Apps Google Sites Google Calendar Google Groups and Contacts Google Maps PicassaWeb Albums YouTube and Video Channels Chrome Browser Extensions and Apps

5 Gmail Google Apps core services are integrated through Gmail Gmail extras Instant messaging Video chat and advanced conferencing PhoneCall and other voice features Translation bots and other geeky features

6 Google Drive Both a web-based service and an ‘extra’ drive Each user gets unlimited storage (5 or more users) or 1 TB of storage (4 or fewer users) Supports all file types for file storage and transfer Allows users to view Microsoft and Adobe files Allows users to convert files to appropriate Google formats for editing Plays most video formats Synchs files across devices– PC, Mac, iPad, phone

7 New Google Drive 99.9% uptime guarantee

8 Google Productivity Suite Applications  Documents – Docs  Presentations – Slides  Spreadsheets – Sheets  Forms  Drawings

9 Google Productivity Suite All open from Drive Create new or import from existing file in another format Privacy settings: private, anyone with the link, public Collaboration options: up to 50 users at a time, with editing, commenting and viewing rights adjustable

10 Google Sites A tool for teachers and students to create powerful, dynamic, and secure web sites No coding or HTML required Embed documents, presentations and video and more Students and parents have anytime, anywhere access System and site-level security controls Administrators can manage site sharing permissions across the school and authors can share and revoke file access at any time. Cross platform Cross browser Free

11 Google Calendar Integrated into Gmail A tool for teachers to easily:  schedule meetings  share event calendars  manage class timetables, club meetings, office hours, games  stay organised  overlay multiple calendars to see when people are available  send invitations and manages RSVPs Calendars shared school-wide or with selected colleagues Share with classes, colleagues, teams and clubs

12 Google Calendar Use a range of sharing permission controls to help maintain security and privacy Access with mobile devices Receive calendar notifications via SMS (text messaging) Publish calendars for students, parents and community members Publicize major school events by publishing an events calendar for all to see Easily embed calendars into web pages Use to crunch many calendars into one print out

13 Google Groups & Contacts Teachers and students can:  Set up mailing lists to share docs, sites, calendars, shared folders, or videos with colleagues or students  Create and manage their own small groups and lists without burdening IT

14 Google Groups & Contacts Robust API (application programming interface – a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications) allow for integration with:  LMS (Learning Management Systems)  SIS (Student Information Systems)  CMS (Course Management Systems)

15 Google Maps Provides  directions  interactive maps  satellite/aerial imagery of the world  keyword searches

16 Picassa Web Albums & Google + 16

17 YouTube for EDU YouTube EDU lets you discover, create, and share educational videos Educational and instructional videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube YouTube EDU is YouTube’s corpus of 700k+ high quality educational videos from partners:  Khan Academy  Stanford  TED-Ed

18 YouTube for EDU Two programs to help schools and teachers utilize YouTube EDU most effectively: YouTube for Schools  allows schools to access all of the YouTube EDU content while limiting access to non-educational content YouTube for Teachers  provides tips and tricks for bringing YouTube into the classroom and organizes YouTube EDU videos to align with common core subjects

19 YouTube for EDU Start at YouTube EDU ( Browse to:  Primary and Secondary: Channels PK-12 Primary and Secondary  Higher Education: Channels colleges and universities Higher Education  Lifelong Learning: Channels those learning independently Lifelong Learning

20 Google Keep

21 Google App Partners Apps that sync with Chromebooks  WeVideo  Lucidcharts  Sliderocket  Conceptboard  Simplebooklet  Sumopaint  And hundreds more… Let’s explore

22 Chrome Browser one of the unsung heroes of the set as of February 2013, it had a 37% worldwide usage share of web browsers making it the most widely used web browser in the world provides access to the various Apps and Extensions provides easy access to the Google Play Store allows you to see what you have been doing on all of your connected devices

23 Summary What’s not to like in Google Apps for Education?  Cost free  Used by thousands of schools and universities worldwide  Supported by a growing community of Google certified teachers, trainers, conferences and communities  Works on PC, Mac, or Chrome platforms  Works on school networks and on android and iOS devices  Allows for collaborative working, rapid feedback, roll-back on revisions and history

24 Gone Google – Where Next? As software disappears: Harden up the curricular by offering programming courses Introduce Gaming (Minecraft Edu) and other innovative initiatives Develop digital leaders to include layers of Google Certified Individuals Develop Android solutions, and further develop BYOD options Use university research to confirm that this approach is helping to achieve higher standards

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