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The Joy of Reading: Accessible Books from Bookshare.

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1 The Joy of Reading: Accessible Books from Bookshare

2 Fred Slone Director of Operations, Bookshare (650) 644-3420 2 Presenter: Bookshare is a project of Benetech - Benetech’s nonprofit motto: Technology Serving Humanity

3 Your time is important  What are you hoping to get out of today’s session? 3

4 Main Objective  To leave the session with new knowledge, tools or ideas that will increase accessibility for your students. 4

5 Agenda  Bookshare Basics  Reading Technologies  New Stuff in the Works 5

6 Digital Learners Today 6

7 7 Free, Digital, and Accessible  Bookshare® is an online library of accessible media for readers with print disabilities.  Over 247,000 Members  Over 10,000 schools and other organizations  Over 180,000 titles  Over a thousand new books added each month Funded by an award from OSEP, the Office of Special Education Programs in the U.S. Department of Education. as of March 2013

8 What Bookshare Offers  Digital books for individuals with print disabilities  FREE memberships for qualified U.S. students 8  FREE assistive technology software

9 The Bookshare Library  Textbooks (11,000+)  Classroom Reading Books  Special Collections  New York Times Best Sellers  Newbery, Caldecott Winners  Thousands of popular fiction and non fiction books As of March 2013 9

10 Two membership options Individual Membership Access Bookshare at Home Student downloads for herself / himself Download books Organizational Membership Access Bookshare at School Teacher downloads on behalf of student Download all books, including textbooks

11 11 Many Ways to Read  Multi-modal reading: See and hear words simultaneously  View books in large font on a PC screen, or print in large font  Listen to them (many voice options)  Read Braille (digital or hardcopy)

12 Bookshare’s Reading Technologies 12

13 Bookshare Reading Options  Computer – PC or Mac  AT Devices  Mobile – phone, tablets, mp3  iOS (Read2Go)  Android (GoRead)  Web 13

14 Formats  DAISY  BRF  DAISY Audio  MP3 Audio  Web (streaming) 14

15 15 Mobile Reading with Go Read  FREE accessible eBook reader for Android  Easy to search for, download, and read Bookshare books all within the app  Many features including:  Accessibility options  Zoom, Bookmark, and Search  Night reading mode  Adjust background, highlight colors, and margins  Download from Google Play

16 The New Stuff 16

17 Bookshelf  Create reading lists and easily share with students so they can download books on their own  Cloud based - Bookshelf goes where you go  Compile book titles in one location, and stay organized 17

18 Bookshelf Tips  Create Bookshelves by class, subject, student, genre, author, or however you like.  You can store an unlimited number of books on a Bookshelf.  Share your Bookshelf with students with individual memberships, and let them read independently with Bookshare Web Reader!  Put books on a Bookshelf instead of downloading! No more transferring books to flash drives or CDs. 18

19 Bookshare Web Reader  Individual Members can read books in an Internet browser!  Find a book and select “Read Now”  Takes advantage of Google Chrome’s accessibility features – text to speech and word highlighting o TTS is in whatever voice is installed on computer o Can also use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari (need screen reader, no word highlighting) 19

20 Web Reader Tips  If you are sighted, use Google Chrome because it provides text-to-speech using your computer’s built- in voices and word-level highlighting. Note that when you select “Read Now” for the first time, you will be prompted to do a one-time installation of a Chrome extension.  If you use a screen reader, use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. The screen reader will provide text-to-speech so you can listen to books. 20

21 Image Descriptions  POET Image Description Tool  Go to  Click on the “Development” menu  Contextualize, Navigate, Describe 21

22 Math  POET – Built in Math Helper  Web Based MathTrax  Descriptions  Tactile files (.svg) 22

23 Student Outcomes Overall starting to see…  Improved grades  More participation in the classroom  More reading enjoyment; excited about the technology  More independence 23

24 Questions? 24 mobile digital interactive Open educational resources AT UDL publishers DAISY accessible creative engaging universal global peer learning

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