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Digital Books and Hot Technologies BAM Conference October 2012.

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1 Digital Books and Hot Technologies BAM Conference October 2012

2 Agenda Platform Options PDF Vital Source - Picture Book Interactive ebook CourseMate Hot Technologies

3 Platform Overview - PDF

4 You can highlight. You will have to scroll through to see your notes (no easy way to see all highlighted notes) in.pdf format. But pagination is exactly as the book.



7 Platform Overview – Vital Source (Picture Book)

8 Vital Source / Picture Book is delivered 2 ways: 1.CD Rom lab license (computer lab) - 6 – 1 YR access codes They have reserved 1 seat in their computer lab for each students using that computer. 2.Mobile PAC (iPads / Tablets) – 6 – 1 YR access codes Code per student and allows for three main applications: (1) book shelf viewer which is driven by a desktop computer - allows for online and offline access (2) ipad and Android devices – which support online access through the app (3) web based – requires a web connection. Any change in one will be synched to the others (it will ask if you want to accept changes). You have book on book shelf and in the cloud.




12 There is not a lot of interaction, but it does keep content protected with Vital Source. It has DRM (digital rights management) around it. This allows us to lock down our content and control the subscription length – and how students can use the content (copy, paste, and print).


14 This is the Vital Source bookshelf viewer that a student would download to the Vital Source website.

15 Student would redeem their code; enter the code. The code already has the title of the text, the subscription length. The DRM is already in the code. Once they redeem the code, the title will be on the bookshelf.

16 View of all titles in bookshelf. The means the title has expired; they are no longer active.

17 Platform Overview – CLeBook (Interactive ebook)

18 View.pdf Bookmark Highlight

19 Add highlights – add note Navigate by Section or specific page number

20 Increase or decrease size of text Citation Print

21 Notes are printable

22 Search from top search area

23 Index

24 Expand all Collapse all Click on bold word to see glossary

25 Glossary

26 Media Images Videos Charts Graphs

27 Platform Overview – CourseMate Interactive teaching and learning tools that are paired with a textbook

28 Quizzes Quick self evaluation Use as a Pretest or Post Test or to quiz after reading a section.

29 Quizzes Grades and takes student into interactive book where it was taught.

30 Flashcards Post popular activity. Review tool for a quiz or test.

31 Glossary Glossary of words that are bold key terms throughout the book.

32 Net Bookmark Leads students to the internet.

33 Web Links Leads students to the internet for further study.

34 Games Popular with the students – to reinforce terms and concepts

35 Data Files Different types of files available for different books.

36 – try demo

37 Demo Follow screen prompts in boxes

38 Create a Course Confirm

39 Course Key is created

40 View Engagement Tracker


42 Student View

43 See grades from highest to lowest

44 See grades in each of the assets


46 Resources screen

47 – click on School and you can choose category to see which books have a coursemate available.


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