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Hadley School Seminar What’s New at Bookshare? 1.

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1 Hadley School Seminar What’s New at Bookshare? 1

2 2 Presenters Benetech ( is a nonprofit whose motto is Technology Serving Humanity. Kristina King Cohen Senior Education Program Manager Lara Rondberg Training Manager 2

3 3 What is Bookshare®?  Online library of accessible educational media for readers with print disabilities  10-year initiative of Benetech  More than 268,000 Student Members  More than 10,000 schools and other organizations  More than 216,000 titles  More than 1,000 new books added every month

4 4 What Bookshare Offers  Digital books for individuals with print disabilities  FREE memberships for qualified U.S. students through OSEP award  FREE assistive technology software  24/7 access to books

5 5 Easy Membership Options OrganizationalIndividual TypeU.S. Educational (Public and Private Schools, Colleges, and Universities) Non-educational (Libraries, Resource centers, Rehab agencies, Retirement communities, Group homes, Community centers, International) U.S. Students of any age Non-students FeeFreePurchase book blocks Free$50/year with one- time $25 sign-up fee Sign-upTeacher creates account Under 18 (parent creates); 18 and older (individual creates) Individual creates own account DownloadTeacher downloads Student downloadsIndividual downloads

6 Two membership options Individual Membership Access Bookshare at Home Student downloads for herself / himself Download books, except textbooks Organizational Membership Access Bookshare at School Teacher downloads on behalf of student Download all books, including textbooks

7 What’s New at Bookshare?  Web Reader  Updates for Organizational Sponsors  Individual Member Signup Improvements  Read2Go Update for Books with Images  New Books, Spanish Titles, Book Requests  “Bookshelves” became “Reading Lists”  New “Learn it Now” Video Tutorials 7

8 Bookshare Web Reader  Individual Members can read books in their Internet browser! o No downloading necessary o No need to use specialized reading tools  Just find a book and select “Read Now”  Takes advantage of Google Chrome’s accessibility features – text to speech and word highlighting o TTS is in whatever voice is installed on computer o Can also use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari (need screen reader, no word highlighting) 8

9 Updates for Organizational Sponsors  Member signup improvements  Set your student’s book download preferences when you add him/her to your account!  Get your students access to Bookshare at home.  See new “Learn-it-Now” Tutorial on this subject!  Add/remove multiple students to/from your Quicklist  Add students to Reading Lists (formerly Bookshelves) from your roster  Link existing Individual Memberships to your school account 9

10 Individual Member Signup Improvements  Parents/guardians: sign up minors online.  Then print pre-filled Membership Agreement and Proof of Disability forms to complete and return.  All IMs: Create password during signup  No need to wait for Welcome Email!  See Membership Status upon login 10

11 Read2Go Update for Books with Images  Get latest Read2Go update! (  No need to transfer books via iTunes!  Go to the App Store on your device and update Read2Go in the “Updates” section.  Learn more in Support Center: download-books-with-images-in-read2go 11

12 New Books, Spanish Titles, Book Requests  +3 million DAISY titles from Internet Archive  +4,500 Spanish titles now available in a new Ivona Spanish text-to-speech (TTS) voice  Download in DAISY Audio or MP3 formats  Improved book request process  Keep track of the status of your request  Must be logged in to request a book! 12

13 “Bookshelves” Now “Reading Lists”  Same great feature, just new name!  New video tutorials:  > “Help” > “Training” > “New ‘Learn-it-Now’ Tutorials” 13

14 “Learn it Now” Tutorial Videos  “Learn it Now” videos are 2-3 minute tutorials on key Bookshare processes such as:  Bookshare Basics  Membership  Finding books  Downloading books  Reading books 14

15 Completed “Learn it Now” Videos  “What is Bookshare?"  "Who is Eligible for Bookshare?"  "How Do I Get Individual Memberships for My Students?"  "How Do I Find and Request Books from Bookshare?”  "Reading Lists for Organizations"  "Reading Lists for Individuals"  "How Do I Download Bookshare Books Using Internet Explorer on the Windows Operating System?"  "How Do I Download Bookshare Books in MP3 Format?"  “How Do I Download Bookshare Books Using Read:OutLoud on a PC?"  "How Do I Read Bookshare Books Using Read:OutLoud on a PC?"  "How Do I Use the Study Tools in Read:OutLoud Bookshare Edition?"  "Bookshare Web Reader" 15

16 16 Need More Help?  Robust Support Center  Recorded Webinars, “Learn-it-Now” Tutorials at, “Help,” then “Training”  Individual Memberships  Reading Lists and Bookshare Web Reader  Accessible Textbooks/The NIMAC  Bookshare Best Practices for Educators  Tips for Large District Implementation  Watch for upcoming live webinars  Use “Contact Us” 16

17 Need More Help?  Contact Us -  Support Center -  Training Page - g/upcomingWebinars g/upcomingWebinars 17

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