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Forged By Fire By: Sharon M. Draper Published in: 1997 Presented by: Athina Amanor.

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2 Forged By Fire By: Sharon M. Draper Published in: 1997 Presented by: Athina Amanor

3 Introduction After an unfortunate series of events, Gerald ‘s beloved aunt dies. Years later, he is placed in the care of his mother and her new husband, Jordan. His life is now filled with the abuse from his temperamental stepfather, who has an evil secret, and neglect from his substance- addicted mother. The only light in his world is his younger stepsister, Angel. As Gerald protects her from Jordan, they grow closer, and form an unbreakable bond. As time goes on, Gerald realizes he can never forget his painful past and must be strong enough to survive his final confrontation with Jordan.

4 Protagonist Gerald is the main character in Forged by Fire. Gerald is a kid with a troubled past and a troubled future. The only sources of happiness In his life, are his little step- sister, Angel, playing basketball, and his teammates on the basketball team. Gerald

5 Antagonist Jordan Jordan is Gerald’s abusive stepfather. He enjoys hitting Monique and hurting Angel. Also, he is an alcoholic, highly temperamental, and can not hold a job.

6 Central Conflict The central conflict revolves around Gerald, Angel, Monique, and Jordan. Gerald finds out that Jordan does more than just physically abuse his little stepsister, Angel. Angel is too scared to let Gerald tell the truth, fearing that Jordan will follow through with his numerous threats. All the while, Monique turns a blind eye to all the abuse and only strives to make Jordan happy.

7 Minor Characters Aunt Queen Aunt Queen is Gerald’s loving aunt, who takes care of him after his mother, Monique, is sent to jail for abandoning Gerald. While living with her, his life is filled with support and love. She helps him suppress the haunting memories of the past and the suffocating pain that accompanies them.

8 Minor Characters Mr. Washington Mr. Washington his the father of Gerald’s closest friend. Gerald is able to confide in him. He helps Gerald put an end to the constant emotional and physical torment Gerald and Angel are forced to endure.

9 Minor Characters Rob is the son of Mr. Washington and Gerald’s best friend. Rob is a talented basketball player and student. He is carefree, social, and very funny. Gerald looks up to Rob. Rob’s friendship is held in high regard by Gerald and serves as a stress reliever for him when his home life gets to be too much to handle. Rob

10 What Critics Said One critic said that Sharon Drapper risked overloading the reader with the amount of sad content in the book. To read the entire critical review, click the following link: SORT&inPS=true&prodId=LitRG&userGroupName=avlr&tabID=T004&searchId=R5 &resultListType=RESULT_LIST&contentSegment=&searchType=BasicSearchForm&c urrentPosition=18&contentSet=GALE%7CA19172401&&docId=GALE|A19172401& docType=GALE&role=LitRC Another critic said that Sharon Drapper gives grim look at an inner-city family plagued with drug addiction and abuse. To read the complete critical review, click the following link:

11 My Opinion Think Forged By Fire is a great book. It Expressed the feelings of a young boy with a troubled and unstable childhood. It also talked about strong family bonds, child abuse, and step families. It filled me with many emotions and brought to light what some other innocent young children might have to live through on a daily basis.

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