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For cancer awareness

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1 For cancer awareness

2  As my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer during August 2011, it became apparent that many cancer sufferers get diagnosed to late for treatment to be effective and successful.  During January 2012, I had a conversation with an individual that indicated to me that the drive is the path I must follow to make a difference in the lives of others that might not know that they suffer from cancer.  In doing some research, I found that the fatality rate amongst cancer patients can be significantly reduced if the cancer is diagnosed early enough that treatment can be effective.

3  The Pole2poleandback drive is designed to cover most of the continents of the world.  The drive is to start at the South Pole marker in Antarctica.  Travel through South America and North America.  Turn around at the North Pole Ice Cap  Travel through some of Asia and the most of Europe.  Transverse Africa on the journey back to Antarctica.  The end of the journey would be back at the South Pole Marker.  The whole drive, from Pole marker back to Pole marker in less than 12 months. Planning stipulate the completion in 335 days

4  The drive will cost approximately $1 000 000 per rider excluding the shadow ship that is needed.  Totalling $5 million in Sponsorships required.  With every item that is sponsored, the amount of funds required will come down.  Any funds that is raised for the drive, that is not being used, will go towards the beneficiaries of the drive namely CANSA and Hospice Palliative Care South Africa.  Exposure for the Sponsors will be elaborated on later.

5  To bring the awareness of cancer to as many people as possible along the route of the drive.  To encourage the people to get to know their bodies and encourage self examination for potential signs of cancer.  To encourage the regular testing for potential cancers.  Bring the message of Early Detection, Early Treatment to the people.  By ensuring that cancer is detected early and treated early, the patient will be able to live a longer and productive life with family and friends.

6  To encourage the establishment of support groups for the families of cancer patients.  As there are so many support groups for the patients, the families that suffer with the patient do not have a support structure from people that have already experienced.  Sharing groups where experiences in dealing with a terminal family member can be discussed.  These groups can form the support for the families in their hour of need.  Sharing ideas as to how best deal with the trauma of seeing their family member pass away and what to do afterwards.

7  To raise funds for the drives beneficiaries.  Funds to be allocated to the support for the families that can not afford to travel to support the patient while they are being treated for their cancer.  To ensure that every cancer victim have access to proper treatment.  To help with the financial burden of treating the patient in their last days – Hospice Palliative Care.  The target of GBP 5 000 000 per beneficiary is envisaged.

8  Events will be planned to raise funds along the route of the drive.  Internet based donations.  Direct donations  Sponsorships  Interest from investment of donations.  Rallies with some of the Biker clubs along the route.  Appearances at VIP events to encourage donations.  Telethons to promote the Drive.  Participation in challenges along the route. (sponsored)











19  Primary transport would be motorcycles. 5 in total, 3 for the team and 2 for the relay members.  Jet Skis for crossing the oceans and the rivers where required. 4 in total as 3 being used and 1 in reserve.  Snow Mobiles for the Antarctic legs of the drive. 4 in total  4X4 vehicles that will serve as support. 3 in total as 1 will be held in reserve.  Ship that would shadow the drive and transport equipment that the team can not transport during certain legs of the drive.  All will be branded.

20  The support team must consist of the following:  2 Technicians. Keeping vehicles going, service and maintenance.  1 Emergency Medical Technician. Will also assist with other tasks.  Campaign direct/treasurer  Video photographer.  Video and still photographer.  Ship crew.

21  As to date:  Ewan van Breda – Originator and founder of Pole2poleandback.

22  Official Start at South Pole Marker: January 1 st 2014  Official end of drive at the South Pole Marker: December 1 st 2014  Hand over of donations to beneficiaries: January 2015

23  Display size according to sponsorship level.  Branded vehicles  Internet coverage: photos, streaming, site updates, Twitter, Google+, YouTube video snippets.  Media coverage: Banners displayed at events. TV as well as print media exposure at events including branded vehicles.  Radio Exposure with interviews and phone updates to various radio stations in South Africa as well as other.  Print media: Book as well as newspaper exposure.  Video about the drive to be released worldwide after drive as well as shortened 3D video.  At least 1 Jet Ski and One Snow mobile to accompany the land based drive on the support trailer.

24  Promotional appearances after the drive at the venue of the sponsor.  Banner displays at all events.  Displays at events prior to the drive on banners as well as on the vehicles.  Tickertape mentions during streaming up-dates on the internet.  Association with Cancer Awareness  Support for worthy causes.  First options of refusal for future events  Use of promotional material before the drive at no extra cost.  International brand awareness.

25  Hand over function of Donations collected to beneficiaries.  Video to be released in 4 x 12 episode series  3D video to be released.  Photo books -4 volumes- about the drive to be sold online to fund the next drive for a different cause.  Guest appearances at sponsors events  Planning for the next drive 2017

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