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2 What We’ll Cover  Key Elements of the Interview Process  A Peek Into MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews)  Alumni Advice  Resources Available to YOU  Practice

3 Key Elements: Impression Management  You are being evaluated from the moment you’re contacted for the interview until after it concludes.  Timeliness and professionalism in all interactions.  Confirmation  Thank You ( send to each person within 24 hours !)  Everyone’s “voice” counts: from the administrative support person to the Chair of the program.  Tour of facilities, lunch with students, conversations with other candidates, and beyond.  Small details can make a BIG impact, both good & bad

4 Key Elements: Interviewing Scenarios  People You Might Meet:  Admissions committee  Faculty  Administrators  Medical students  One-on-One  Interview Panel  Group Interview  MMI (Multiple Mini Interview)

5 Key Elements: Look the Part  Dress to Impress… Professionally !  Suit is required  Personality is okay  Functionality is critical  Don’t forget about the little details:  Cologne/Perfume  Socks  Accessories  Pressed/Polished/Trimmed  One chance to make a positive first impression.  SMILE.  Handshake  Eye contact

6 Key Elements: Plan & Research  One of your greatest responsibilities in this process: RESEARCH  The program  The institution  The people (who you’re meeting with)  Current events  “Hot” topics  Questions for YOU to ask  Visit in advance – Route? Parking? Building? Room? Sounds simple, but isn’t always. Can reduce stress.  Ask specific questions about what the day will entail!

7 Key Elements: The Questions  Prepare for commonly asked interview questions  Why medicine?  Why this school/program?  Includes ethics-based questions See handouts for examples/resources. | STAR format  Be fresh on all details of your AAMCAS application, CV, etc. and be prepared to articulate  Anything a bit “fuzzy”? Refresh yourself!  Be able to speak in-depth about your research  Current events and “hot” topics  Questions YOU want to ask. ( ALWAYS have these!)

8 MMI: A Brief Overview  Created as a potentially more effective way to assess qualities outside of the realm of grades and test scores.  GREAT opportunity for you to showcase these!  Uses a series of stations (typically 6-10) to assess specific skills and qualities.  ~6-8 minutes/station  Assigns the same interviewer to rate ALL applicants at a station.  May be used to assess : communication skills, problem-solving abilities, professionalism, other characteristics critical to success. Resource:

9 MMI Stations (Samples)  Ethical dilemmas or questions about policy or social issues  Interactions with an actor (scenario provided)  Standard interview questions  A task requiring teamwork (with another applicant(s))  Essay writing (more time may be allocated)  Rest station (many MMIs include this!) Resource:

10 MMI Preparation  Cannot predict what you will face  Get as much information from school/program as you can (i.e. sample questions, format)  Example of program that provides a LOT of info:  Develop ability to formulate a logical, thorough response within a strict timeframe  As with a traditional interview format, prepare by:  Staying current on events and policy issues  Understanding the approach to ethics issues Resource:

11 MMI: Video Clip   Alumni perspectives on MMIs:  Can be more of a conversation  Read sample questions/scenarios to prepare  May include follow-up questions

12 Advice from ‘Pards Alexandra Lazzara ’14 (Neuroscience major; Medical School) Michael Rockman ‘15 (Biochemistry major; MD/PHD programs) Christina Brown ‘13 (Biology major; Dental School) Zach Winthrop ‘13 (Biology major; Medical School)

13 Advice from ‘Pards: General  Be yourself. Be confident. Be prepared.  You must be aware of the changes impacting medicine/healthcare, and to have opinions related to these changes.  Keep in mind you’ll likely face very different types of interviews – conversational/relaxed, structured/rigid, and stress-inducing  “Refresh YOURSELF on why you’re doing this (before each interview)…responses will come across with energy, passion, and preparation.”

14 Advice from ‘Pards: Most Challenging Questions  Tell me about yourself. (sounds easy, doesn’t it?)  What other schools did you apply to? Why?  Why this school/program?  What would you be if you weren’t a doctor/dentist/vet/optometrist/podiatrist?  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  What is your favorite non-science class you have taken?  Be prepared to address the weaker points of your application – don’t be caught off guard!

15 Advice from ‘Pards: Preparation Tips/Strategies  “Do as many practice interviews as you can.”  With Career Services or others to “get the bugs out”  “I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if it (practice) was in an actual interview!”  Take time to collect your thoughts; “it is okay to not initially know the answer.”  Have questions you want to ask ready – for the faculty, current students, etc.  “…make them unique, thoughtful, and genuine.”

16 Warm Up  Find a partner (preferably someone you don’t know well)  30 seconds per respondent: “Why do you want to be a doctor/dentist/optometrist/veterinarian?”  No comments from “Interviewer”  Now, each person should share feedback on their OWN response:  What worked well  Areas to refine/enhance  Share with each other: one thing you will commit to doing in the next week to take a step forward in preparing for your HPAC interview.

17 Key Resources   Career Services “Webshops”  On-Campus Mock Interviews  Lafayette alumni (!)  Handouts (here for you today):  Commonly Asked Q’s (medically-related, general, behavioral-based)  MMI Resources  Sample “Thank you”  Sample questions for YOU to Ask  Rights and responsibilities of an interviewer

18 Questions? THANK YOU!

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