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Kathleen E. High, M.Ed., GCDF Dream Chasers & Goal Setters.

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1 Kathleen E. High, M.Ed., GCDF Dream Chasers & Goal Setters

2 Perfecting the Interview Process Purpose Prepare Practice Presentation Positive Endings

3 Purpose Your Objective – Get a Job Offer Convince Them: You are the Best Candidate You Have What They Want Be Prepared: Don’t Miss a Great Opportunity

4 Prepare Review the Job Description and Duties Research the Company: Its Products, Services, and Customers Its Strengths, Challenges, and Activities Key People and Co-Workers Organizational Structure, History, Culture Know What They Are Looking For

5 Performance How You May Be Interviewed: Only Once or Multiple Times Screening Telephone/Online Individual Group or Committee Taken Out to Lunch/Dinner Follow Up – Could include several interviews: To Narrow Down the Applicant Pool Approval from Hiring Person’s Supervisor

6 Performance Different Types of Interview Questions: Traditional / General Behavioral Situation Competency-Based Identifies key competencies required of job or employer Task or Performance Stress See how you respond to stress Psychological Assessing your mental/emotional stability

7 Performance Types of Interview Questions Behavioral – Situation How have you acted in employment –related situations in past? (i.e. past behavior predicts future behavior) Response: STAR - Situation, Task, Action, Result Provide real-world examples

8 Practice Identify What Needs They Are Trying to Fill Anticipate What Questions They Might Ask Identify How Your Background Fits Formulate Responses That Meet Their Needs – Not Yours Identify Difficult Questions – Prepare Response Practice & Practice Your Responses Take a ‘Dry Run’ Drive the Day Before

9 Presentation Dress Professional, Conservative, Current Arrive 10 Minutes Early (no more) Don’t Smoke, Chew Gum, etc. You Are Being Observed from the beginning: First contact (phone, email, online apps, etc.) Internships Arrival on the facility

10 Presentation (Cont’d.) Observe Your Surroundings and Behaviors Respect Everyone! Be Mindful of Differences Sell Yourself as the Solution

11 Professional Responses Show Genuine Interest in the Position Sell Yourself as the Solution to Their Problems Tailor Your Responses to Their Benefit Keep Things Positive – Don’t Complain Give Specific Examples to Questions Ask Intelligent Questions Recap for Them Why You Are a Good Fit Listen for a Clue That It Is Over & Accept It

12 Professional Responses (Cont’d) Address Their Concerns: Can You Do the Job? Will You Do the Job? Will You Get Along? Will They Regret Hiring You? What makes you stand out compared to the other candidates?

13 Positive Endings When Closing the Interview: Notice What They Say Ask for Lead Time and Next Steps Thank Everyone as You Exit Debrief Yourself ASAP Send ‘Thank You’ Letters to All Politely and Respectfully Follow Up

14 Tools & Resources – On Most College Campuses Career Center Computerized Programs Links to Job Search/Resume Websites Handouts, Books and Other Resources Workshops (Handouts available) Career Counselor

15 Tools & Resources – Off Campus Local One-Stop Career Centers Computerized Programs Handouts, Books and Other Resources Workshops See Handouts Career and Job Coaches for Hire List of Job Search Websites

16 Handouts Available Job Search Website Resources Tell Me About Yourself Mock Interview So How Do You Find Your Dream Job or Career?

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