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For COEN/ELEC 390. 2 Objectives of Presentation How to Achieve Them.

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1 for COEN/ELEC 390

2 2 Objectives of Presentation How to Achieve Them

3  To persuade the viewer that: ◦ Technically, the proposal is solid ◦ Managerially, we have a plan  Solid proposal means: ◦ We understand your requirements (problem) ◦ Our design meets/exceeds them (solution) ◦ Its implementation is feasible (not too complex)  We have a plan means: ◦ We understand what building it means (WBS) ◦ We have a detailed plan to deliver (Chart) ◦ We have the resources required by this plan (Resources) 3

4  Fill the time-slot  Rehash the written proposal  Impress with artwork  Explain technical details  Apportion time stupidly  Look like losers  Take more time than allowed  Bore people to death  Talk inaudibly 4

5  To get someone else to adopt your point of view, and that is not an easy thing. Use EAAR  1. Empathy: try and see it from the other point of view  2. Argument: present a fact-based logical case  3. Art: make it aesthetically pleasing  4. Repetition: re-assert the main points 5

6 There is Life on Mars It is a living organism It is indigenous to Mars We have the Best Design These are all the designs This is the criteria of evaluation 6

7  Technically solid means, your characterization of the problem, your portrayal of the solution and the work needed to implement it is: ◦ Complete(but not completely detailed) ◦ Correct(without using formal logic) ◦ Clear (so viewers can follow it) ◦ Gaps degrade confidence ◦ Errors reflect unprofessionalism ◦ Complexity heightens risk 7

8  In terms of content (for your robot), it means: ◦ Overall idea(STD of a FSM) ◦ Mechanical Design(AutoCAD) ◦ Computational Ctrl.(Algorithm) ◦ Electrical Circuitry(Block Diagram) 8

9 9 I understand the Requirements, I have a solid Design, which is technically Feasible My presentation is Clear, Correct and Complete

10  We know exactly what building it entails  We know how much person-hours each task should take .. And the relationship between tasks  We have identified/located/secured the resources to execute them (task 1.1: PC+1 person-hour) 10

11 And, the implementation plan will be carried out by a competent harmonious team. Hence,  Express confidently what each of you are good at and how these skills are: ◦ Appropriate for the tasks assigned ◦ Complement each other, i.e., cover all tasks  Use your track record – to date – to show that your expectations were met in reality  Your whole team believes in the project  And have committed the time to see it happen 11

12 12 Team Appropriate, Complementary, Proven (so far) Resources Material (Place, Tools, Parts)Labour (Person-Hours) Tasks What they entail and how they depend on each other Plan Elements Implementation TasksMaterial ResourcesTeam Features

13  tv-commercials/ tv-commercials/ 13

14  To persuade us: ◦ Make a solid proposal, which includes  A solid Technical case  A solid Plan ◦ Make your case as persuasively as possible, which implies  Empathy  Argument  Art  Repetition 14

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