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Redesigning the Organization with Information Systems Soetam Rizky.

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1 Redesigning the Organization with Information Systems Soetam Rizky

2 Redesign ? Why ? Change…. Change…… and change………

3 SYSTEMS AS PLANNED ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Information systems plan: Identifies the direction of systems development, the rationale, the current situation, the management strategy, the implementation plan, and the budget Enterprise analysis (business systems planning): Examines the entire organization in terms of organizational units, functions, processes, and data elements; helps identify the key entities and attributes in the organization’s data

4 SYSTEMS AS PLANNED ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Strategic Analysis or Critical Success Factors (CSFs): Operational goals shaped by the industry, the firm, the manager, and the broader environment that are believed to assure the success of an organization Workflow management: The process of streamlining business procedures so that documents can be moved easily and efficiently from one location to another

5 Structural Change Automation: Mechanizing procedures to speed up the performance of existing tasks Rationalization of procedures: The streamlining of standard operating procedures Business process reengineering: Analysis and redesign of business processes to reorganize workflows and reduce waste and repetitive tasks Paradigm shift: Radical reconceptualization of the nature of the business and the nature of the organization

6 Before we continue…. Are you ready to change ? Does everybody really ready ?

7 Change Carries Risks and Rewards

8 Quick Summary Organizational Change Based on MIS implementation IS Plan, Business System Planning: Identify, Examine Critical Success Factor : Operational Goals Risk and Reward  Paradigm shift……

9 BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING Understanding which processes need improvement Measuring performance of existing processes as a baseline Allowing IT to influence process design from the start

10 BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING Benchmarking: –Setting strict standards for products, services, or activities and measuring organizational performance against those standards

11 System Development

12 Systems development: The activities that go into producing an information system solution to an organizational problem or opportunity Systems analysis: The analysis of a problem that the organization will try to solve with an information system Feasibility study: As part of the systems analysis process, the way to determine whether the solution is achievable, given the organization’s resources and constraints

13 System Development Information requirements: A detailed statement of the information needs that a new system must satisfy Identifies who needs what information, and when, where, and how the information is needed

14 System Development Systems design Details how a system will meet the information requirements as determined by the systems analysis Includes creating design specifications

15 Is it really exist ? Classic reason : DEADLINE ! Classic defends : MAYDAY, WE HAVE NO ANALYST Classic rule : LET THEM RETURN !

16 Quick Summary Business Process Reenginering  System Development System Development : not always rebuild, recreate System Development : Feasibility study, benchmarking System Development : Information Requirement, system design

17 System Development Conversion: Process of changing from the old system to the new system Production: system is reviewed by users and technical specialists to determine how well it has met its original goals Maintenance: Changes in hardware, software, documentation, or procedures to a production system to correct errors, meet new requirements, or improve processing efficiency

18 System Development Structural Methodologies Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Structure charts Unified Modeling Language (UML)

19 System Development Application Software Packages Outsourcing Disadvantages may be hidden costs, loss of control Benefits from economies of scale and complementary core competencies Contracting computer external vendors May include customization features Prewritten, precoded application software programs that are commercially available for sale or lease

20 Before we finish….. Software package or Outsourcing ?

21 Questions / Comments ?

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