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Read Institute of Learning Read Education Society Concept.

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2 Read Institute of Learning Read Education Society Concept

3 Time – ”Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” Place – ”Seek knowledge even if it is far as China” Gender – “Seeking of knowledge is a duty of every Muslim” Source – “Wisdom is the lost property of the believer, he should take it even if finds it in the mouth of a non believer“ [Prophet Muhammad(saws)]

4 Revelation “ Read in the name of thy Lord who created; created the human being from blood clot. Read, your Lord is most Generous; who taught by the pen: taught the human being what he did not know.” [English translation of first few aayats Revealed to Prophet Muhammad(saws), Quran 96: 1-5]

5 Our Predecessors

6 Followed and based their Life march on the word ‘READ’ Succeeded in every endeavor they took in this World Promised supreme success in the World to come Those Muslims were the standard bearers for the society and are known for their...



9 Wealth, Power and Glory

10 Recent Past and Our Situation today

11 Faith Aware Youth Confidence +ve Enslaved Desire Backward Social Evils Inequity Fragmented Unclear Vision Incorrect Belief Discord between Leaders and Masses Disoriented Propaganda against Marginalized Ungodly Licentious Oppressed

12 How do we bring in a positive change for all this?

13 Prepare a new generation of Muslims by giving right Education and right values Change critically and urgently the way we impart Education

14 Education For Knowing Life and Living Life. Fundamental for  Success Herein and Hereafter  Rise and Fall of individuals and communities Differentiator around which Benchmarks are created

15 Inspired by the ‘READ’ directive of the Qur’an, We Present R ead institute of learning ( Education HEREAFTER... © )

16 RIL – A Unique Idea Basic Education Humanities Social Sciences Natural Sciences Formal Sciences Profession and Applied Sciences

17 R EAD M odel S chool Humanities Social Sciences Natural Sciences Formal Sciences Profession and Applied Sciences RIL – A Unique Idea


19 Integrated Board Syllabus Follows Karnataka State Board syllabus with integrated teaching methodology providing Islamic perspective Supplementary Material facilitating integrated teaching English and Urdu as Medium of Instruction/Communication English as Language of Curriculum Proposal to include, integrate and follow CBSE/ICSE and IGCSE in future

20 Religious Disciplines Tawheed & Aqidah, Ibadah, Adab & Akhlaaq, Tahfeezul Qur’an, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Seerah Arabic (Quranic) and Urdu Language Study of other religions, thoughts and philosophies Tarbiyyah Principle!  Teaching not only about Islam but also about creating an environment and inculcating values of what it means about being a Muslim

21 Religious Disciplines Education around 12 Critical concepts Critical ConceptsGoal God, the World & MeGod Awareness Knowing YourselfSelf Confidence Becoming a Moral PersonMoral Reasoning Understanding & Being UnderstoodMutual Understanding Getting Along with OthersCooperation A Sense of BelongingBelonging Drawing Strength from the PastInspiration Islam for all Times & PlacesResilience Caring for Allah's CreationJustice Facing the ChallengeFacing Challenges Making a DifferenceCivic Responsibility Taking the LeadLeadership

22 Child Centered Pedagogy Education pedagogy focusing the individual Student and his needs Moderate student to teacher ratio of 18:1 (Too much is not too good, neither is to less too good) Motivate to ponder, think and raise questions Learning for knowledge, it's importance and use. Not for exams and grades Discourage negative competition Provide intermingled, interactive and collaborative learning

23 Sports and Activities Child development not just academically but also physically, psychologically and spiritually Games enhancing physical fitness and mental fitness Play for joy and Play to Learn Encouraging Art: Drawing, Painting, Singing etc., because Art is creative and Creativity leads to God Encouraging activities based on students’ interest

24 Teachers and Trainings Believe teaching is not only about books and giving instructions Passionate and motivated teachers Teachers who practice what they believe and say Periodic and need based, Teachers training programs/workshops focusing on Integrated Teaching Methodology, Tarbiyyah and Pedagogy by in-house experts and consultants Continuous teacher parent interaction

25 Parent’s Involvement Desire and wish to be actively involved and work in partnership with the school Participate in the learning process by attending programs organized by school such as seminars, workshops Provide the basic needs for their children to efficiently learn and live both in school and at home Extend the learning process at home by helping and monitoring their children’s academic progress and behavior Support the school’s decision making, and understand that all actions taken are first and foremost in the best interest of its children community Volunteer and invest their time, energy and/or even money as and when required

26 Expert’s Panel Maintain a panel of field experts contributing  Administration  Education pedagogy  Integrated curriculum development  Religious disciplines  Law, Finance and Clerical management Provide guidance and advice to the management for important course of action Collaboration with other individuals, institutes and organization working on the same model Interaction and engagement with various other local and foreign individuals/institutions to add value to the learning curve of the institution

27 Management Comprises of like minded young individuals who are successful Engineers, Professors, Educationists, Administrators, Medical professionals and businessmen in their profession. Management works on voluntary basis and does not use the institution as a source of personal income. The management is responsible to oversee the overall running of the institute in accordance with the stated objective.

28 Read Model School Start - June 2014 Complete - 2018 Read PU College 2019 - 2020 Read Boarding Facility 2019 - 2020 RIL – Roadmap

29 RIL – Location RIL operate ‘Read Model School’ in Bidar city of Karnataka State in India. Bidar is a Muslim minority concentration district Bidar is one of the most backward district in the state of karnataka Bidar was once a renowned place of education. The Mohammad Gawan Madarasa is an evidence of it.

30 RIL – Financial Model Capital expenses would be funded through donations and contributions Operating expenses would be funded through fees, donation, grant/aid

31 RIL – The Product Young Individuals who are intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually oriented with a correct and balanced worldview Confident about taking further challenges heads on RIL envisage days when world would see  A Scientist who is a Mufassir  An administrator who is Faqih  An Engineer who is an Aalim  Most importantly A Muslim who is MUSLIM Indeed

32 RIL – The Beginning

33 RIL – And You Lamenting concerning Muslims of India in general and their education particular? An opportunity to change for good the way we impart education to coming generations Do you subscribe to RIL objective? 2 Options for you (and for 10 others you would encourage)  Contribute/donate to RIL; which could be your legacy to the world and means of sawaab e jariyah(InshaAllah) in the world to come  Become a general member of Read Education Society, contribute monetarily and through yours skills and time by propagating the idea Please make your cheque payable to: Read Education Society Note: Donations to Read Education Society are tax exemptible under 80(G) of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961

34 Remember: "The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.“ Prophet Muhammad(saws) RIL – And You

35 RIL – Contact For Queries, Please Contact Syed Ibrahim +91 9902073022 Syed Tahseemuddin +91 8861506700

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