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Physical Education and Outdoor Education. Mr. P. Leighton St Marys 11-18 College.

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1 Physical Education and Outdoor Education. Mr. P. Leighton St Marys 11-18 College

2 Todays Session… Understand what Physical Education involves- is it a positive experience for all? How does Outdoor Education fit into a childs life through school? How is it beneficial?

3 So what is Physical Education? Task… In small groups (2-4) write down –What is physical education? –What are some of the characteristics? –What are the minimal requirements of physical education set down by the government? –What are some of the BUZZ WORDS that come to mind?

4 Physical Education…

5 P.E. WHO? Children / young Adults / specialists WHERE? School etc WHEN? Lessons, Lunch/ after school/ under / post grad. WHY? National Curriculum / Compulsory Physical, Personal, Preparation, quality of life HOW?

6 Physical Education… Is the instilling of values and skills through the medium of physical activity in an educational setting It can also be described as learning Physical, personal, preparatory, and qualitative values through formal physical activity in schools PE is the only subject in which you are encouraged to do everything you are discouraged to do in the wider curriculum. So what are some of the benefits and problems with formal PE?

7 Benefit s of PE Personal (Social) Enjoyment, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Responsibility Emotional Control, Sportsmanship Problem Solving, Positive Behavior Preparatory Preparation for leisure, A career in sport or work Quality of life Influence on lifestyle, Experiencing excellence Mental well-being, Opportunity for creativity, Aesthetic Awareness Physical Skill, Health, fitness Physique, agility, Knowledge of activities

8 So what are some of the problems? It is compulsory: Some pupils may dislike the lack of choice in PE Time constraints- changing curriculum (like ours) means activities can be disrupted- time dedicated to PE is lost. Competitiveness- can be discouraged/ removed depending on group/teacher? Kit- pupils may not like to wear kit from school. Nike Girl Sport example…

9 School Sport… This is the closest some pupils get to top end sport. It is extra curricular and voluntary meaning it is non-compulsory: pupils opt into it. It is competitive and representative- certain behaviors are required. It is more similar, in some instances to club sport in society rather than PE- allowing a teacher to become a COACH.

10 Outdoor Education. Outdoor Education is COMPULSORY on the PE National Curriculum. What distinguishes it from the rest of the PE Curriculum is the elements of RISK- much like OUTDOOR RECREATION. It carries many benefits- the adrenaline of feeling in perceived danger and overcoming a possible fear. So are there any problems in outdoor ed?

11 FUNDING… Contributions made by school/pupils may not be enough for a weekend away canoeing. TRAINING… Unlike other sports, Outdoor Ed is NOT covered in PE Teaching degrees…it is a separate course. Therefore it requires TIME CONSUMING/ SPECIALIST AND EXPENSIVE training. HEALTH AND SAFETY… There is also the very real concern of health and safety- teachers are increasingly reluctant to take responsibility for managing trips. FACILITIES… Actual facilities may be too far away.

12 So what can be gained from effective outdoor education? Physical Health and Skill Dev- As one of the FATTEST Nations on the planet it is important to seek out different ways to remedy this- life doesnt end with team games and TV! Personal and Social Development- Challenging situations make you rely both on yourself and on those around you- working as a team as well as an individual are desirable traits in employment/future life.

13 Preparation for active leisure- Using our leisure time to its fullest- enabling us to revitalize and invigorate ourselves by challenging our senses! Enhancement of quality of life- Life would be pretty boring if we didnt step up to challenges. Improving social standings and our lifestyles can only be beneficial to both ourselves and as an example to future generations.

14 What do you understand by the term Outdoor Education? (3) What can young people gain as a result of a positive Outdoor Education experience? (4)

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