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Life Service Love Prayer Happiness Virtue You can read a book from the classroom of Victoria, just click on the topic of your interest. Thoughts Mary.

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2 Life Service Love Prayer Happiness Virtue You can read a book from the classroom of Victoria, just click on the topic of your interest. Thoughts Mary To give oneself Your cry of victory God

3 I try to do my strength can, but people need to work tirelessly... At night I have a few workers to teach reading and writing... My Lord, ask price, whatever you want to save the people! My life is always the same... Now I am very concerned because it’s not going well... Here you have to be deaf, blind and arms outstretched like Moses... We took days of prayer and penance strong... I do not know what the Lord will have us ready. I ask him to be like I should be, give me strength and all that is necessary in these cases. I trust in God. Return

4 When I think that these girls are here for God will and who knows if through me, He wants to save them, then I'm covered with a strength that only His grace can give me! Return Finally I know the village... My parents are very upset because of the circumstances of the people... I myself according to God's will and I do not mind going to the end of the world if there I can give him glory and can help people...

5 Love is the basis of everything good and everything holy. And I ask and desire that it should be your hallmark. Love is strong as death, and when that love is in God, it goes beyond its limits and overflows who owns it. Return One do not get to the heart rather than with love, much love... But that love has to be a supernatural love, seen through the Heart of Christ, if love is not like this it is not true love, does not bear fruits. Love softens any roughness.

6 Always of God, very much of God, all of God, this must be your program. If you decide to really be of God, you should forget that you exist and then, I assure you, it will be easy to give yourself. Abandon all your “wants” and desires in God's hands, and I assure you that with his infinite love He will give you what's right for you. When all we do is sealed by the love of God, then we live in the constant presence of God and our life is a continuous prayer. Return

7 At the fee of my tabernacle I find strength, courage, light, sufficient love to lead these souls entrusted to me. When you feel faint by the overwhelming burden on your shoulders, go to Jesus, feels Jesus who will comfort you and enters in His beloved heart Do not be a woman of novenas, but a woman of prayer. Do not get used to repeating many prayers, a routine. Just one prayer coming from the heart, made up in your own way is like an arrow in flames that reaches the heart of God Return

8 On my part I can tell you that I found the happiness one can find here on earth, by belonging to an organization, the Teresian Institution that so directly works for human dignity from the gospel Return Since I knew the purpose pursued by the Teresian Institution I could not more than love it and I believe that only belonging to it I can find happiness.

9 Return PIETY is useful for everything and for all. We need a solid piety, quiet, gentle, harsh, sweet, peaceful and timely manner, without sanctimoniousness without selfishness... Fruit of God's love. SCIENCE Do not alarm because of the word. Think seriously about the need for study to acquire science and that your science will bring brightness to your virtue and will increase your piety ACTION Who, being full of Jesus Chryst, knowing him, loving him does not feel the burning flame of zeal, do not feel drawn to working for others? JOY in life it is like salt in the food, your best condiment. It is testimony to good conscience.

10 . Return For some time I feel the most alive wishes to devote my life to the Lord being my most fervent desire to work for others. Love the Blessed Virgin and that she is the one who takes you to life and love. Be always very generous... Never forget the need to deny yourself always... Do not leave the study, apply yourself, so that you do it for the conviction that you have to do it because God asks you. One who really gives himself to Jesus Christ do not look to suffering, but on the other hand, loves his cross. Without prayer it is not possible to have the spiritual advancement. This "advance" is the willingness to accept complacency or aridity that the Lord wants to send us.

11 Ask this Virgin who knows to talk so well. Why do I have you, my mother? For what I came for? Hear her words and save them in your heart. She will also be the carrier of the graces, of all consolations, and of the sanctity I desire to you. Holy Mother, I consecrate to you all these girls you entrusted to me. Be there true Mother and Teacher, and since my lips are closed in this place and I can not show your love, make them feel it and be good and at the end of my journey do not present me alone to your plants, but surrounded of them. Bless them my Mother and inspire me! Return

12 That each day the love to the Blessed Virgin grows and inspires others. Do not forsake me a single moment, Lord, because I'm miserable and I can do nothing. I need you every moment to be faithful to my vocation and persevere to the end within the Institution, to which I want to give myself until the last moment of my life. What will I do, Lord, to please you more? I give all of myself, do whatever you want because I completely belong to you. That your love transforms me, that in your love I burn and purify. That humility is my only companion. Give me strength and courage for the fight that is expected. Give me the spirit of mortification, and at the same time the holy joy. Return

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