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Presented by Jerry F. Smith, CFRE President & CEO J.F. Smith Group, Inc. Northeast Annual Giving Conference March 21, 2012.

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2 Presented by Jerry F. Smith, CFRE President & CEO J.F. Smith Group, Inc. Northeast Annual Giving Conference March 21, 2012

3 1. I’ve learned that my best decisions are made using my common sense. Formula for Success BP + CS x E = S Basic Principles plus Common Sense Times Effort Equals SUCCESS!

4 2. I’ve learned there is no shortage of money.


6 2010 Contributions by Type of Recipient

7 3. I’ve learned the number one reason people give is because they believe in the mission of the organization.

8 4. I’ve learned that volunteers would rather do anything than ask for money. 10/2 Rule

9 5. I’ve learned the two most important phrases to use are, “Please consider” and “Thank you.”

10  Call  Letter  Greeting Card  Visit  Invitation

11 6. I’ve learned that I can talk the talk, but I’m judged on the way I walk the walk.

12 7. I’ve learned dreams can become a reality only if action occurs.

13 8. I’ve learned that boards are focused on the cost and NOT on the end result.

14 9. I’ve learned that for every one dollar given away by a foundation – there are 100 organizations asking for that one dollar.

15 10. I’ve learned you shouldn’t call a $100 meeting to solve a $10 problem.

16 11. I’ve learned that generous people seldom have emotional and mental problems.

17 12. I’ve learned I can’t ask someone to give unless I’ve given myself.

18 13. I’ve learned I cannot meet someone for the first time and predict their success in fund- raising.

19  Believe in the mission of the organization they represent  People and writing skills  Cross the “T”s and dot the “I”s  Strong work ethic

20 14. I’ve learned you have to listen with your eyes.

21 15. I’ve learned I can tell a lot about a person by the watch and shoes they are wearing.

22 16. I’ve learned that if you care it shows.

23 17. I’ve learned you have to stay high, when you are low.

24 18. I’ve learned that mistakes I have made teach me more than my accomplishments.

25 19. I’ve learned that nothing takes the place of enthusiasm and passion.

26 20. I’ve learned that you never ask a prospect, “How’s business?”

27 21. I’ve learned you teach by doing rather than by telling.

28 22. I’ve learned that when you are there be there.

29 23. I’ve learned you sell people, not numbers.

30 24. I’ve learned to show success, it helps to dress the part.

31 25. I’ve learned I enjoy being generous.

32 26. I’ve learned experience makes me smarter.

33 27. I’ve learned there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

34 28. I’ve learned that going the extra mile puts you miles ahead of the competition.

35 29. I’ve learned that I will never be too old to learn new things.

36 30. I’ve learned people do not give to “needs” only to opportunities.

37 31. I’ve learned there is never a perfect time to start a campaign.

38 32. I’ve learned if you want a prospect to consider a larger gift, then you must get them involved.

39 33. I’ve learned that campaigns succeed with leadership gifts. 90/10

40 34. I’ve learned that you share success with everyone.

41 35. I’ve learned there are no short cuts in the business of fund- raising.

42 36. I’ve learned that good fund-raisers are also good readers.

43 37. I’ve learned before you ask a donor to consider a gift, you have to determine their TAPP. -The right TIME for the solicitation (T) -The right ASK AMOUNT (A) -The right PROJECT (P) -The right PERSON to make the ask (P)

44 38. I’ve learned that the written proposal you present is judged 50% on appearance and 50% on content.

45 Proposal Checklist  Cover Letter  Introduction  The Opportunity  Project Budget  The Invitation  Appendix

46 39. I’ve learned that small talk is the most important step in a solicitation.

47 40. I have learned to use IPAT when a prospect says, “No.”  Is it the Institution?  Is it the Project?  Is it the Amount?  Is it the Timing? Source: Jerry Panas

48 41. I’ve learned that after five follow-up calls…it means we have asked for too much money.

49 42. I’ve learned that corporate solicitation must be a win-win proposition.

50 43. I’ve learned that better is not good enough.

51 44. I’ve learned you don’t confuse effort with results.

52 45. I’ve learned you don’t establish a campaign goal based on needs, but rather on what you can raise.

53 46. I’ve learned if you like yourself, then you will probably like most people you meet.

54 47. I’ve learned that it’s alright to get discouraged; just don’t let it last longer than 10 minutes.

55 48. I’ve learned to see it big, but keep it simple.

56 49. I’ve learned the person asking the questions is in charge of the conversation.

57 50. …..AND FINALLY, I’ve learned that I have been blessed to have been in this business for over10,000 days.

58 Thank You! FUND-RAISING Rules of the Road to Success By: Jerry Smith, CFRE If you would like a Free copy of my book Please send your name and mailing address To: or

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