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“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching others the joy of giving.” -Hank Rosso.

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1 “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching others the joy of giving.” -Hank Rosso

2 What do you want to get out of this session?


4  Setting Goals  Building Your Case for Support  Where Do We Raise those Funds?  Fundraising Roles  Making the Ask  Question and Answers  Take Aways for Greatest Impact

5  Who do you give to? Why?  Who do you not give to Why not?  Have you stopped giving to anyone? Why?


7  Face-to-Face Fundraising: 65%  Telephone Fundraising: 35%  Direct Mail Renewal: 20%  Direct Mail Acquisition: 1-1 ½ %  Grant Proposal Writing: 10-50%  Events: Can’t always measure # of Contacts  Internet Fundraising/Social Media: Can’t measure # of Contacts

8  Get input from you board, staff and volunteers and designate a fundraising committee.  Identify your organizations assets and determine how fundraising relates to your mission  Assess your fundraising history.  Create a realistic monetary goal.  Create realistic activity goals.  Forecast.  Outline your strategy to meet your goals.  Create a timeline for your plan’s completion.  Put it all together in your plan.

9 When it’s all said and done, measure your outcomes!


11  A Case Statement is the Reason for Our Existence!!!  A good Case Statement Should Include:  A Summary of the Organization  The Mission description or statement  A Brief, relevant history  A Compelling Reason for our existence  A Project description  A Project benefits  Endorsements from the community  Giving opportunities and forms of giving and donor recognition **See detailed handout on building a case statement

12  Individuals  Churches  Foundations  Corporations  Events  Social Media/Online

13 RELATIONSHIPS Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe. -G.T. Smith

14  People make the decisions at corporations.  People make the decisions at foundations.  Direct mail goes to people.  Events are attended by people.  People make the decisions in churches.  Social Media is made up of………you got it……..people!!! We Need To Build Strong Relationships With People!!!


16  Staff  Volunteers  Board  Donors

17 Why is Asking so Scary?

18 How many of us in this room are offended or angered when asked to support an amazing organization or a worthy cause?

19 So why are we afraid to ask amazing people for help when we know we have an amazing organization made up of other amazing people doing amazing things for more amazing people in amazing ways that is having an amazing impact in our amazing community?

20  Why are you asking them to give?  What is the impact of their gift?  Why now?  Why should they give?  How much am I asking for? Now What?


22  Don’t do anything!!!!!!!!  Don’t talk yourself out of a gift  Be confident in your ask  Shut-up and enjoy the silence  Stay quiet and listen  Answer their questions succinctly  Don’t assume a question is a “NO”  Let them be the first to talk after the ask  Be patient, they may need to think it over, discuss it with family, check with their board, pray about it  Realize a “No” is rarely a “No Not Ever”  But when you get the “YES”…………………

23  Say it quick  Say it often  Be personal and sincere  Give the donor the credit  Show (don’t tell) your donor where their investment went  Repeat and again ALL YEAR LONG!!!!


25  Make a plan and stick to it  Remember, what gets measured gets done!!!  Get out and build relationships  No matter the giving source, it always comes down to relationships with individuals  Don’t be afraid, make the ask  You’re NOT begging for money, you’re providing them an opportunity to invest in a worthy cause where their return on investment are changed lives!!!  I’m here as a resource, use me!!!

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