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NOBO JIBON A Title II Food Security Program in Bangladesh (June 2010-May 2015)

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1 NOBO JIBON A Title II Food Security Program in Bangladesh (June 2010-May 2015)

2 NOBO JIBON Information Management System A Title II Food Security Program in Bangladesh (June 2010-May 2015)

3 NOBO JIBON Information Management System McAID Mother & Child Aid System

4 McAID is an internet-based software database system designed to gather & manage operational program data from remote locations through GSM/CDMA-supported mobile handsets or modems. McAID Mother & Child Aid System

5 McAID was first developed between 2005 and 2010 during the Jibon-O- Jibika program, funded by USAID. It was a PDA-based system, used to gather primary data in an offline format. PDA

6 Original functionalities were reviewed to make the new McAID more adaptable for data management requirements and to make use of GSM mobile services for more efficient data collection. SmartPhone

7 The new generation McAID is an online centralized data management system that has replaced PDAs with internet- enabled smartphones for primary data collection.

8 - Efficiently access beneficiary-level data. - Reduce paper-based manual compilation. - Cost effective data management. - Accurate and consistent information flow for commodity management.

9 Web browser enabled any device can access McAID through the URL –

10 Primary data inputs are made by frontline staff through handheld internet-enabled SmartPhones.

11 440 SmartPhones are distributed to frontline staff in 4 partner NGOs. Necessary trainings are provided on how to operate for data gathering.

12 Remote locations are connected via data connectivity services provided by GSM mobile service operators.

13 Data Center McAID is a centralized database management system; secured with firewall and antivirus, and an independent power source to keep it live and operational for 24 hours in the event of power outage. Village

14 Registration records of over 300,000 beneficiaries tracked under different program components. Over 100,000 service and food recipient records tracked.

15 Food distribution planning and record keeping for over 800 metric tons dispatched for different program components. Commodity transactions and inventory tracked between warehouses; including BL- specific stock positions, loss reporting, etc.

16 Large number of users and beneficiaries served each month. 700 Users (SC and 4 partner NGOs) Over 100,000 beneficiaries tracked per month 800 NMT Food distributed per month Over 300,000 beneficiaries registered Data center performs 24 hours/day

17 McAID features dynamic options that allow system administrators to modify rules and parameters, making the system fast and adaptable.

18 User permission level allows user to access data within the place of posting by using minimum resources of the system.

19 Digital signature feature has reduced staff movement and total time required for publication and distribution of crucial reports.

20 Tracking feature gives the opportunity to getting information to the user staying in a point instead of moving from one to another.

21 Fully scheduled Backup process runs for backing up whole system to reduce complexity, administrative efforts & Recovery of Backup data within a very short time by implementing # 1 solution.

22 - Faster aggregation of raw data. - Increased data accuracy. - Increased accountability. - Reduced paper trailed documentation. - Minimum staff-time for reporting. - Quick implementation of the system.

23 Broken network connectivity within 3% of the working area. High price of preferred device opposed to lower performance of the lower- priced option. Communication with service provider seeking improved performance. Ongoing search for better devices at a low price in local market; price negotiation with suppliers. ChallengesRecommendation

24 The dynamic structure of McAID demonstrated proven capacities to facilitate efficient information management support across SC for different programs besides Title II. Agency Program Nobo Jibon PROSHAR Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP) Feed the Future

25 A formal MoU is offered to the interested program/agencies for cost sharing to cover essential costs related to recurrent bandwidth along with server maintenance and associated staff time in order to provide necessary training and system integration efforts from Nobo Jibon MIS unit. Agency Program Nobo Jibon PROSHAR Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP) Feed the Future

26 Manager Dy Manager, Sr. Officer-Dev Sr. Officer- Implementation MIS Requirements Communicate, Analyze, Design, Prioritize Coding, Customize, Debug, Monitoring, Scripting Testing, Training, Facilitation, Data validation Program Operation Program Component

27 For more information please contact – Nazmul Kalam Manager Commodity & MIS, Nobo Jibon

28 This entire system development was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


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