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January 2009 Trip Dominican Republic

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2 January 2009 Trip Dominican Republic

3 Receiving the donations that arrived at the port of authority

4 Eva and Maritza meeting with Father Ramón at the port of authority

5 Your generous donations on the way to the church for distribution

6 Church “Nuestra Señora de la América Latina”

7 Unloading the 21 boxes at the church

8 Interior of the church

9 Meeting with the church volunteers to plan out the distributing procedures

10 Waiting area at the church for the families that were receiving donations

11 Pairing clothing for each person according to size, age and sex


13 Boxes varied for infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults and senior citizens and were distributed to each group according to size and sex



16 Maritza Shorter and Eva Harris: Co-founders of the Shorter-Harris Foundation

17 A special thanks to the team of church volunteer who made this mission a success

18 Scoping out a location for local distribution in the area known as “Bávaro”

19 Children starting to gather

20 Just a little bit goes a long way


22 Maritza with the children in Bávaro



25 Visiting with the children in Bávaro

26 Eva and Maritza with the children in Bávaro

27 In Memory of “Kiko” While in the Dominican Republic Maritza and Eva were especially excited to visit with Kiko, his brother, David, and their best friend, Braulio; the three boys they had met two years ago, who served as the inspiration to create the Shorter- Harris Foundation. While there, they were saddened to hear the news that Kiko had past away exactly a year ago from they day of their arrival. Maritza and Eva were able to meet with Braulio and paid a special visit with Kiko’s mother and family. Braulio“Kiko” David We will continue helping families throughout our foundation in memoriam of Luis Alberto Mateus Mercedes “Kiko” Born June, 9 th, 2000, died January 17 th, 2008 of unknown causes.

28 Kiko’s Mother, siblings and Braulio in front of Kiko’s home

29 Braulio with Eva, Maritza and Kiko’s family

30 Eva and Maritza with David and his sisters

31 Kiko and David’s home. This shanty houses 5 people in one room without a bathroom.

32 Entrance to Kiko’s family’s home

33 Area next to Kiko’s home

34 Braulio with David and Kiko’s family, who continue to inspire us and the work of the foundation everyday.

35 We hoped you have enjoyed viewing where all of your donations have gone. Thank you for all of your generosity and donations.

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