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Paul Revere By Sam A Work in Progress (Working on Citations)

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1 Paul Revere By Sam A Work in Progress (Working on Citations)

2 The Birth of a Patriot Paul Revere was born in Boston, Massachusetts in December 1734. The total date is unknown. His mother was named Deborah Hitchborn, and his fathers name was named Apollos Revoir, who changed his name to Revere to make it sound more common

3 Early Life Paul Revere had twelve brothers and sisters, seven of them died Was sent to an infant school when he was around five years old to learn his ABC’s and some reading Joined a bell ringing club at age fifteen, where he rang a bell on a nearby church with some other friends

4 Adult Life Worked as a silversmith Married Sara Orne Had one child named Deborah after his mother

5 The Revere House Paul Revere’s House is located in the North End of Boston He owned it from 1780 to 1800 He lived there with his family

6 Helping the Patriots Paul Revere joined many associations and clubs to help the patriots cause Was assigned to warn the city of Lexington if the British were attacking.

7 Becoming a Hero Paul Revere is most famous because of his Midnight Ride, when he rode through the town of Lexington on his horse, shouting “The British are coming, the British are coming!” Because of his warning, the town of Lexington was safe, a great thing for the Patriots in the American revolution

8 Important Dates December 1734 is when Paul Revere was born 1772 is when many patriot groups formed, many of which Revere joined In 1775 fighting breaks out between patriots and the British In 1776 patriots try to break away from England, Revolutionary War starts

9 Dead or Living? Paul Revere died in May 10, 1818

10 Place in History Paul Revere is remembered as an American hero The lesson of his story is to never give up on something important to you

11 Paul Revere’s Influences Paul Revere influenced a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called “Paul Revere’s Ride.” Paul Revere has changed American history and helped the country to become free

12 Lessons Paul Revere never gave up on creating the new, free country of America He inspired many colonists in the 1700s to join the Patriots

13 Death Paul Revere died on May 10, 1818 He died after helping the colonists in winning the Revolutionary War and becoming an American hero

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