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“The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation is committed to being a beacon of light for New Jersey families of children diagnosed with cancer. Through trained professionals.

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1 “The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation is committed to being a beacon of light for New Jersey families of children diagnosed with cancer. Through trained professionals and dedicated volunteers, our goal is to replace fear with hope and confusion with balance.” “Working for you, in any way that I am capable at this time, has made this holiday season a bit more bearable." -An ECF volunteer who recently lost her own daughter to cancer.

2 History In 1981, seven-year old Emmanuel Vizzoni was diagnosed with Burkett’s lymphoma. His parents, Susan and Joseph Vizzoni, experienced the enormous emotional and financial hardships that families endure when a child is diagnosed with cancer. In 1983, two years after Emmanuel’s death, the Vizzonis established the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation (ECF) to assist other families experiencing the trauma of childhood cancer.

3 Mission Statement The mission of the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation is to provide a variety of specialized services, at no charge, to any New Jersey family facing the challenges of caring for a child with cancer.

4 About Us ECF is New Jersey's oldest free, in-home, counseling and support agency. “Thank you for all the generous help your organization has provided me since day one as without you guys I would not have the hope I do.”

5 About Us ECF families come from all over the state, and kids range in age from birth to young adults. They are diagnosed with a variety of types of cancer, but the most prevalent are leukemia, brain tumors, and neuroblastoma. Referrals can be made by anyone, but many come from pediatric oncology units in hospitals in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. ECF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization privately funded by individuals, corporations, foundations and community groups.

6 Services ECF kids and their families receive a comprehensive package of: Emotional support, counseling, and advocacy services through ECF's team of professional Caseworkers. Material assistance, made available through the four Regional Centers. Regional Directors coordinate the collection and distribution of food, toys, new clothes, and household items to families. Regional Directors also serve as a major fundraising arm for ECF. Emergency financial assistance for families in a crisis situation.

7 In-Home Professional Counseling The Hallmark of Our Program
Recognizing the emotional toll a diagnosis like pediatric cancer can take on the family, ECF’s professional Caseworkers are focused on maintaining the emotional balance of the family unit. Caseworkers provide counseling and emotional support for the entire family and can help siblings and others in the family understand what they need to know about cancer – in terms they can understand.

8 Material Assistance The Centerpiece for Many Families
This second pillar of our services is provided through the collaboration of the Caseworkers with the Regional Directors and their volunteers, who collect and distribute donated groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, and household items as needed. Contributions from corporations, local businesses, families and civic associations help us to continue to make a difference and help to preserve the families’ quality of life.

9 Financial Aid A Critical Resource for Those in Crisis
Emergency funds are available for ECF families who find themselves in a financial crisis. These funds help with basic services that a family needs to survive, such as rent or utilities. Sometimes, these funds reimburse the family for meals while they were in the hospital with their child. Tragically, in some incidents, funds are distributed to families who are unable to meet the high costs of memorial services.

10 Volunteer Opportunities
Like other small not-for-profits, ECF relies a great deal on volunteers. Here are just a few of the special projects volunteers are needed for right now: Provide clerical support Organize food drives Become a member of ECF’s Speaker’s Bureau Help with special events Organize a local fundraiser Deliver food to area families, or pack, shelve, and inventory the Food Pantry Track and acknowledge patient and sibling birthdays Fill holiday wishes for an ECF kid plus siblings

11 Communications For more information, visit our website at Outlook, published twice each year, provides information for our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and families to keep them updated on what is going on at ECF. An Annual Report is available on our website or on request. Constant Contact is sent out periodically through with a variety of news and updates and interesting information for our subscribers. ECF is on Facebook. Become a fan or help a family by searching Emmanuel Cancer Foundation on

12 Regional Centers ECF Headquarters/ Central Regional Center
Regional Director: Barbara Kopel 1833 Front Street Scotch Plains, NJ Ext. 17 Southern Regional Center Regional Director: Zipporah Daniels-Browne 1301 North Broad St Woodbury, NJ Eastern Regional Center Regional Director: Joann Passantino 1710 Highway 71, Suite 2 Wall, NJ Northern Regional Center Regional Director: Laura Savage 174 Paterson Avenue Midland Park, NJ Managing Director Carol Davis, M.A., L.P.C.

13 Thank You ECF Thank You! "Thank you for all of the support and generous gifts. It helps to know that people care."  "Your paying my too large utility bill was a blessing. It took one problem away at a time when we needed one less problem. Your generosity and continued concern and support are greatly appreciated by all of us.“ "Thank you for helping my sister. Thank you for the food. You all do a nice thing for kids with cancer. So, thank you."  "We certainly don't know where your generosity begins or ends. You have helped our family through our ups and downs. Words will never be able to explain or express the gratitude we have for you for keeping us happy." “We want to take an opportunity to thank you for everything you did for our family at Christmas. Often, we think about how hard things are and feel like happiness never comes our way. But, then you were there to bring us smiles, just as you've done on countless occasions in the past.“  “Thank you for more gifts for our little girl for Easter. We were pleasantly surprised to receive the baskets, especially since shopping for a basket was low on our list this year. Once again, you saved us time and money. We greatly appreciate that you take care of us.“  "I am especially thankful for the Christmas present you gave my brothers and I. Your gifts made us some very happy boys on Christmas, and it made my mom happy too. Thank you for everything you have done for my family and continue to do for my family."

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