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Building a Fundraising Plan Grant Fletcher and Jared Paventi Central New York Chapter.

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1 Building a Fundraising Plan Grant Fletcher and Jared Paventi Central New York Chapter

2 Objectives  Sharing – What makes a good fundraiser?  Sample fundraising plan – the goal setting process  Building the plan  Follow up

3 Ways to create a fundraising culture  Communications should set an expectation of fundraising  Committee goal planning and comprehension  Listen  Keep it mission-focused

4 Alzheimer’s Association Mission Statement To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

5 When/How to have conversation for building your fundraising plan  Conference Calls  TC meeting  1-1 meeting with elite teams  1-1 meeting with other walkers/team captains  Mentoring program

6 Why have a plan  Tracking metrics  Demonstrates clear expectations  Provides team a road map to success

7 Talk through the process  Having the conversation: encouraging, mission focused, local programs and services they are benefiting, fundraising clubs, VIF tents, etc.  The plan: Start simple then discuss ways to achieve success

8 Starting the conversation  Why do you participate in Walk?  Who does your team consist of?  If individual, have you thought of starting or joining a team?  What tools can we provide to help each team member hit the $100 level for a t-shirt  What is your team/individual goal?


10 Walking through each different plan  Individuals  New teams  Veteran/returning teams  Elite fundraisers

11 Follow up tips  Team rank  Celebrations  Share other success stories  Team week  Ask to be a mentor

12 SCENARIO 1: Making the ask  Friends & Family Team gets involved after a family loses battle with Alzheimer’s; wants to walk in their memory.  Team members uncomfortable with asking friends, other family, co-workers for money or to join their team.  Where do you start?

13 Five ways to motivate people to fundraise  Contests  Educate  Listen  Keep promises/Know capabilities  Attention to details

14 SCENARIO 2: The Double-Take  Friends & Family team  In 2010, 15 walkers raised $2,000  Their 2011 goals: 35 walkers, $7,500  Where do they start with their plan?  How do we introduce the concept?

15 Motivate. Motivate. Motivate. Successful fundraising is not the process of accruing an ever-increasing volume of donors; it is recognizing the ones with potential for contributing progressively generous gifts, them making it as easy as possible for them to do just that. From Donor-Centered Fundraising Penelope Burk

16 SCENARIO 3: Fighting Stagnation  Corporate team with long-term participation  Fundraising peaked in 2009.  Set a 2010 goal of $10,000; raised $4,000  Came back in 2011 with goal of $7,500  How do you rebuild the momentum?  What steps should be put into place to help this team succeed?


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