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Industry Knowledge for Decision Makers Lead Acquisition through TRADEBRIEFS e-NEWSLETTER 8,00,000+ Subscribers Phone: +912240044861,

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1 Industry Knowledge for Decision Makers Lead Acquisition through TRADEBRIEFS e-NEWSLETTER 8,00,000+ Subscribers Email : Phone: +912240044861, +919930580074

2 For subscribers, TradeBriefs provides the latest news, in-depth insight and jobs in a daily personalized newsletter, specific to their industry. Industries covered include Retail, IT, Telecom, FMCG, Finance, Digital Media, Ecommerce and HR. Daily Knowledge Brief FOR SUBSCRIBERS For advertisers, TradeBriefs provides an engaging vehicle to reach top decision- makers and other professionals, including 60,000+ CXOs. Marketing options include content marketing, display and email marketing. 8,00,000+professionals FOR ADVERTISERS TradeBriefs partners with associations and organizations to provide a valuable daily knowledge brief to its members, prospects and customers. High quality opt-in FOR PARTNERS

3 Our largest vertical is Retail – 2,00,000 subscribers. Following this, we have Digital Media (115,000), IT (100,000), SME/other (80,000), Finance (80,000), Telecom (60,000),HR (35,000),Logistic (40,000) FMCG (50,000) and Ecommerce (25,000) Top Sectors in India Apart from professionals who sign up for our current verticals, we are constantly launching new vertical and function-based newsletters, thus expanding our audience by tens of thousands of subscribers every month. New additions Our Audience

4 Subscribers profile by Designation Top Management TradeBriefs attracts those who care about industry information to build their business and further their careers. These are the top white-collar professionals in the country White-collar profesional TradeBriefs has the largest number of engaged CXOs for an online publication in India, with consistent open rates of 10% + every day

5 INCOME (Lakh Rs per annum) Age Subscribers Profile

6 Mode 1 : Electronic Direct Mailers Approaches o Lead Generation o Retargeting o Brand and Awareness Building

7 Mode 2 : Sponsored Stories within our 11+ Daily newsletters We at Tradebriefs strongly believe in the power of good content and its ability to generate, nurture & cultivate leads for your brand. Content Marketing/Curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest to a target group. How we generate leads for you through Content Marketing! (Methodology) Below is a case study from one of our clients marketing-case-study-ga-software-technologies/

8 Mode 3 : Display Banners within newsletters and various portals Approaches: o Branding o Lead Generation o Retargeting the clicks through EDM’s Reach: 8,00,000+ Subscribers, 3 days a week. Impressions: 600,000 to 1,200,000 per month

9 AWARENESSCONSIDERATIONPURCHASE For B2B campaigns TradeBriefs can help you get quality Leads For B2C campaigns, TradeBriefs can help you get Customers DESCRIBE THE PROBLEM ( Get them to agree they have the some problem ) INTRODUCTION TO YOUR SOLUTION DETAILED INFORMATION ON SOLUTION PROOF POINTS : CUSTOMERS, TESTIMONIALS, REVIEWS, ETC. FREE TRIALPURCHASE Not ready to move to the next step? Capture Email Address Lead Nurturing Build a trusted relationship. Wait for an external Trigger, or try to Create a Trigger THE BUYER DECISION MAKING FRAMEWORK

10 Why our 8,00,000+ Subscribers chose us? We have 8,00,000+ subscribers today, who trust us to provide them with industry information on a daily basis. It’s your work-related stuff – News. It will keep you smart (think promotion! think raise!) And it’ll save you many hours every day; from roaming the corners of the internet, looking for content. Our editors (aided by our curation algorithms) read everything that’s important, and then pick the articles, best practices and case studies that really matter, package it into a nifty brief and deliver it into your Inbox every day. “ I do read The India Food Brief newsletter regularly and find it very informative and useful. It gives us a bird's eye view of all the events / happenings in the industry, gives us information on various subjects all conveniently in one newsletter which otherwise we will have to refer to, to a number of other information mediums. Posted By: Ms Schauna Chauhan Saluja, CEO, Parle Agro “ Nice initiative & Quite informative. Posted By: Rajeev Kumar Mishra Head - Video Conference & Corporate Sales (WB-Bi-JH), Reliance Communications Ltd., Kolkata, India The Tradebriefs newsletter is one of the essential mails to start your day. All important important events are nicely summarized so that you don't miss any important news and facts associated with it. The trends and insight column shares views from some very experienced people and helps one further understand the ever changing field of retail. Congratulations to team TradeBriefs! “ Posted By: Mr Navneet Rai, Co-founder,

11 Transparency and ROI- Why Advertisers Choose Us? Because we deliver results  For Branding Campaigns – Open rates range anywhere from 8% – 25%, depending on targeting and other parameters  For Lead / Sale based campaigns – Usually deliver tens/hundreds of leads in a single email marketing campaign  Better bounce and unsubscription management ensures better deliverability and better value to the advertiser and subscriber Because we understand email marketing and approach it scientifically Email marketing can be used for various purposes and the approach differs accordingly  Branding  Lead Generation  Direct Sales  Awareness generation We advise clients on how creatives should be structured and present long-term options to achieve sustained business results

12 Sample Campaign Report We care about advertiser ROI and are transparent in our reporting  The advertiser knows exactly who saw their communication – clear ROI  This Dashboard helps our advertisers enable to track the progress real time Company Designation

13 Ogilvy has worked with TradeBriefs for more than 3 years now. TradeBriefs has a high quality corporate audience which was worked well for our clients. Their understanding of email and newsletter marketing and the focus on ROI for the advertiser is what sets them apart from other publishers. Sree is a thought leader in email and he and his team are constantly looking for new ways to add value to advertisers – Mitesh Soni, Media Planner, Ogilvy As one of the early advertisers on India Retail News, I have seen it grow from a fledgling publication to the voice of the Retail industry. We are very happy with the branding received for Beyond Square feet and for several of our clients through them. The data they collect on their subscribers and the analytics they provide us helps us understand exactly where we are spending our marketing rupees every month. I hope to continue our association with TradeBriefs and wish them continued success – Susil Dungarwal, MD, Beyond Square feet Clientele

14 TradeBriefs partners with associations and organizations to provide a valuable daily knowledge brief to its members, prospects and customers. Branding plus Lead Generation from TradeBriefs audience of 8,00,000 + Increase brand recall and lead pipeline by upto 100% (Banners and Content Marketing with in daily newsletters) Revenue share on premium advertising Why this works? Your brand gets a positive halo because you are educating/informing your customer every day. Our technology platform will collect data on your users and segment and target offerings based on contextual content consumption data, again increasing marketing ROI. All members stay informed on news and analysis relating to their sector. Global best practices are also shared. Your business builds its brand with current and potential customers, driving new enquiries, renewals and other business opportunities. There will be an extreme focus on engagement data, which will ensure a nurtured list who will not only love your brand, but also accept the products/services you have to sell, more willingly in future.. Call us today at 9930577889 to understand how you can enhance the power of your contact list. Activate and Nurture your Audience

15 We appreciate your Business Our Footprint On World Wide Web

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