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THE RADIO SOLUTION USED. Network Consists of two Parts Backbone Network Access Network.

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2 Network Consists of two Parts Backbone Network Access Network

3 Backbone Network Throughput starts at 8 MBPS. Unlimited expandability. Ability to add additional backbones for greater bandwidth if and when required. Fibre will be used where available from Right of Way to connect districts and POPs where possible.

4 ACCESS NETWORK Used for providing connectivity from the backbone network to the subscribers. Point to multi-point radios used. Last mile bandwidth of 4 MBPS, shared. Ability to limit bandwidth to each subscriber as per requirement. Products selected to minimise recurring costs including WPC charges.

5 WipLL - Wireless IP Local Loop IP based point –to-multi point cellular Wireless access system Upto 4 MBPS throughput 1.33 MHz per channel In-built routing saves cost of routers. QOS and Bandwidth on demand. One base supports upto 126 remotes Low initial invest, low recurring costs. Cat 5 cable from Switch to radio. DOT Charges 5 KM 1.44 lakhs plus Rs 1000 per remote BSR – Base Station Radio Subscriber Premises Radio Indoor Radio

6 Bharti The Backbone Network Looks Like …. Kizzisary GHSS CHMHS Chekkod BPIDC Pallurkotta AGRI, Tavanoor Airtel POP Kallarakkunnu JNV Vangalam Vettekkod Trunching Ground Block Panchayat Office Arikkod FGH Nilambur GHSS, Kalpakanchery KINFRA Kakkancherry 3.04 km 7.75km 16.8 km 4.5 km 3.48 km 17.5 km 8.5 km 22.3 km 15.68 km 22.5 km 3.5 Km # 463 # 485 # 800 # 773 # 003 # 153 # 129 # 294 14.53 km Pullamkode VIP E1 Radios VIP 22 6 2 5 12 MCT Melmuri 5 25 23 6 DRDA Malappuram 8 17 30 3 23 24 6 4 10 POP Sub POP xx No of Akshaya centres connected 20 # 237 # 337 # 084 Vivekananda MEA PTM 8 3 5 7 8 10 5 4 # 62.9. # 215 PPR # 533 3.5 km PPR # 62.2 11.5km 3.5km



9 What this Network will deliver High Bandwidth Scalability – Starting as low as 16 Kb and scale up to unlimited bandwidth and number of users. Voice enabled from Day One – Voice services in the CUG can be made available immediately Supports Streaming Video – E Learning programs can be started from Day One Bandwidth on Demand from the word Go

10 CELLULAR DATA UMBRELLA Network creates a cellular data network, just like cellphone over the entire district. Any authorised subscriber anywhere in the district can connect and avail data services. Any subscriber, government or private can use the services. Near zero install except for towers. Extensive security.

11 SERVICES THAT CAN RUN ON THE NETWORK Voice, data video. E-learning E-governance and connectivity to government organizations Rural mobile telephony

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