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1 Industrial Systems Advanced Protection, Monitoring, Control, & Communications in One Integrated Package! Universal Recloser Control (URC) Reliable reclosing.

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1 1 Industrial Systems Advanced Protection, Monitoring, Control, & Communications in One Integrated Package! Universal Recloser Control (URC) Reliable reclosing for electrical distribution systems

2 2 Industrial Systems Contents 1.URC ApplicationsURC Applications 2.Mounting OptionsMounting Options 3.Front Panel LayoutFront Panel Layout 4.Benefits of URCBenefits of URC 5.Key FeaturesKey Features 6.URPC Software FeaturesURPC Software Features To return to this slide, click here 7.CommunicationsCommunications 8.Wiring OptionsWiring Options 9.Recloser ModelsRecloser Models 10.SpecificationsSpecifications 11.Advantage GEAdvantage GE 12.How To OrderHow To Order

3 3 Industrial Systems URC Applications The URC is suitable for new applications, or as a retrofit of existing recloser controls including: For Kyle®/Cooper Form 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 4C, FXA, and FXB Medium and low voltage systems Coordination with substation feeders using traditional recloser curve coordinate or UCA GOOSE messaging A versatile and flexible solution for any application

4 4 Industrial Systems Pole Mount Recloser Substation Recloser The URC is suitable for controlling both pole mounted and substation (ground) reclosers, including multiple reclosers: URC Applications

5 5 Industrial Systems Convenient Mounting Hardware The URC comes with a rugged housing and mounting bracket: Environmentally hardened shells provide safety and security Optional climate control Choice of casing material: Stainless steel Aluminum Sealed against the elements Cabinet is NEMA 4 rated

6 6 Industrial Systems User- programmable pushbuttons (Trip, Close, Block 79, Block Gnd OC, HLT, Local/Remote, etc.) Front mounted 120 Volt AC power supply Front-mounted test panels with covers (optional) Large 2 line backlit LCD display & keypad LED indicators Front RS232 PC interface Target Reset Programmable LED indicators RJ45 Ethernet Port for PC interface (optional) URC Front Panel Features

7 7 Industrial Systems Benefits of the URC Proven protection algorithms Built-in communications and expandable I/O accessory boards FlexLogic™ & FlexElements™ Programmable Control System Integrated Ethernet (10BaseT, 10BaseF) as Option Configurable Pushbuttons for Maximum Flexibility Advanced Configuration and Commissioning Tools Large Operator Display Integrated protection, control and communications in one product

8 8 Industrial Systems Key Features Control –Programmable four-shot autoreclosing with programmable sequence coordination –Programmable logic system (FlexLogic™) including gates, latches, timers, counters and digital elements Metering –A, V, Watt, Var, PF, Demand metering 12 User Programmable Pushbuttons –Trip, Close, HLT, Block 79, Block Gnd OC, Local/Remote,etc. Protection –Standard time curves including IEEE, IEC, GE IAC, I2t, definite time, plus 4 user programmable with selection of 41 Cooper Type Curves –Optional Hi-Z fault detection –Phase, neutral, ground or sensitive ground and negative sequence IOC/TOC –Breaker failure –Multiple setting groups

9 9 Industrial Systems URPC Software Features User-friendly software provides access to vital data The software provides many useful tools, including: Waveform capturing triggered by current, voltage, switch activity or manually 1 x 128 upto 31 x 8 cycles (configurable) 64 Samples/Cycle Rate Data Logger For Trending Event Recorder Triggered by any element pickup, operator reset, digital I/O or change of state 1024 most recent events stored in non-volatile memory Pickup and Dropout of 26 different conditions Harmonic Analysis Up to the 25th Harmonic

10 10 Industrial Systems RS485 port supports ModBus RTU MMS/UCA2, ModBus TCP/IP, and DNP 3.0 on 10BaseF options Simultaneous communication to PLC/RTU and PC Front RS232 and optional RJ45 Ethernet ports provide local PC connection for maintenance, reporting and monitoring by personnel Communications The URC’s open communications protocol and multiple ports facilitate system integration: Designed for seamless integration to minimize installation time and costs

11 11 Industrial Systems Wiring Connections: The URC offers many wiring options for versatility and flexibility:

12 12 Industrial Systems Recloser Models F60RF35RF650R Basic Protection  Advanced Protection  w/Option for HiZ No HiZ Option Multiple Breaker Support F35R1 – One Recloser, Upgradeable F35R2 – Two Reclosers F35R3 – Three Reclosers F35R4 – Four Reclosers

13 13 Industrial Systems Specifications Dimensions H=600mm (24") x W=600mm (24") x D=350mm (14") Weight 28.4kg (62.6lbs) w/batteries approx. 36kg (80 lbs) Enclosure – NEMA4 Operating temperature: -40 to +85 C (For 16 hours) Approvals – UL & CSA Certified, CE Compliant ANSI Device Functions – 25, 27P, 27X, 32, 50DD, 50BF, 50P, 50G, 50N, 50_2, 51P, 51G, 51N, 51_2, 59N, 59P,59X, 59_2, 67P, 67N,67_2, 79, 81U, 81O

14 14 Industrial Systems Advantage GE Why GE? URC provides multiple breaker support in one controller Reduces total installation and maintenance cost Native Ethernet communications using open standards Industry leading protection – downed conductor, negative sequence, sensitive earth fault and more Full suite of relay/control options from economy to advanced Unique, Expandable System Additional breaker support No external communication or I/O accessory boards FlexLogic™ & FlexElements™ programmable control system Extra controller slots for additional I/O Configurable pushbuttons for maximum flexibility Advanced Configuration and Commissioning Tools Local and remote URPC configuration tool … no extra charge Standard & Four User-definable Curves Variety of standard and custom curves available Selection of 41 Cooper curves

15 15 Industrial Systems Ordering Information GE Multilin Inc. 215 Anderson Ave. Markham, Ontario Canada L6E 1B3 International: +1 905 294 6222 Europe: +34 94 485 88 00 Email: Web: To order the URC, call your local GE sales office, or contact: URC Ordering Code:

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