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VAMP 300 IED functionality Feeder relay Motor relay

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1 VAMP 300 IED functionality Feeder relay Motor relay

2 VAMP 300 IED Product launch
Vamp 300 series concept was launched to Finnish customers on November 7th, Vamp partners are given marketing release message of this product within November, Delivery release follows January 1st, 2013. Vamp 300 will be shown also in the Eskom exhibition in November 2012.

3 VAMP 300 IED Innovations through years 2009-2012 2013...
VAMP 50 series relays VAMP 300 IED Partly modular design Flexible relay range The first ever low end relay with IEC 61850 Can operate together with arc protection system Arc protection with three point sensors provide 7ms operation time Fully modular design with option for new menu structure and bigger display Flexible relay range, fits to many applications Multible protocol possibilities simultaneously including IEC 61850 Can operate together with arc protection system Integrated arc protection with 2 point sensors provide 7 ms operation time

4 VAMP 300 IED Functionality generally
Vamp 300 IED features a modular design that allows user-defined conventional protection and arc flash protection solutions both in new and existing power distribution systems. New password protected and easy to use push buttons for breaker controlling. Class IP54 casing as a default with optional conformal coated PCB:s provide reliability in demanding environment. New improved integrated arc protection. Binary input and output channels provide possibility to build arc system between the protection relays. -With 2 point sensors fast operation time within 7 milliseconds is achieved. -Upcoming 3 point sensor and 1 fiber loop option, brings the integrated arc protection operation time to 2 milliseconds. Option will be launched at the end of 2013. Optional bigger LCD display with new improved and user adjustable menu design coming later. VAMP 300 IED has wide selection of communication protocols, including IEC 61850, Profibus DP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0, DeviceNet, IEC , and SPA-Bus.

5 VAMP 300 IED Familiar firmware
Vamp 300 IED has familiar firmware, similar to Vamp 50 and 200 –series relays. Non volatile capacitor backed up memory is storing events, fault logs and disturbance recordings for 7 days IED stores 8 latest faults in every protection stage Up to 2000 events User programmable logic with 20 logical nodes. Logic is configured by using the Vampset relay setting and configuration tool Among regular protections stages 1-8 user configurable programmable stages can be used Disturbance recorder with 1600 Hz sample rate is able to record data with maximum 32 samples per cycle. Disturbance recorder files are common comtrade format Vamp 300 IED includes virtual signal injection called virtual measurement. It is possible to generate virtual sequences to test the relay. It is also possible to do playback with comtrade files.

6 VAMP 300 IED Fully modular design

7 VAMP 300 IED HW options F = Feeder M = Motor
-Adjusts the firmware of the IED to a certain desired mode.

8 VAMP 300 IED HW options F = Feeder M = Motor
-80…265VAC/DC with 6 output relays, 1 alarm contact and IRF relay -18…48VDC with 6 output relays, 1 alarm contact and IRF relay (Q2/2013)

9 VAMP 300 IED HW options F = Feeder M = Motor -2 x Arc option (7ms)
-6 x DI + 4 x DO -10 x DI (Q2/2013)

10 VAMP 300 IED HW options F = Feeder M = Motor
No options time being here

11 VAMP 300 IED F = Feeder M = Motor HW options Future extensions

12 VAMP 300 IED HW options F = Feeder M = Motor -3 x I + 3I0 + U
-3 x I + 3I0 + 4 x U (Q2/2013)

13 VAMP 300 IED HW options F = Feeder M = Motor -RS232 interface
-RS232 + RJ45 ethernet interface -RS232 + LC ethernet fiber interface

14 VAMP 300 IED HW options 128 x 64 LCD F = Feeder or M = Motor
128 x 128 LCD (Q3/2013) HW options -Default 128 x 64 LCD display -Optional 128 x 128 LCD display (Q3/2013)

15 VAMP 300 IED HW options 128 x 64 LCD F = Feeder or M = Motor
128 x 128 LCD (Q3/2013) HW options Digital input activation voltage level -24VDC/110VAC -110VDC/220VAC -220VAC

16 VAMP 300 IED Display options 128 x 64 LCD matrix display
Launch schedule: Vamp channel: November 2012 Schneider Electric: April, 2013 Launch schedule: Q3, 2013

17 VAMP 300 IED Programmable mimic display and logic
User configurable real time mimic with freely selectable measurements Pop-up screen for events, reclosing and synchro-check information Internal logic for up to 20 output nodes

18 VAMP 300 IED Fault data and event recording
Stored in non-volatile memory Capacitor back-up for 7 days No maintenance required as for solutions with battery back-up Disturbance recorder Waveform or trend mode possible 32 samples/cycle max sampling rate Upload to VAMPSET DR analyzing tool Output in standard COMTRADE format Inrush current captured in waveform mode (32, 16 or 8 samples/cycle) Start current of an induction motor captured in trend mode (e.g. 10 ms, 20 ms, 200 ms)

19 VAMP 300 IED Virtual measurement and fault data injection
Possibility to create virtual current and voltage injection with harmonics and phase shift Possible to do disturbance recorder playbacks

20 VAMP 300 IED Mechanics Fully modular design, flexible option cards
Arc-option (7 ms)  2ms end of 2013 Applications: -Feeder/incomer protection -Line protection -Motor protection 3 x I (IN = 5A) x IN (45 – 65 Hz) 1...4 x U (UN = 100 V) V (45 – 65 Hz) 1 x 3I0 (IN = 5/1) x IN (45 – 65 Hz) UAUX VAC/DC VDC x DI A: 24 VDC / 110 VAC B: 110 VDC / 220 VAC C: 220 VDC x trip contacts (T1-T45) Making 250VAC/DC 2 alarm contacts (A1 & IRF) Change-over 250VAC/DC Arc option -2 point sensors + 3 x BIO channels (7ms) -3 point sensors + fiber sensor + BIO channel (2ms) ready at the end of 2013 0..8 x mA output/input x RTD 0 – 20 mA (step < 6 µA) Pt100, Ni100, Ni120, Cu10, Pt250 Communication ports 1 x local USB front 0-2 COM port(s) back Internal communication interfaces -RS-232 -Ethernet (RJ-45) -Ethernet (LC fiber) External communication interfaces -RS-485 -DeviceNet -Serial fiber (GG/PP/GP/PG) -Profibus Communication protocols -IEC-101 -IEC-103 -Modbus -Profibus DP -Spabus -Ethernet IP -Modbus TCP -DNP 3.0 -IEC-61850

21 VAMP 300 IED Protection functions Note:
Available functions with 3xI + Io + U measurement card Ramaining functions when 3xI + 2xIo + 4xU measurement is ready with Q2/2013

22 VAMP 300 IED Arc protection options
Vamp relays measure fault current and with optional arc protection, also measure light via arc sensor channels, which provide monitoring for the whole switchgear. Should and arc fault occur in the switchgear the arc protection system provides extremely fast tripping of the circuit breaker. The fault will be prevented from spreading and quickly isolated, which may save human lives and valuable assets.

23 VAMP 300 IED Communication

24 VAMP 300 IED VEPRO Hardware available February, 2013

25 VAMP 300 IED VEPRO Hardware available February, 2013

26 VAMP 300 IED Accessories list

27 VAMP 300 IED Type tests The first released version of Vamp 300 IED is mechanically identical to Vamp 321 arc master. Therefore Vamp 321 tests and environmental apply for 300 IED as well. Vamp 300F and Vamp 300M have UL certificate Vamp 300 IED will be retested before new hardware options are released.

28 VAMP 300 IED Dimensions Vamp 300 IED mechanical dimensions and assembly instructions with torque limits are presented in this slide.

29 VAMP 300 IED Thank You !

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